Walgreens .Com – 42 ct Acid Reducers (Omeprazole & Lansoprazole) only $3.34 (OR LESS) each! (Regular price $19.99-$20.99!)


walgreens-omeprazoleIn addition to the absolutely insane $0.24-$1.99 Luvs Diapers Jumbo Packs deal I wrote about earlier, there’s also a ridiculous deal on acid reducers too at Walgreens.com!

Check this out! Through 11/21, Walgreens.com is offering 18,000 extra Balance Rewards points (value $18-$22.50) when you buy $60 in a single transaction. You can do this deal up to three times per account.

This deal will stack with an awesome deal on the big 42 ct packages of Walgreens store brand Omeprazole and Lansoprazole acid reducers. My roommate takes Omeprazole daily, and the regular price of her name brand Prilosec is about $26-$28 at most stores. She’s going to be really happy to see this deal.

Through 11/21, you will get 5000 Balance Rewards points (value $5-$6.25) for each Omeprazole or Lansoprazole 42 ct that is on sale for $14.99. Regular price for these items is $19.99-$20.99. By combining both offers you will get these for as low as $3.34 per 42 ct package. In fact, the deal is better than that once you factor in your Ebates cashback, everyday points and any other promotions that may be included on your Balance Rewards account.

Included items in this promotion:
WALGREENS OMEPRAZOLE ACID REDUCER 42 CT 20MG, on sale $14.99 (regular price $19.99) and get 5000 BR points (value $5-$6.25) for each one purchased

WALGREENS LANSOPRAZOLE ACID REDUCER 42 CT 15MG, on sale $14.99 (regular price $20.99) and get 5000 BR points (value $5-$6.25) for each one purchased

To get the best deal, GO HERE TO SIGN UP AT EBATES. Then log in and use their links to shop. That will get you up to 4% cashback on your order.

Our scenario is to buy four of these $14.99 items, however that will still leave you $0.04 short of the $60 you need to earn the bonus points. To complete the deal, you will need to find a cheap filler. Here’s my suggested deal…

1) Sign up at Ebates (or log in there if you have an account already.)
2) Sign into your Walgreens Balance Rewards Account
3) Add FOUR of the Omeprazole 42 ct or Lansoprazole 42 ct items to your cart. Total $59.96 for all four.
4) Add a filler item to get you past $60. May I suggest a Wet N Wild Lipstick for $0.89?
5) Your total will be $60.85 (if the lipstick is your filler.) You will earn a minimum of 38,000 Balance Rewards points (value $38-$47.50), making your net price as low as $13.35 (or $3.34 per 42 ct package + free lipstick.)
6) If you started your order at Ebates, then you will also get cashback (up to 4% per order.) You may also have some other promotions that apply to this order like everyday points and bonus offers, so your deal will probably be even better than what I have listed.



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  1. Thank you very much for the info! Did this exact deal.