HOT! Sears: $0.28-$0.40 Sparkle Paper Towels Pick-A-Size (per single roll equivalent) after overlapping offers and cashback!


sparkle-points-searsTeam Couponaholic now has a Shop Your Way Personal Shopper account! (Shop Your Way Rewards is the loyalty card program for Kmart and Sears.) Personal Shopper is a little bit of a misnomer, it’s more like “Personal Deal Finder.”

There are a few benefits though to having a personal shopper:

  • When you sign up, you’ll get a three month trial to SYW Max, which allows you to get free shipping on orders that are either over $30 or have a single item priced at over $10. There is no Credit Card required and it doesn’t automatically renew.
  • Most months, Shop Your Way sends out a few bucks in points to members who are signed up with a personal shopper that are valid for a couple of days. There is no guarantee this will continue in the future, but it’s happened almost every month that I’ve been watching. I’ll be sure to let you know in the blog and on Shop Your Way, when this is coming.
  • Personal Shoppers have the ability to send out store coupons to clients. What coupons are available tend to vary, but I definitely plan on sending out the best value coupon I can find to all clients on the first day of each Super Doubles.

To add Wayland as your Personal Shopper, you’ll want to head over to Shop Your Way to sign in. You’ll then want to click *here* to make Wayland (from our team) your personal shopper.

Now on to the paper towels deal…

I found another GREAT deal on paper towels for you at the Sears web site. I found a great sale on Sparkle Paper Towels over at Kmart’s web site, but I was able to get more overlapping points deals to trigger when I made the purchase at SEARS instead. I’ll explain the step-by-step scenario below, but here’s the link to the item that you’ll want to buy:

Sparkle Big Rolls Pick-A-Size Paper Towels 16 ct = 21 regular rolls, on sale $13.99 (reg. price $17.99)

There are tons of overlapping offers for this item:
1) Members get $10 back in points (10,000 SYWR points) when you spend $30 or more on featured essential merchandise with Kmart (Online.) THIS TRIGGERED ON THE PURCHASE THROUGH SEARS’ WEB SITE!
2) Members get $10 back in points (10,000 SYWR points) when you spend $50 or more with Sears or Kmart with coupon. (Log in to your Shop Your Way Rewards account to see if you have this coupon to load. I think most – if not all of us – have this one.)
3) 3% cashback when you make your purchase through Ebates. (Sign up or log in here.)
4) $10 new member bonus with first $25+ purchase through Ebates.
5) Free shipping on $35+ orders.

I also have another tip… has some $50 Sears eGift Cards for around $47.50. New members can get a $5 discount on their first order if you follow the instructions here. I recommend signing up at Raise and getting a $50 Sears eGift Card for around $42.50. Then use that $50 eGift Card on your paper towels order to save even more! (It will lower your net price by about another $0.07 per single roll equivalent if you do this additional step first.)

Here are the instructions (not including the Raise Gift Card trick):
1) Sign up or log in at Ebates. Then use their site to visit the Sears web site. You will earn 3% cashback on your purchase, plus if you’re a new member you will also get a $10 bonus on your first $25 purchase (and this deal will qualify!)
2) Add FOUR Sparkle Big Rolls 16 ct to your cart. Total is $55.96.
3) Add any matching coupons in your Shop Your Way Rewards account (hopefully you have a $10 in points when you buy $50 coupon.)
4) Earn 560 SYWR Base Points ($0.56 value.)
5) Earn 10,000 SYWR Points for buying $30 of Featured Essential Merchandise with Kmart. (Triggering when you buy this “Kmart” item at Sears web site.) $10 value.
6) Hopefully earn 10,000 SYWR for buying $50+ at Kmart or Sears (if you have the coupon in your account.)
7) Earn $1.68 cashback from Ebates (3% on your purchase.)
8) Net final price is as low as $33.72 (for the equivalent of 84 single rolls – $0.40 each!)

If you are making your first $25+ purchase through Ebates, your net final price is $23.72 (or $0.28 per single roll equivalent!)

And if you did my little trick I mentioned, you will save another $7.50 through the purchase of the discounted Sears eGift Card, so you will be paying possibly as low as about $16 (or about $0.19 per single roll equivalent!)

I do not know if you can redeem points and still earn the points. My hunch is that you can probably redeem a small amount, but you probably need to keep your out-of-pocket above $50 to earn all the points. If you try to do more than that BE CAREFUL and make sure the points are still showing up all the way through the checkout process. The safest way to do this deal is to just pay the full amount out of pocket.

Also, don’t forget to click *here* to make Wayland (from our team) your personal shopper. (IT’S FREE!)

NOTE: My Scott Paper Towels deal is EVEN BETTER! Check it out here!

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