Price Chopper 6/18 (Nancy): Paid $15.26 for $71.73 of Merchandise (78.7% Saved!)


20150618_153351It feels like ages since I’ve been able to get to a Price Chopper. And would you believe it, the WHOLE reason I made a special trip was to get a rack of lamb for Father’s Day and they didn’t even have any (I would have called to check but they had it last time!) So, I had to switch up my plan for a Father’s Day dinner, but I doubt there will be any complaints with the pasta carbonara (with homemade pasta) I’ll be making instead.

As a mother/couponer who usually shops with her little one in-tow, this was a pleasant trip up until the last 15 minutes when my 20 month old woke up. Luckily, I had a lovely couponer behind me who helped me through the check-out process and I was able to spread the word about Couponaholic! The cashier and bagger were also kind and patient – a far cry from my traditional outings. BTW, my store accepts both Target Store coupons and Tops Markets Store coupons so this is why you see those used.

ONE BENEFUL DRY DOG FOOD (3.5 lb.) – on sale $5 (regular price $6.49)
Used one $5/1 Beneful Dog Food (no size restriction) printable coupon (NLA)
Used one $1/1 Beneful Dry Dog Food (no size restriction) Target Store printable coupon

ONE KELLOGG’S EGGO FROZEN STRAWBERRY WAFFLES – clearance $0.98 (regular price $2.29)
Used one $1/1 Kellogg’s Eggo Frozen Product printable coupon (must redeem with 850 KFR points)

Received $0.20 cashback from Ibotta for buying Pasta (Any Brand)
Used one $0.75/1 Barilla Pronto Pasta printable coupon (NLA) (doubled to $1.50)
Price at Register: $0.19, but received $0.20 from Ibotta

FIVE YOPLAIT YOGURTS – on sale $0.50 each (regular price $0.65 each)
Received one $0.50 cashback from SavingStar for buying five Yoplait Yogurts (exp 6/30)
Used one $0.50/5 Yoplait Yogurts printable coupon (doubled to $1)
Price at Register: $1.50,  but received $0.50 from SavingStar
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $1 (or $0.20 each)

ONE FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD TORTILLA CHIPS – on sale $2.50 (regular price $3.19)
Received one $0.75 cashback from SavingStar for buying one Food Should Taste Good Chips (exp. 6/30)
Used one $0.75/1 Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips, Kettle Chips, or Brown Rice Chips printable coupon (doubled to $1.50)
Price at Register: $1,  but received $0.75 from SavingStar
NET PRICE: $0.25

ONE POISE PAD (14 ct.) – $2.49
Used one $2/1 Poise Product (14 ct.+) Tops Market Catalina
– or – Use one $2/1 Poise Pad or Liner printable coupon (must register)
NET PRICE: $0.49

FIVE GERBER ORGANIC BABY FOOD POUCHES – on sale $1.25 each (regular price $1.79 each)
Received one $1 off of your next shopping trip Catalina for buying four Gerber Organic Pouches (exp. 7/12)
Used one $1/4 Gerber Organic Pouches printable coupon
Used one $1/5 Gerber Organic 2nd Foods Pouches Target Store printable coupon (NLA)
Price at Register: $4.25,  but received $1 Catalina
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $3.25 (or $0.65 each)

ONE JIMMY DEAN FROZEN BBQ CHICKEN SANDWICH (2 ct.) – clearance $1.82 (regular price $4.99)
Used one $0.55/1 Jimmy Dean Product coupon, RP 5/31 Regional (doubled to $1.10)
NET PRICE: $0.72

Received $0.20 cashback from Checkout51 for buying Bananas
Price at Register: $0.99,  but received $0.20 from Checkout51
NET PRICE: $0.79

ONE MAMA LUCIA MEATBALLS – on sale $2.99 (regular price $4.49)
Used one $2/1 Mama Lucia Meatballs coupon, not sure where this was from
NET PRICE: $0.99

ONE GOLDFISH PUFFS – on sale $2 (regular price $2.49)
Used one $1/1 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Puffs coupon, SS 6/14 Regional

