REMINDER: $4.99/1 Lindsay Specialty Olives printable coupon = FREE or MONEYMAKER (and a HUGE $5.40 MONEYMAKER at Publix!)


lindsay-olives-publixWow! It’s time to RUN! Hurry and grab two prints of this coupon ASAP!

$4.99/1 Lindsay Naturals Specialty Olives printable manufacturer’s coupon

***When you get to the coupon printing page it may say they are having trouble with their coupon printing application. Don’t let that discourage you. Click on the screen where it says your coupons are ready to print. I got a print that way. Then I used the “Back” button a few times and I was able to get a second print.

At Publix:
Get $2 cashback from Ibotta for buying Lindsay Naturals Kalamata Olives (Publix exclusive)
Get $2 cashback from Ibotta for buying Lindsay Naturals Manzanilla Olives (Publix exclusive)
Use two $4.99/1 Lindsay Naturals Specialty Olives printable manufacturer’s coupons
Price at Register: $1.40 OVERAGE, and submit for $4 total cashback from Ibotta

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  1. Unfortunately it did not work for me… whenever I try it prompts me to install the coupon printer over and over and I just printed from so I know it si working.

    • Try printing from another browser. I had the exact same thing happen with Google Chrome.i was just installing the printer plugin over and over. However, I easily printed it in Explorer.

  2. Just printed two. Thanks for the heads up to click the print page regardless of the error message. LOVE exotic olives and don’t indulge because of the price. You all have the BEST site EVER! Many thanks!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      You’re welcome! I saw that error message and was desperate to get that coupon. Glad I didn’t give up 🙂

  3. Where do you click “print page regardless of error”? Every time I try to print it just keeps prompting to install the coupon printer, which is already installed. I also tried printing from both IE and Chrome. 🙁

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Weird. I get a page that says the coupons are ready but it also has the error message above it. When I just clicked in the area where it said the coupons are ready, that triggered it to print.

  4. I printed from Firefox, have found that some coupons print only from there and some only from IE, of course I have a 15 year old computer but works. I was able to get them but had to scroll then also to see it. Thanks for the tip or I would have done what is said and waited till Sat.

  5. Yea! I got mine. It only worked through Firefox for me… I had to hit the refresh button to get the second one, not the back button.

  6. I got mine too by using Firefox!

  7. Make sure you have a full sheet of paper in the printer so you don’t miss the first print like I did! An ad prints at the top and the coupon on the bottom…so much for recycling.

  8. Easy peasy deal!! Love these!! But I did buy the last two of both that were on the shelves!

  9. Today I got this text when I tried to print:

    “You will only need to do this one time, and your mobile number won’t be used for any other purposes.
    If you don’t have a cell phone number, click here to download our print manager to print this coupon.”

    Has anybody else seen this kind of message? I also got it last week when I tried to print a coupon for Eight o’clock coffee…. Is going to gather cell phones now?

    • I forgot to mention that I got the same message with Chrome and Firefox and when I click to download their printer manager (so I don’t put my cellphone), I get the same screen to install the coupon printer over and over … this is driving me crazy!

    • Monica Bragg says:

      It seems to be on bricks coupons but I haven’t gotten this yet.

    • I had this situation on my work computer where I can not install anything… so I tried and put my phone number, they sent me the code, and I successfully printed coupons….
      I was two days ago but it did not work yesterday when I tried to get more prints of Lindsay Olives coupons.

  10. we don’t have publix at southern California. is there any other store that sell these products?

  11. This is the hardest coupon I ever worked for, lol I finally got it to print in Mozilla and I forgot that I had two half sheets in the paper tray and the coupon didn’t print because it had that long ad on it before hand. Then I finally use my other computer and I got two! I went to Publix this morning, and they wouldn’t scan, so she put them in for the value of the each olive. Then I looked for it on Ibotta and it was gone today. It’s just one of those things were a bunch of mishaps happen and you jsut start laughing! Lol I’m happy with my two free olives, I think that in itself is awesome.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      Aww man! That really stinks and was a ton of work!

      • Lol, I had to step back and laugh at myself since I so hyped about this deal! My hubby said, “Isn’t it enough we got two nice bottles of olives for free” I had to put myself in a couponers ‘reality check” LOL

  12. I printed 4 coupons since I have 2 computers at home and used them at Walmart . There were only 4 cans left on the shelf, such a coincidence lol. All four coupons took off the same amount as price on the shelf so no overage but I am happy to get them for free , I love olives 🙂

  13. I don’t see rebate on Ibotta yet ??

  14. I have the code they send me but where I put this code to print the coupon? Help!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      What do you mean “code?” I just went to the site and printed the coupon. No code was needed.