Kmart SYW Members check your Account! Possible Surprise Points! ($5?)


Team Couponaholic now has a Shop Your Way Personal Shopper account! Personal Shopper is a little bit of a misnomer, it’s more like “Personal Deal Finder,” ‘cuz while ya’ll are great, I’m not shopping for you, shopping for me is exhausting enough! 😉 There are a few benefits though to having a personal shopper:

  • When you sign up, you’ll get a three month trial to SYW Max, which allows you to get free shipping on orders that are either over $30 or have a single item priced at over $10. There is no Credit Card required and it doesn’t automatically renew.
  • Most months, Shop Your Way sends out a few bucks in points to members who are signed up with a personal shopper that are valid for a couple of days. There is no guarantee this will continue in the future, but it’s happened almost every month that I’ve been watching. I’ll be sure to let you know in the blog and on Shop Your Way, when this is coming.
  • Personal Shoppers have the ability to send out store coupons to clients. What coupons are available tend to vary, but I definitely plan on sending out the best value coupon I can find to all clients on the first day of each Super Doubles.

To add me as your Personal Shopper, you’ll want to head over to Shop Your Way to sign in. You’ll then want to click *here* to make me your personal shopper.

surprise points3I didn’t get an email on this one.  My last email with surprise points came through at about 11:30 last Thursday, so I may have noticed them before the email came out!  I was just checking my account when I stumbled across them this time. 🙂

So check your account (or possibly email) to see if you got any!  Usually these Surprise Points emails come from “Shop Your Way” with the address

If you’re like me and didn’t get an email, you can always head over to Shop Your Way and sign in and see what you’ve got.  Once you’ve signed in just click “Rewards” at the top of the screen then click “Surprise Points” and that should give you a summary of any Surprise Points you currently have.

And while you’re logged in make sure to make me your personal shopper! 😉

I got $5/$5 Purchase of Items sold by Sears or Kmart. Excludes Lands’ End and other surprise points that expire 6/17!

I tend to personally split my transactions up into transactions where I get points and transactions where I spend points.  I usually earn my points in store and then spend them on or after going through a great cashback site like Ebates, which I then earn cash back on the points I spent! 🙂  (Which means for me, free points like from these are a MONEYMAKER!!!)

So, did you get the points?  Or possibly something else? What are you thinking about getting with them?


-HUGE $1.50-$1.84 MONEYMAKER on Biotene at Walmart/Meijer
-Another New $3/1 BIC Razor coupon (plus moneymaker deal)
-Target: $2.99 for BIG Tide & Gain Laundry products!
-Rare $1/1 & $1/2 Ready Pac Salad Printable Coupons!
-HURRY - High-Value $1/1 Silk Half Gallon printable coupon!
-FREE $3 Visa Digital Gift Card when you join ShopTracker
-Rare High-Value $4/1 & $2/1 CVS Training Pants printable coupons

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  1. I got $7 in points. Ordered a shirt for $6.99 and free pick up at store. I love free stuff! 🙂