RUN!!! Kohl’s: $15.15 for Farberware 12-piece Cookware Set after overlapping offers (reg. price $169.99!) …$5.15 for some!




UPDATED WITH NEW ITEM THAT QUALIFIES SINCE THE ORIGINAL ONE SOLD OUT! The updated deal costs about $8 more than the $7 and change we originally posted.

Other killer Kohl’s deals available. BIG LIST from earlier today, plus almost 85% off 7-piece bedding sets, almost 70% off Rachael Ray Cookware Set, $4.70 Curtains & Rods, and $130.67 KitchenAid Mixer (reg. price $349!)

Holy cow, you need to RUN! Awesome Christmas gift and CHEAP! The stars have aligned for the best offer of the weekend right now! There are tons of overlapping offers (including a rebate) on this Farberware New Traditions Speckled Aluminum 12-piece. It is on sale for $89.99 (reg. price $169.99), but after all the overlapping offers it is like paying $7.63!!!

Actually, if you are new to Ebates, their $10 new member bonus makes it only $5.15 (excluding any sales tax.)

Here are your instructions:
1) Sign up or log in at Ebates to get 6% cashback on your purchase. (If you’re a new member, you will earn a $10 bonus from this purchase too!)
2) Visit Kohl’s through their links at Ebates.
3) Add the Farberware New Traditions Speckled Aluminum Cookware Set to your cart (on sale $89.99)
4) Use the promo code COZYUP to save $10.
5) Use the promo code DEAL20 to save 20% (deducts $16.)
6) Pay $63.99 (plus any sales tax.) This purchase qualifies for free shipping.
7) Get back $15 Kohl’s Cash for spending $50.
8) Get back $3.84 cashback from Ebates.
9) Submit for the $30 Mail-In Rebate HERE. (Print form now in case it sells out and link disappears after your purchase.)
10) Net price after sale, coupon codes, Kohl’s Cash, Ebates and rebate is $15.15.

If you are a new Ebates customer, you will be paying a net of $5.15 (plus sales tax) after the $10 new member bonus.

Thanks Freebies for a Cause.

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  1. I recommend you use the DEAL20 first before the 10% off code, you’ll save even more that way!

  2. why was the email was sent out so late and after try was sold out of the item???????

    • Steve Pinski says:

      The email was sent out immediately after we learned of the offer and put it live on the site. If you see the post backdated now, that is to take it off the top of the page because the deal is dead. Posts are shown based on the time listed on them, so we changed the time to move it down the homepage.

      The deal survived for about 45 minutes after the email went out.

      • Steve Pinski says:

        Trust me, I wanted as many people as possible to take advantage of it. We get paid a bounty on every completed sale.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      We found another item that qualifies for this rebate and the post has been updated. $8 more but it is for a set that retails for $40 more than the first one.

  3. Linda Nussbaumer says:

    I hope all of you ********* who went on there and STOLE this out from under me as I was checking out, ROT IN *********! Just so know, I was ordering for my 86 year old great aunt who loves to cook, for Christmas. And copper is her favorite color. We added this to the cart, entered payment, and even got a shipping date, and clicked “place order” and it was out of stock. Stolen right out from under us before we could even click pay. Her poor self was heartbroken because she hasn’t had a new set of cookware in over 30 years! ********* ALL YOU GREEDY *********!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I’m going to edit your cuss words on here and if you happen to make it back on the site quickly, I hope you will realize that we found a substitute item that is only $8 more. It’s a set that actually costs $40 more than the other one retail. I hope you see this post.

    • I understand your frustration, but I doubt if “greedy” people actually intended to “steal” this cookware from you and your aunt. We all need to relax about these holiday deals and accept that there are a limited number of items and everyone won’t get what they want at the best price.

    • This deal was on SEVERAL couponing websites, so the cookware sold out fast. Many of us who bought the cookware were buying it for OUR well-deserving loved ones…just like you intended to do. Maybe you’ll get the next great deal.

  4. Linda Marquis says:

    Does anyone know how to meet the requirements for the rebate when they ask for the original receipt for payment? I usually buy things and then discover I don’t have what it takes for the rebate. Just curious if anyone knows exactly what receipt they want…. ty

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I think it will be the receipt that comes in the package, but I’d save your emails you receive from them just to be safe.

  5. Hey guys, the 79.99 set might be sold out. But I just ordered a different set for around the same price. The Farberware New Traditions Speckled Aluminum Nonstick 12-pc Cookware Set is 89.99, and it is in stock. This also qualifies for the 30 dollar rebate, along with COZYUP and the 20 percent off. So It comes to 63.99 (plus tax), and you get 15 kohl’s cash, 30.00 rebate, 3.84 from ebates, and the 10 dollar ebates gift card if you’re a new signup. With the 10 dollar ebates gift card, it’s like paying $5.15. Still a great deal if you ask me.

  6. Sorry for my substitute deal post, didn’t see it had been updated. Just trying to be helpful hehe

  7. Really, Linda? I didn’t get to grab the deal either, but I’m not going to go around yelling at people. If your aunt wants new cookware so badly then buy it for her! There’s been plenty of decent deals on cookware, but you clearly were too cheap and greedy for the best deal to give her a nice gift.

    Thank you Steve for posting these great deals!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Sherry, look at the post. We found another deal and have updated the scenario. Slightly more expensive at $15.15, but it’s a set that is $40 more retail.