What’s FREE (or almost free) at CVS 8/30-9/5


CVS freeHere’s our list of what’s FREE or nearly free in the CVS weekly ad that starts on 8/30. If you want to view the full weekly ad and coupon matchups at CVS for the week of 8/30 through 9/5, go here.

To keep up with the most current CVS deals be sure to check the CVS Category (under “Drug Store Deals”) for the latest updates.

As of right now, here are the best deals in the new CVS weekly ad:

This List Has Expired







-$3/1 Persil Liquid Laundry Detergent printable coupon ***NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS*** = $0.24 (or MONEYMAKER) at CVS starting 10/22!
-New $0.75/1 Land O Lakes Butter Tub printable coupon
-Vital Nutrients Class Action Settlement: $30 and No Proof Needed!
-CVS: Print for $0.99 Purex Detergent starting 10/22
-RARE Reset Nivea Printable Coupons ($3/2 Body Wash & $2/2 Shave)
-RESET: Awesome $3/2 Eucerin Body Product printable coupon
-THREE New & Extremely Rare Pepsi printable coupons (HURRY!)
-FREE 14-Day Sample of L'Oreal Revitalift Moisturizer
-FREE $3 Visa Digital Gift Card when you join ShopTracker

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  1. CVS looks like it has much better deals than Wags or RA.

  2. kristinita says:

    My savingstar has a $1 rebate on loreal advanced product so free

  3. Confused about the biore deal. The ad indicates facial masks….

    • Monica Bragg says:

      The Biore deal is not a weekly deal. It is actually a monthly deal and they have been confirmed to be included.

  4. Hi. I am fairly new to all of this, but LOVE this site! Thank you for all your work. On CVS deals, when they state limits, can you do all those in one transaction? For ex: Biore Buy 2 Get $5 ECB (limit 5). If I bought 10 in one transaction, will it give me all the ECB’s for those or would I have to buy 2, get $5 ECBS and then I can do up to 5, but at different times or transactions?

    • Monica Bragg says:

      You sure can do them all in the same transaction. In the Biore example, you would get a $25 ECB instead of five $5 ECBs.

  5. Thank you! 🙂

  6. How can you prove it to a skeptical store when it doesn’t automatically produce ECBs? My store doesn’t want to give the ECBs for Biore nor the Tums. The “My Weekly” ad doesn’t show the Tums, so I couldn’t argue, and with the Biore not being a weekly promo, there is nothing to show them. Help!!!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      It depends what the ad says. If the Tums didn’t produce ECBs the original inclusion was probably a mistake and they fixed it. If I remember correctly, the ad says something like “Select” National Brand Heartburn Relief. If it says “Select”, then you’re out of luck if the ECBs don’t print and the item isn’t tagged as included in-store.

      If the ad says something like “ALL” like it usually does on our Tena ECB deals, any two Tena items will do and you have the language of the ad to back you up.

      • I think the Tums might not be working anymore. No ECBs printed but the store had the tag up right underneath the small size Tums so they honored it very begrudgingly. Actually it was only one cashier that was kind of nasty, the others were nice as usual. I think that she was annoyed that I interrupted her reading a magazine at the checkout register… really. They pulled down the sign making it obvious that they were no longer going to honor that deal if they did get new stock in. They did have 2 small Biores in this store and they were $2.27 and did produce the $5 ECB.

        • Monica Bragg says:

          Thanks for the update. I am glad they honored it for you.

        • None of the 4 CVS stores less than 2 miles from me had either Biore or small Tums rolls, so I could not test it out. Clerks in Chicago would not give raincheck on Tums, said not in photo. I told a mgr. that people I know (you great sleuths!!!) got ECBs on Tums rolls, but he said corporate had sent memo early in week saying that they were definitely not to be included. Clerk would have given it to me if he was not there at closing time! I am always leery of “Select” items. Many stores here do not put up sale tags, which hurts customer. Clerks would not write raincheck on Biore, since cost $2.19, so two cost less than the $5 ECBs. They are catching onto moneymaking deals! I will see if get stock in this week. FYI-my sale paper said LIMIT is only one! So you might want to check where the idea of limit 5 on Biore deals came from.

          • Steve Pinski says:

            Sorry about your luck. Biore is a monthly deal, but when they advertise a monthly deal they usually post a limit of one in the ad because the deal is going to be in other ads during the period too. They don’t want people maxing the limit in one week and then crying foul a few weeks later when it is advertised again but the ECB won’t print because they already bought their limit for the period.

  7. If you haven’t been able to do the Starbucks moneymaker deal because the $1/1 coupon is no longer available, I was still able to get it here: http://www.starbucksicedcoffee.com/

  8. Another question. My husband got excited about some of the deals and now has his own CVS card. Can you share with me how it works for couples? For example, If I’ve received ECB from a deal, can he use them on his card or is it ECB for the specific card? Any thoughts or ideas on how we can both use our cards (within the CVS rules, obviously) to get great deals?