New $4/1 Proganix Printable Coupon = $5.44 MONEYMAKER at Target after Stacked Coupons and Gift Cards!


Proganix Target

UPDATE #4: It looks like it is working again!

UPDATE #3: It looks like it is gone again. Hopefully they bring it back again.

UPDATE #2: The coupon is available again!

UPDATE (from Steve): I shopped at Target today and these were not priced at $6.39 at my store, so I had to price match to

Here is another HOT coupon that popped up today! Grab it quickly because you can get up to a $5.44 MONEYMAKER on Proganix at Target when you combine the coupons with the Target Beauty Purchase coupon and gift card promotion!

$4/1 Proganix Item printable coupon

At Target:
Get $5 Target Gift Card when you buy two Proganix 
use one $5/$20 Beauty Purchase Target in ad coupon (or text BEAUTY5 to 827438)
use four $4/1 Proganix Item printable coupon
Price at register: $4.56 but receive two $5 Target GC
Net Price: $5.44 MONEYMAKER!!

Thanks LRWC

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  1. Sorry for being so dumb. The link took me to vogue & I don’t see a coupon. I did well on the quiz but still no coupon. Yes for your post

  2. Thanks, got it through Chrome. was using safari on my ipad ealier

  3. If I price match will I be able to price match all four? I think in the past they’ve only let me price match for one item. Does it say anything about this in their policy.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      The only limit I see is that you are limited to one item per competitor price match. I don’t view a competitor to Target stores but it may depend on how your store views the policy.

      • They view it that way (as a competitor). I attempted to price match Nasacort last week, to and when I gave them my MQ and Target coupons………..I was told they would only accept the MQ coupon and not the Target coupon.

        It is in their price match policy…..that the coupons will apply as follows:
        1) Target coupon 2) if the price is still higher than the competitor price, they will then “price match” 3) then they apply the MQ.

        I guess it will depend on the Supervisor that makes the determination of “who” is considered a competitor when you attempt to do this deal.

        Best of Luck 🙂

  4. How do you get more than 2 coupons? It would only let me pring two

  5. The code should be “BEAUTY5”. The coupon doesn’t seem to allow 2 consecutive prints, but I had to do the quiz again to get the 2nd coupon. Thanks for your great deal info.

  6. what is the price in store? does anybody know?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      My store had these for $9.99. I had to price match to to get the lower price. I checked out at Guest Services and showed them the price on my phone. They looked it up on their computer to confirm and gave me the lower price.

  7. This new Smartsource BS web coupon stuff simply will NOT work on both of my computers. This new SHlT with Adobe DC tells me I already have a newer version when I try to download it. NOTHING WORKS!

    • kathy silberberg says:

      I understand your frustration but please do not use foul language to express it. This has been a “clean” site as long as I have used it and I for one would like it to stay that way.

  8. Website has shut down. I missed out 🙁 404 Error.

  9. The quiz and site are back up.

  10. Site down! No Bueno!!!

  11. Must have taken down again. I get an error. I’ll try later 🙁

  12. link isn’t working anymore

  13. UPDATE*** I was able to get the coupons and I was able to get all 4 on the same computer. I was able to do the deal and it worked like a charm 🙂 YAY

  14. I tried to do the deal and was told they could only price match one of the shampoos and not all 4. They pointed out paperwork saying they could only price match 1 identical item per order.

  15. The coupon is working I just printed

  16. Anybody have an issue with using all four coupons? The fourth one wouldn’t go through and the cashier wouldn’t give it to me. She said since I used the target coupon and I was getting two $5 gift cards she wasn’t going to push it through. Basically your deal is good enough, be happy that I let you do it. I guess it was still $1 moneymaker, but I was wondering if anyone else had this problem.