ONE GALBANI FRESH MOZZARELLA CHEESE – on sale $2.79 (regular price $3.99)
Used one $1/1 Galbani Product printable coupon (NLA)
NET PRICE: $1.79

Used one $0.75/1 Goya Sauce or Salsa printable coupon (NLA) (doubled to $1.50)
NET PRICE: $1.50

Used one $0.55/1 Premio Sausages printable coupon (doubled to $1.10) (must register)
Used two $3/1 Price Chopper store peelies
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $2.88 (or $1.44 each)

Received $0.20 cashback from Ibotta for buying Pasta Sauce (Any Brand)
Used one $1/4 Classico Sauces printable coupon (must register)
Used two $2/2 Classico Pasta Sauces (15 – 24 oz.) Target Store printable coupons
Price at Register: $6.16, but received $0.20 from Ibotta
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $5.96 ($1.49 each)

Used one $1/1 Mrs. T’s Mozzarella, Tomato, and Basil Pierogies coupon, not sure where this was from
NET PRICE: $1.79

Used one $4/$20 Fresh Food Purchase Target Store printable coupon
Used one $2/$10 Organic Food Purchase Tops Markets Store coupon
Received $0.12 for reusable bags

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $71.73
Net Price Paid for Everything: $15.26
Savings Rate (excluding tax): 78.7%

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought they take dollar off coupon after other coupons and savings.
    Copied from their site: ” •We accept one (1) paper competitor “dollars off a category” coupon from other supermarkets and mass retailers (Wal-Mart & Target) in our trade area; the value of which may not exceed 50% of the order. This coupon may not be combined with any other “dollars off a category” coupon, including a Price Chopper “dollars off” coupon. An example of this type of coupon is a $5 off a $25 pet food purchase coupon. The dollar amount of the purchase requirement, if any, will be determined after AdvantEdge savings and all other coupons have been deducted.”

    • Rissti – That’s true. Thanks for copy/pasting that. The dollars off was taken after coupons/savings. I had other items in this trip that I did not write up (I usually shop for a friend of mine who has toddler twins and could use the help and savings) that kept me over the threshold to qualify.

      I do realize that maybe next time I’ll include those items or exclude that coupon that relies on those items as to not confuse anyone, especially if they’re trying to replicate anything. However, each store has different clearance items so my trip would likely differ anyway. Mostly, I hope that Price Chopper shoppers know their options for using competitor coupons because they can be game changers 🙂

      Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

    • I brushed up on their policy and was glad you nudged me to do so. I couldn’t remember their verbage of using using generic brand competitor coupons and I’m so glad I looked!

      “A paper competitor coupon for their store brand will be accepted for a comparable Price Chopper brand product of the same size & weight.”

      This means there are even more savings to be planned next time as Target usually has tons of coupons for their brands. Coupon knowledge is power 🙂

  2. It looks like only the baby food ($1.25 x 5) is organic; how’d they accept the $2 0ff $10 organic Q from Tops? And, wow, that’s a real stretch on “fresh food”!

    • Hi Morgan – I mentioned in a previous comment that some items were left out which also went towards those totals, as did some items in the write-up. I do realize this could be confusing so next time I’ll either include the food that went to my friend or just not include those coupons and mention to readers that they’re out there for use. And honestly, “fresh food” could be a lot of things; it doesn’t say just “fresh produce” so I believe it stretched to other items as well, which were in my overall cart.

      I shop for sustenance for my family, not to “extreme coupon” so my trips are not like many others. I have three part-time jobs, go to school, and have a 1.5 year old so I need to do what I need to do while I shop, which includes getting groceries for my close friend who watches my son occasionally. Her food was in the same bill as mine but I left hers out of the write-up. I’m just a real person who uses coupons and has limited time for shopping trips so there’s no multiple transactions or perfection here 🙂 It’s quite the event when I go shopping with a wonderfully curious toddler with limited time.

      I appreciate your keen eye on the trip, though!