Kmart: HOLY SMOKES!!! BIG MONEYMAKER Electronics! Online Orders Only! (No Coupons Required for SYW MAX Members!)


Team Couponaholic now has a Shop Your Way Personal Shopper account! Personal Shopper is a little bit of a misnomer, it’s more like “Personal Deal Finder,” ‘cuz while ya’ll are great, I’m not shopping for you, shopping for me is exhausting enough! 😉 There are a few benefits though to having a personal shopper:

  • When you sign up, you’ll get a three month trial to SYW Max, which allows you to get free shipping on orders that are either over $30 or have a single item priced at over $10. There is no Credit Card required and it doesn’t automatically renew.
  • Most months, Shop Your Way sends out a few bucks in points to members who are signed up with a personal shopper that are valid for a couple of days. There is no guarantee this will continue in the future, but it’s happened almost every month that I’ve been watching. I’ll be sure to let you know in the blog and on Shop Your Way, when this is coming.
  • Personal Shoppers have the ability to send out store coupons to clients. What coupons are available tend to vary, but I definitely plan on sending out the best value coupon I can find to all clients on the first day of each Super Doubles.

To add me as your Personal Shopper, you’ll want to head over to Shop Your Way to sign in. You’ll then want to click *here* to make me your personal shopper.

shop your way rewardsWow.  I went to do another one of these moneymaker deals this morning and I was in for a surprise.  There is an online only deal this month for Shop Your Way Max Members, if you spend $35 on electronics, you get $10 back in points!  If we combine that with the clearance electronics with 100% back in points Kmart does from time to time you get HUGE Moneymakers!

These are a little more difficult to explain, so be sure to ask questions and I’ll try to clarify as best I can.

When Kmart is trying to clear out stock on certain items, they often will sell things where you get 100% back in points. There are actually several deals like this going on right now! The catch is, your store has to have them in stock and you need to do them for in store pickup! I have had orders like this and set it to ship to my house and they ended up canceling part of the order which canceled the bonus points and messed up the whole deal.

If you are a MAX member, you can skip the steps below with the $10 back in points on $50 purchase coupon.  (But if you have it, you can buy $50 worth of stuff and get a $20 MONEMAKER!!!)

Here’s how to make it all work:

1. First head over to Shop Your Way and sign in. (And while you’re at it, I’d love it if you made me your personal shopper!)  As I mention above, you get a free trial to Shop Your Way MAX when you sign up as a Personal Shopper client and thus you will qualify for the $10 back in points on $35 electronics purchase.

2. At the top of the page click on rewards, then coupons. This should take you to a page full of various store coupons.

3. On the coupon page look for an offer, “$10 in Points on $50 Storewide” for Kmart and load it to your account. (Be careful here! These coupons look very similar to the $10 in Points on $50 Storewide Sears coupons.)

4. Go to your favorite cashback site like Ebates and use their link to go to the Kmart site.

5. Search for the following items (making sure they are in stock in your store!) and add enough of them to your cart to pass the $35 threshold for MAX members or $50 threshold if you have the points back coupon.   (These state they are online only deals so don’t attempt this in store!) (Also, do not put them in your cart in advance, because then you might not get credit with your cashback site!)

6. If you have the $10 points on $50 coupon, once you get to the cart, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “apply my Shop Your Way coupons” and select the “$10 in Points on $50 Storewide” coupon you clipped earlier.

7. Continue to checkout and pay for your order. (I would suggest against paying with points on deals like these, because it is always iffy if you will get the right amount of points back if you do!) If you ordered more of a certain item than your store has in stock, you will end up with an error message. I suggest emptying your card going back to step 4 and trying again, (and ordering less of that item but still crossing the $35 or $50 threshold) because often it will then tell you there are none in stock if you try and order too many.

8. Your account should be credited with the purchase price of the item AND the extra $10 in points from the coupon or for spending over $35 for MAX members! Which makes this a $10 MONEYMAKER!!! + Cashback from Ebates! Or if you are doing both the coupon and the MAX deal you can end up with a $20 MONEYMAKER!!! + Cashback from Ebates! (Which is what I did. 😉 )

I wish I didn’t have to make such a long explanation for this deal! But hopefully this will let you avoid some of the common pitfalls I’ve come across when doing this!

Good luck and may your store have them in stock! And please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below, I will do my best to answer them! (And if this seems to complicated, you can always use the links above to get them free after points if your store has them in stock!)

-New High-Value $3/1 Schick Hydro Razor or Refill printable coupon
-New $0.75/1 State Fair Coupon ($0.25 Corn Dogs @Dollar Tree)
-Rare New $1/5 Chicken of the Sea Sardines printable coupon
-RESET BOGO Breyer's Delights Ice Cream printable coupon
-New High-Value $3/1 Gillette Razor System printable coupon
-Rare New $0.50/1 Contadina Tomatoes printable coupon
-THREE New & Extremely Rare Pepsi printable coupons (HURRY!)
-FREE 14-Day Sample of L'Oreal Revitalift Moisturizer
-FREE $3 Visa Digital Gift Card when you join ShopTracker

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  1. Angelica says:

    If you have Bank of America, you can look to see if you have the Bank of America rewards. They have 5% back on Kmart purchases. So, an even bigger moneymaker!

  2. KAVITHA says:

    it didnot work for me 🙁 . it says that 10 off 30 coupon cannot applied.

    • Wayland P says:

      That’s odd. I tested it myself and I know other people have been telling me it works.

  3. Thanks for posting this deal & FYI the Vivitar V12909 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headset – Black is out if stock if you want it shipped, but I still got the blue one. 😉