CVS Shoppers: Check Your Email and a Call for Your Help 7/24!


cvs 4-20Usually on Thursdays emails go out to some CVS shoppers for either a percentage off your entire order or a $X off when your purchase of $Y or more. Normally I’ll give you a heads up on what kind of coupon to check for, but I didn’t get one this week. Every Saturday morning, we will make a post matching up these coupons with the deals both in the current ad and the ad that starts on Sunday.

So, since I didn’t get one this week, I’m definitely going to need your help! So, if you want me to get those email coupon matchups, let me know what you’ve got in the comments and I’ll start working on them ASAP!

-Amazon: $3.20 Philips Sonicare Bush Head Refill 8-pack w/code (reg. $15.99; SAVE 80%)
-Amazon: $5.50 BEAKEY 14-Piece Makeup Brush Set w/code (reg. $10.99; SAVE 50%)
-FREE Johnson’s Baby Product Sample mailed to your home!
-Amazon: 50% off XL 5.3-Qt Air Fryer with code = ONLY $42.50 (reg. $84.99!)
-Amazon: $6.61 Lip Smacker Coffee/Tea Lip Balm 8-pack (82 cents each!)
-Amazon: $5.50 Manicure/Pedicure/Nail Clippers Set w/code (reg. $10.99; SAVE 50%)
-Amazon: ONLY $24.99 HotelSpa 42-Setting Luxury Shower Head (reg. $54.99; SAVE 55%)
-Amazon: $13.99 Lightweight Foldable Wireless Headphones w/code (reg. $27.99; SAVE 50%)

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  1. I got a -$6/$30 this week.

  2. $4 off $20 received.

  3. got $10/$40

  4. got $5/$25

  5. I got $10 off $40.

  6. Cecilia T says:

    I got $5 off of $15 purchase

  7. 20% off for me; $10/$40 for my parents

  8. Michelle says:


  9. I received a 20% off purchase coupon.

  10. Jessica says:

    Nothing for the sixth week in a row. How can I trick it into sending me e-mails again?

  11. Alisson says:

    I used to receive the cvs email coupons all the time and now I haven’t in four weeks. Any idea why?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      You are probably saving too much. New card and start shopping. Usually 2-4 weeks later the coupons will start.

      • So what if you are wanting to get a new card (don’t get the %emails either) but still have ecb’s? Do you loose them? Any recommendations?

        • Steve Pinski says:

          Keep the old card too. Slowly wean yourself off those ECBs by doing deals at stock-up prices that still cost money (soda, water, paper products, etc.)

        • Unless you have a nice cashier that doesn’t mind helping you a bit. Most cashiers at my CVS know me well and will push through ECB’s regardless of the card I am using.

  12. $10 off $40

  13. 25% off

  14. Nada!

    I got a new card exactly 3 months ago (after over one year of getting nothing on my old one). I started getting the weekly coupons on the 4th week after I got the card. I had weekly coupons for 9 weeks in a row and yesterday I was very disappointed to find out that I did not get any for this week. I am debating between getting another card or not…

  15. 5/15

  16. I got $2 ECB