NEW CODE: – Save $15 off already discounted gift cards! (Possible Freebies + $27.80 for $47.55 CVS Gift Card + more!)


gift-cardsUPDATE: I am still getting referrals, so I am pretty sure the RAISE10 code is working now that the old code’s time has passed. Please comment and confirm if it works for you 🙂

Wow, here’s a super hot deal from! Right now you get $5 free credit for signing up, plus there’s a nice promo code for $10 off that you can use on orders of $15 or more! If you can find a gift card that is slightly over $15, you’ll score it for nearly free!

Here are the steps:
1) GO HERE to create a new account at
2) Click the link they email you to confirm your account.
3) Tell them your mobile number on the email confirmation page.
4) Enter the verification code they send your mobile phone.
5) Start shopping!
6) Your $5 reward will be applied automatically at checkout. Use the code HIP10 or RAISE10 to save an extra $10 if you still owe them at least $10 for your gift card. (FYI – I think HIP10 may be dead, but I think RAISE10 is still working. Please comment if you try either code and let us know.)

I was poking around and there are tons of CVS Gift Cards available. I found a $47.55 gift card for only $42.80, plus both the $5 new member bonus applied AND the discount code for an additional $10 off a purchase applied as well, making the final price for the gift card $27.80.

So…I’m going to spend money out of pocket on sales tax etc. at CVS anyways, and now I’m going to save almost 50% on that too!

Go here to sign up at and score your $5 new member credit. (Make sure you use our link to make sure it is credited to your account.)

Then browse for some gift cards and use the code HIP10 or RAISE10 at checkout to save an extra $10 in addition to your $5 new member credit.

Let us know what you scored!

Thanks Hip2Save.

-$3/1 Persil Liquid Laundry Detergent printable coupon ***NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS*** = $0.24 (or MONEYMAKER) at CVS starting 10/22!
-New $0.75/1 Land O Lakes Butter Tub printable coupon
-Vital Nutrients Class Action Settlement: $30 and No Proof Needed!
-CVS: Print for $0.99 Purex Detergent starting 10/22
-RARE Reset Nivea Printable Coupons ($3/2 Body Wash & $2/2 Shave)
-RESET: Awesome $3/2 Eucerin Body Product printable coupon
-THREE New & Extremely Rare Pepsi printable coupons (HURRY!)
-FREE 14-Day Sample of L'Oreal Revitalift Moisturizer
-FREE $3 Visa Digital Gift Card when you join ShopTracker

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  1. I was able to find a $20 gift card to our local grocery store and after codes, I only paid $4.34. I think that was/is a great deal! Hopefully more people can take advantage of this offer. And they also make great Christmas gifts.=)

    • Steve Pinski says:

      AWESOME! You’re already saving over 78% even before factoring in sales and coupons! 🙂

    • Well, I’m glad it worked for someone, because I was not that lucky. When I did not receive the offers, I called Raise and was told they never give $5 for signing up and the $10 offer was expired.

  2. Thanks for telling us about this site! I’ve never heard of it. With the new member $5 and the promo code, I got a $72.40 CVS card for $49.39! Only about 30% savings, but I’m still happy!

    • Oh, I hit them up all the time. One thing to watch out for though is Walgreens gift cards. Often those are “Merchandise Return Credit” and thus are not eligible for Balance Rewards points, just FYI!

  3. awesome! thank you for sharing, i just got a mad good deal on an acmoore gift card i need to use to buy ornaments i paint and sell for the holidays! nothing like saving money on making money!!! <3

  4. Thanks a lot. I only got a $25 sears card for $9.71, but I’m happy about it! It’s better than nothing!

  5. I did it and never got the text message with the code. I’m disappointed as I found an i-tunes card for $15 with no discount but if I had the additional $10 credit it would have been free. Oh, well. It seems like a good site to keep track of, tho, thanks.

  6. Got an iTunes card $25 for $10

  7. bought a card for CVS at 1:00am Monday and HIP10 still worked. However, I didn’t get my new member credit, despite using your referral code (it even had slapinski pre-filled in the slot). Do you see any credit appearing on your end for my purchase? I’ll call cust serv in the morning but wanted to give them all the info I have. Thanks!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I don’t see a referral at that time on my end either.

      • just an update – called cust serv this a.m. and I was the 79th person in the queue… so I gave up! Also figured out that if I had used RAISE10 the first time, which is for new users only, I may have been able to use HIP10 on another order, don’t know for sure. Keep us posted on more deals there please! Cool site to save a little more on regular purchases! Thanks.

  8. Is this still working?

  9. Just placed my order for a CVS card. I am sooo grateful I have found your site. You would not believe (oh I guess you all would) how many FREEBIES and savings I have had because of all your great information. Thanks Again I tell all my friends about this site!!

  10. As of 1 am Nov.24th code Raise10 is still working. Scored CVS card 30.00 for $15.00

  11. I just placed my order for a CVS card $48.78 for $28.13!!! Thanks SOOO Much. Love this site!!!

  12. I appreciate the great tips but was dissapointed that there was no $5 credit waiting for me after I signed up. I assume you got your $5 bonus for me using your special referral link but there unfortunately was no bonus for me when I went to check out. Like previously mentioned, the phone wait is too long and emailing them says to expect to wait for 2-3 days for a reply, so guess I can’t get the full $15 off, as mentioned. Any suggestions?
    Thanks.Really like your website!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      If there’s a place to put in the referral code from someone that told you about the site, use the code slapinski

      That should get you the $5 credit.

  13. Carol Russell says:

    Thanks so much Steve. I just got $50.15 CVS card for $29.85. I was given the $5 for signing up & I also used the RAISE10. Can hardly wait to combine this with coupons and extrabucks. Yikes!!! Thanks again for all the deals.

  14. it worked for me, thanks for the info!

  15. Melissa Foltz says:

    For those having a problem getting the extra $5, I did not get mine either BUT I was poking around on the site. If you go to your account, then go MY REWARDS and there was an option there to verify your mobile number to get the $5 and then of course, you use RAISE10 to get an addition 10 off at checkout. Hope that helps someone. Take care, Melissa

    • Melissa Foltz says:

      oh and then you have to go to the same spot and click REDEEM reward after you verify your mobile number