It’s Time For a CVS Coupon Request: Tell Us What You Got for the Week of 8/16!


cvs coupon request

The tricky things about CVS Matchups are, there are so many individualized coupons. Unlike some other stores, not everyone gets all the store coupons! And there is no easy way to know what everyone has got, so we’re going to have to leave it up to you to tell us! On Sunday Mornings I’m going to put up a post like this asking for what coupons you got from the Red Coupon Machine. Here’s what we need from you:

CVS Coupon Info – Print Date – Expiration Date

I don’t need the fine print or serial numbers or anything like that, just need to know those three key pieces of info.

Each Wednesday, I’m going to see what deals I can make for you using the coupons you told me you got out of the Red Coupon Machine. That’s why the print date and expiration date are so important, so I can keep matching those suckers up for a couple weeks if I need to! Once I get back from the shopping, I’ll even leave my own coupons in the comments section here on the blog, because that’s where I am going to be looking to get the info to match up! I guess it’s a case of, I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours! 😉

So tell us what you got in the comments below this post with CVS Coupon Info – Print Date – Expiration Date, and keep and eye out Tuesday for the matchups!

-$5.07 MONEYMAKER CVS Shopping Trip w/Breakdown!
-Amazon: 75% off Highly-Rated Lumina Power Banks (11/21 ONLY!)
-Kohl's: $7.18 The Big One SuperSoft Plush Throws ($40 value!)
-Kohl's: As low as FREE + MONEYMAKER Small Kitchen Appliances!
-Kohl's: As low as $2.94 15-piece Farberware Cookware Set (97% off!)
-Amazon: $51.99 Instant Pot 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker (AWESOME PRICE!)
-Kohl's: $7.98 Farberware 17-piece Kitchen Gadget & Tool Set ($30 value!)
-Black Friday Price LIVE! Save $50 on Fire HD10 Tablet!
-Black Friday Price LIVE! Save $30 on Kindle e-Reader now!
-Black Friday Price LIVE! Save $30 on Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet!
-HUGE New (and Rare) $3/1 Glad Trash Bags printable coupon!
-High-Value $1.50/1 White Cloud Bath Tissue or Paper Towels printable coupon!

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  1. End date 08/23/2015:
    30% off any Deodorant purchase
    $3 off $15 Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts, Pistachios
    $2 off $10 all Vitamins, including Multi-Vitamins and CVS Brand
    $2 off $10 Baby or Toddler Food, Formula, Snacks – try CVS Brand
    $2 off 2 Suave Body Wash.
    $1.50 off $5 Glade, Renuzit, Febreze or Airwick air fresheners
    $1 off Special K Cracker Chip 4oz or Larger

    End date 09/06/2015:
    30% off Body Lotion. Try Aveeno, Eucerin, Nivea or CVS Brand
    $2 off $6 Coppertone, Neutrogena or CVS Brand Sun Protection

  2. FYI – I’m so jealous of Deborah. I have:

    $10 off $40 facial care purchase, exp 8/22
    25% off Any Hand and Body Lotion Purchase, exp 8/23

  3. I wrote to CVS about my lack of coupons these past few months. Their reply:

    “These Coupon Offers are personalized based upon your shopping habits, and not mass offers. Because these are personalized offers, some customers may receive limited offers and at times no offers at all. Additionally, coupon offers are supported by our suppliers and are based upon their level of sponsorship at the time.”

    This did not answer my question: “Why have I stopped receiving store coupons each Monday and Thursday.”


  4. It printed a 4$ off 20$ on womens vitamins or feminine care. Expires 8/23. Printed on 8/15. Also received 10$ off 40$ in facial care same as Marie’s

  5. i got 25% off hand and body lotions, $2 off Brookside candies and $10 off $40 for facial care items. i also spend alot of money at CVS and think i should be getting more coupons from the Red Machine like Nelson says!!

    • I can certainly concur. It seems like I should change my address to the store I patronize because I spend so much time and money there

  6. $2.00 off 12 vitamin purchase, includes cvs

    $3.00 off 9 Almay cosmetics purchase

    $5.00 off 2 Revlon Cosmetics. That one I had to print.

    $3.00 off 12 loreal ever premium hair care

    $2.00 off sunblock

    $2.00 off 8 purchase of Advil, Aleve, Bayer, Excedrin, or Cvs pain

    $2.00 off 6 on any Listerine Mouthwash or floss

    $2.00 off 8 dollar Deodorant purchase

    $1.50 off 5 glade, renuzit, febreze, or airwick air fresheners

    $1.00 off Airborne, airshield, emergen c, zicam or cold eeze

    I also received my 5.00 beauty club coupon. There were tons of cold medicines clearance to 75 percent off. Now is the time to stock up, just wish we had more cold medicine coupons.

  7. Oh and the Dr Cocoa brand cough medicine was also clearanced 75 percent off and priced at like 2.47. Use the 4.00 off coupon.

  8. I noticed that the amount of coupons I get now has drastically decreased. Coincidently..this started right after they did that “test market” where certain states didnt have any sales (Mine was one, I live in IL).

    So may this “test market” they are doing is still going on?

    I would be curious if others would comment if their coupons have decreased as well and if so if they live in one of the “test market” states that had no sales for a week back in July.

  9. I got $2 off 2 easier nail gel
    $4/$20 feminie care or vitamin
    $5/$25 diapers training pants
    $4/$14 oral care
    $4/$10 razors
    $2/$11 body wash/ hand soap
    $2/$12 vitamins
    30% off any deodorant
    $2/$6 Listerine
    $2/$10 baby food
    $1.50/$5 air freshener
    $1/2 boxes of cereal
    Most expires 08/23 some expires 09/03