$9.50 MONEYMAKER on Lindsay Naturals Olives at Publix!


lindsay-olives-publixWe have another HOT MONEYMAKER on Lindsay Naturals Olives at Publix. There are new $4/1 Ibotta offers so we can use those and combine them with the coupons for a $9.50 MONEYMAKER!!

At Publix:
Get $4 cashback from Ibotta for buying Lindsay Naturals Kalamata Olives (Publix exclusive)
Get $4 cashback from Ibotta for buying Lindsay Naturals Manzanilla Olives (Publix exclusive)
Use two $4.99/1 Lindsay Naturals Specialty Olives printable manufacturer’s coupons
Price at Register: $1.40 OVERAGE, and submit for $8 total cashback from Ibotta

If you have already used the $4.99/1 coupons then you can grab another Lindsey coupon here…

$1/2 Lindsay Products printable manufacturer’s coupon (preclipped/zip 98012)
$1/2 Lindsay Products printable manufacturer’s coupon (preclipped/zip 86001)

***To change zip codes, go here and change your zip to the one listed with the coupon link above. Use the box on the right side of the page and enter your zip. Click on the arrow to submit the zip code change. Then come back here and click our preclipped link to the coupon and you should see it right away.

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  1. Does not everybody have this lindsay rebate? I had it but I had my friend get the app just for this rebate and she didn’t have it

  2. These are going on Sale in the Green Advantage flyer on the 19th………….for $3.59. If you can hold out until then………….a even BIGGER MM !!!

    By my calculations: $10.80 for 2

    • Monica Bragg says:

      I would be afraid since the last time we had the Ibotta offer it only lasted about a day. But, if they are still around then that would be a great deal!

  3. My publix would not accept these, because it would not go through. Not sure why at the time, and didn’t want to hold up the line.

  4. In Atlanta the Lindsay coupons are on “the weekly list” sent out by the Atlanta District Office to stores. It says that Publix is NOT to honor the overage but to put in the actual amount. The cashier actually read me the email that was in her drawer bag yesterday. No overage for me from Publix – but they were free.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      Bummer! Thanks for letting us know the information. That way I will know what to expect when I go.

      • I had the deer in the headlights look from the cashier who called the Customer Service Manager over. He muttered something like ringing up the coupon for the price only. Politely, :), I explained that the print on the coupon explains that Publix will be reimbursed for the face value of the coupon plus an .08 cents handling fee. And, it would be fraud under the terms of redemption to ring the coupon for a lesser amount and then submit for the $4.99.

        I explained the coupon redemption process to all and also recounted an instance I had years ago with a similar Starbucks ice cream coupon. When it was refused I contacted corporate and a division manager called me personally to say that the coupon should have and will now be accepted. (I also emailed Starbucks about the incident and they emailed me back for specifics.)

        Lindsey Olives (Bell-Carter Foods) is promoting their product through that coupon. As with the Starbucks coupon I would follow the same course of action today if I was treated as a criminal and refused use for which it was intended.

        Understanding the naiveté of all involved,I explained the intent of the coupon (promoting a new product line), how Publix handles the coupon (redemption through a clearing house), and actions I will take if it is not honored, (contacting Bell-Carter Foods and Publix Corporate Office).

        .Got home an enjoyed my olive sammich!

  5. Why would they do that though? Do they not get reimbursed for the amount of the coupon?

  6. I was able to get 4 prints and I bought 2 jars at 2 separate stores. The first store scanned the coupon for the full 4.99. The second store manually entered for the value of the olives

  7. Mine rang up 3.99 I think a few days ago. I redeemed the $2/ibotta though. I wonder if I should hold out for the flyer and see if they are cheaper or if I can get them tomorrow! I talked to the manager and be OKed them ahead of time. They have ms full value!