It’s Time For a CVS Coupon Request: Tell Us What You Got for the Week of 9/20!


cvs coupon request

The tricky things about CVS Matchups are, there are so many individualized coupons. Unlike some other stores, not everyone gets all the store coupons! And there is no easy way to know what everyone has got, so we’re going to have to leave it up to you to tell us! On Sunday Mornings I’m going to put up a post like this asking for what coupons you got from the Red Coupon Machine. Here’s what we need from you:

CVS Coupon Info – Print Date – Expiration Date

I don’t need the fine print or serial numbers or anything like that, just need to know those three key pieces of info.

Each Wednesday, I’m going to see what deals I can make for you using the coupons you told me you got out of the Red Coupon Machine. That’s why the print date and expiration date are so important, so I can keep matching those suckers up for a couple weeks if I need to! Once I get back from the shopping, I’ll even leave my own coupons in the comments section here on the blog, because that’s where I am going to be looking to get the info to match up! I guess it’s a case of, I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours! 😉

So tell us what you got in the comments below this post with CVS Coupon Info – Print Date – Expiration Date, and keep and eye out Tuesday for the matchups!

-$3/1 Persil Liquid Laundry Detergent printable coupon ***NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS*** = $0.24 (or MONEYMAKER) at CVS starting 10/22!
-New $0.75/1 Land O Lakes Butter Tub printable coupon
-Vital Nutrients Class Action Settlement: $30 and No Proof Needed!
-CVS: Print for $0.99 Purex Detergent starting 10/22
-RARE Reset Nivea Printable Coupons ($3/2 Body Wash & $2/2 Shave)
-RESET: Awesome $3/2 Eucerin Body Product printable coupon
-THREE New & Extremely Rare Pepsi printable coupons (HURRY!)
-FREE 14-Day Sample of L'Oreal Revitalift Moisturizer
-FREE $3 Visa Digital Gift Card when you join ShopTracker

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  1. Sent all the coupons to Card 09/21 and will expire on 10/5
    $5 off $35 diapers
    $3 off Almay
    $3 off any $18 candy expires 10/1
    $2.5 off $15 body wash
    $a.5 off of any (3) Depend, poise,Tena
    $1 off Revlon Colorsilk
    30 % off toothpaste,toothbrush

  2. 1.50$ off 8$ Halloween candy exp. 10/01. 2.50$ off 11$ body wash, soap or hand sanitizer exp 10/05. 1.50$ off 5$ facial moisturizer, cleanser or acne care exp. 10/05

  3. CVS ~
    Transaction 1
    Skinny Girl drinks 4@.50 cents each
    Deposit 4@.05 cents each
    Gatorade Chocolate chip energy bars 2@$2.00each used b1g1mc $2.49off
    Garnier scrunch gel 1@$4.79 used 1@$2.00 mc, 1@$2.50sc off $9.00 of garnier products
    Garnier Curl Mouse 2@$4.25each used 2@$2.00mc **earned 4.00 ecb
    Crest mouthwash (always watch these make sure you get the biggest size in the deal) 1@$4.99each used 1@$2.00mc **earned $2 ecb
    Scrubbing bubbles clean gel 2@$4.99each used 2@$1.00mc
    Scrubbing bubbles spray 1@$5.99each used 1@$1.00mc **earned $5 ecb
    Nice n easy Hair color 2@$7.99each used 1@$7.99mc free coupon, used 1@$1.50mc, Used 1@$2.00sc **earned $4 ecb
    Schick quattro razor 1@$11.49each used 1@$3.00mc, 2@$4.00sc 4 off $10 in razor or gel and since I bought the gel too I could use two!, 1@$5.00sc schick razor coupon **earned $10.00 ecb
    Skintimate Shave gel 4@$3.49each used 4@$1.00mc
    Boost 4pk 1@$7.99each used 1@$7.99mc free coupon
    Metamucil fiber bars 6pk 1@$10.49each used 1@$8.49 off
    Metamucil fiber bar 1pk 1@$1.99each used 1@$1.49 off
    used 2@$5.00 off 15.00 purchase
    30% off took off $24.89
    Used $4.00 ecb
    My total zero’d out
    earned $25 in ecb!!!!!!
    Transaction 2
    Snickers fun size 3@$3.00each used 1@$2.00mc, used 1@$2.00sc, used 1@$1.50sc
    Special K brownies 4@$2.50each used 2@$1.00mc, 1@$2.49sc
    Garlick Farms Gallon milk 2@$3.29each used 2@$1.00, used 1@.50 cent-sc**earned $2ecb
    Revlon Nail Polishes (b1g1 50% off) 1@$6.99each, 1@$3.49each, 1@$6.29each, 1@$3.14each ~ used 4@$3.00mc used 1@$3.00sc off any revlon purchase, 2@$3.00sc off 15.00 cosmetic purchase (my cvs goes by the price before % discount!)
    25% off $6.00
    used $10.00 ecb
    CT state tax 6.35% = .10 cents
    TOTAL OUT of pocket = .10 cents
    Received $2 ECB!!!
    Transaction 3
    7-up 2@.99cents each used 1@$1.00MC, used 1@.30 cents SC
    bottle deposit 2@.05cents
    York peppermint patties b1g1 for .25 cents 1@$1.25each, 1@.25 cents each
    used one 2.00 ecb
    Tax = .01 cents
    TOTAL paid = .29 cents
    Went in there with $29.00 in ecb walked out with $40.00 after everything and my total out of pocket was .29 cents…. ::::takes a bow!!!::::
    ****Let me add that my store takes expired CVS coupons and ECB so that is why I had so many on hand. ***** 😉
    note the lollipop the manager gave that to my daughter for being good.

  4. $ 2.00 off 10 or more candy purchase

    $ 4.00 off 20 Toothpaste, Toothbrush, or floss purchase

    buy 2 get 1 free greeting card

    $2.50 off 11 body wash, soap, or sanitizer purchase

    $2.00 off 18 loreal, garnier, vidal or any other hair color purchase

    $2.00 off 10 any vitamin purchase

  5. Love Your Skin! $4 Off $12 Any Dove, Vaseline or Simple Skin Care 09/27/2015
    $4 off any $20 Toothpaste, Toothbrush or Floss 09/27/2015
    $2 off two Boost, Ensure, or CVS Nutrition Shakes (4pk or larger) 09/27/2015
    $2 off any $8 or more Candy purchase! Happy Halloween! 09/27/2015
    $2 off Aleve 80-count or higher, including Aleve PM 09/27/2015
    $1.50 off $5 Glade, Renuzit, Febreze or Airwick air fresheners 09/27/2015
    $1 off $5 Cough and Cold – prepare for flu season 09/27/2015
    $3 off $18 any Vitamin purchase, includes CVS brand 10/04/2015

  6. $6 off of $18.00 dove, Vaseline, simple
    $2.50 off $11.00 body wash, hand or sanitizer
    30% lotion

  7. $10 of $35 whitening kits, $5 off $35 diapers, training pants or wipes includes CVS brand, $3 off Almay cosmetics, $3 off nexium 24 hour 42 count, $3 off $18 any vitamin purchase includes CVS brand, $2.50 off $11 body wash, soap or hand sanitizer, $2 off dove, degree, or axe dry deodorant spray, $2 off advil 40 count or higher, and $2 of $10 mitchum deodorant

  8. 30% off Facial moisturizers, cleansers, or acne care x10/5
    $4.00 off any $14.00 Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Floss x10/5

  9. Mya how did you send all those coupons to your card?