MASSIVE Winn-Dixie Meat Haul 6/27 (Steve) – Paid $56.46 for $224.10 of Food (74.8% Saved) – Nearly 50 LBS. OF MEAT!


winn-dixie-062715Winn Dixie is having an AWESOME “Super Saturday” One-Day Sale and we went beserk! We also found some reduced boneless pork chops with $2/1 peelies on them that made them nearly free! Stephanie also had a $5 off coupon (not sure if it was off $50 or $55) – I am not sure where she got it. Catalina machine? Additionally, I earned double Fuel Perks (not sure why) totaling $0.20 after the double. Since they are good on a fill-up of 20 gallons, that’s an extra $4 of savings. The $9 from the Catalina and Fuel Perks are reflected in the stats at the bottom of this trip.

Here’s what we bought, along with the coupons used:

FIVE PACKS (24.72 LBS TOTAL) OF SPLIT CHICKEN BREASTS, on sale $1/lb. ($24.72 sale price; $86.28 regular price)
No coupons used
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $24.72 ($1/lb.)

FOUR PACKS (17.17 LBS TOTAL) OF SIRLOIN PORK CHOPS BONE-IN, on sale $1/lb. ($17.17 sale price; $68.91 regular price)
No coupons used
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $17.17 ($1/lb.)

ONE BONELESS PORK LOIN, on sale $2/lb. ($7.42 sale price; $20.37 regular price)
No coupons used
NET PRICE: $7.42 ($2/lb.)

ONE PACK OF BONELESS PORK CHOPS, on sale $2.85 (regular price $4.78)
ONE PACK OF BONELESS PORK CHOPS, on sale $2.96 (regular price $4.97)
ONE PACK OF BONELESS PORK CHOPS, on sale $2.63 (regular price $4.40)
ONE PACK OF BONELESS PORK CHOPS, on sale $2.66 (regular price $4.47)
Used four $2/1 peelies for price reduction on each product
NET PRICE: $3.10 (or 77 cents per package!)

TWO PACKS OF HICKORY SWEET BACON 12 OZ, on sale $2 (regular price $4.99)
No coupons used
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $4 (or $2 each!)

ONE CRISCO PURE CANOLA OIL, on sale $1.99 (regular price $4.39)
No coupons used
NET PRICE: $1.99

ONE DOZEN GLAZED DONUTS, on sale $2.20 (regular price $3.99)
No coupons used
NET PRICE: $2.20

ONE FULL CIRCLE ORGANIC HONEY 12 OZ, on clearance $1.20 (regular price $4.79)
No coupons used
NET PRICE: $1.20

ONE 5 LB. BAG OF POTATOES, on sale $1.90 (regular price $3.99)
No coupons used
NET PRICE: $1.90

TWO TOTINO’S PARTY PIZZAS, on sale $0.88 (regular price $1.39)
No coupons used
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $1.76 (or 88 cents each!)

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $224.10
Net Price Paid for Everything: $56.46
Savings Rate (excluding tax): 74.8%

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  1. Crazedmommyof3 says:

    Arghhhhhh!!!! I need a freezer! I can’t take advantage of this deal 🙁

  2. Valencia says:

    Great haul! I forgot to get my Totino’s Pizzas this morning:-(. I was so excited about the cheap chicken, chops and free Ban Body Cloths (thanks for mentioning those) that I forgot to grab them and they were on my list.

  3. wendyc33 says:

    You earned the fuel perks, because you earn 5 cents for every 50 dollars. So if your total came to 220 dollars or so. You earned 20 cents a gallon. I need to go today still. I guess they are giving rain checks?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I am not sure about rainchecks. I’ve never asked for one at a Winn-Dixie. My closest W-D was about 20 minutes drive from my old house, so until this past week I haven’t shopped at one frequently.

    • My store was wiped out of the meat. Had no trouble getting rain checks.

  4. Wish there was a Winn-Dixie closer to me

  5. 1sopranos says:

    Love all the meat and chicken deals!!!! I’m going this week, Publix has been out of hand with their meat prices so this looks awesome to me!!! Lol

    • Steve Pinski says:

      FYI – This Winn-Dixie sale is TODAY only. It is a special sale for Saturday 6/27 on the back page of the ad.

      • 1sopranos says:

        Thanks Steve, I forgot all about that fact and totally didn’t see it on your blog even though it’s right there in front of my face. I got too excited when I saw you did so well on meat and chicken, lol. Anyway, it forced me to get up and go do some shopping this Saturday evening. Yay!!

  6. Jessica says:

    I bought a pack of sirloin pork chops bone in for 5.01! 🙂 and a bunch of the pizzas lol.. There’s a new type: hamburger.. Excited to try that one:)

    Does anyone have an easy pork chop recipe? Lol every time i make it, it come out tough… I just season and put it oven.. Still learning to cook;)

    • Jessica – my hubby makes great pork chops with peas and it’s super easy. Lightly coat the chops with bread crumbs and brown them in a little oil in a skillet (we use a cast iron skillets.) After they are brown, top with a bag of frozen peas and put the lid on. Simmer on low heat, turning once, until the chops are done, about 30 minutes. Enjoy!

  7. jamerle says:


    • Steve Pinski says:

      I am in St. Petersburg, FL

    • Valencia says:

      Hey jamerle. I’m in Birmingham too. I shopped at the 1 on Montevallo Rd. They had a quite a bit but I went at 8 a.m. and the store was already getting crowded.

  8. Thanks linda!! I will definitely try!:)))))))

  9. We went in the morning and they had plenty of pork but were out of chicken and would only give rain checks for 2 packs of chicken although there was no limit in ad on them, was hoping we could get at least 4. We cannot afford the Publix meat prices either but I discovered that a nearby Winn Dixie marks all their meat/chicken down 30% in the mornings which is expiring, never had a problem with it and get great deals.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      I do the same at Kroger. I buy most of my meat from there when it goes on Manager Special.