WOW! RUN! $4.25 MONEYMAKER Beneful Dog Food at Dollar General 5/21-5/23 with printable coupons!


beneful-dgUPDATE: I decided how I’m going to do this deal. Since the BOGO sale has a specific price, you can price match at Walmart. That’s what I’m going to do so I don’t have to fight Dollar General’s quirky registers! Of course, the coupon could beep at Walmart. -Steve

Holy Smokes! The Dollar General 3-Day Sale 5/21-5/23 has a BOGO sale on Beneful Dog Food. My area has it for $5.75 regular price, but some have a $5.95 price. Print this coupon twice ASAP!

$5/1 Purina One or Beneful Dry Dog Food printable manufacturer’s coupon *NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS*

At Dollar General 3-Day Sale 5/21-5/23:
Use two $5/1 Purina One or Beneful Dry Dog Food printable manufacturer’s coupons *NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS*

Keep in mind that Dollar General does allow overage. It’s in their coupon policy here. However, I wonder how many stores will balk about taking that second coupon on the free item. Even if they refuse, one coupon can get you two bags for less than $1.

If your store refuses the second coupon:
Use one $5/1 Purina One or Beneful Dry Dog Food printable manufacturer’s coupon *NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS*
NET PRICE FOR ALL: AS LOW AS $0.75 (or 37 cents per bag!)

Make sure you print your coupons for FREE Horizon Snacks at Target! That scenario is here.

Thanks to Kristinita for commenting on the other Beneful post!

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  1. Natalia says:

    Excited, have coupons ready but confused on “action plan” :). Why are we price matching – to get B1G1 for $5.75 (my store sells for $5.48) OR B1G1 + use two coupons? I did not see where WM or DG was allowing coupon on free item. Besides, text below coupon says One per individual, household or email. Second coupon in same transaction would beep?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I don’t know if things will beep. To price match at Walmart, it must be an advertised BOGO with a specific price. They will match that specific price in the other store’s ad. So to do the BOGO at Walmart, the first one will be the Dollar General price with the price match ($5.75) and the second will be FREE. This is the Walmart policy.

      If you don’t want to go through the hassle, buy them at Walmart and submit your receipt to Walmart’s Savings Catcher and let them find the sale and credit you the monies on a Walmart gift card:

  2. I guess if they don’t allow two coupons…make 2 trips to Walmart and get 4 bags cheap…now I need to go to DG and get one of their store ads…Thanks for the link!

  3. The registers at WM have never allowed for a coupon on a “free” item on a BOGO price match. Good luck with that deal!!!!!

    • The “register” at WM will not know that it is a **free** item. You will pay full price for both items at WM, use two coupons…..and then submit to Savings Catcher where it will catch the BOGO deal at Dollar General and give you the money back on either a gift card, or allow you to transfer the funds to your Bluebird card. So the deal should be easy peazy !!! HTH 🙂

      • I went to Walmart on Thursday……….purchased 8 bags and price matched them at the register (after pointing out on their Ad Match Guarantee that there is a specified price).
        I didn’t want to wait for Saving Catcher.

        The cashier actually used the Walmart price of $5.48 on six of my bags (even though I showed them the price of $5.75), and lowered the one I purchased for $5.98 down to the $5.75 price.

        I was able to use all 8 coupons, even on the items that were overridden to $0.00. They did not beep.

        I also purchased 1 pouch of Hidden Valley Ranch yogurt dip (for my Checkout 51 offer)……and 4 cans of Bush’s Baked beans (for my Savings Star offer), and 1 CerVe bar (with my $6.00 off coupon).

        I walked out of Walmart……………with $10.45 of their money 🙂

  4. Shelia Walker says:

    I still have some of the Buy One, Get One Free 3.5 lb Beneful Manufacturer coupons that expire 6/30/15. Can you use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO deal at Dollar General? I hardly ever go there. Better yet, maybe I can use the BOGO coupon and a $5 coupon for a $5 overage?

    • Monica Bragg says:

      You can’t buy two and use the BOGO coupon and the $5 coupon on just two. The BOGO coupon attaches to both items. I am not sure how Dollar General will handle a BOGO coupon and a BOGO sale.

  5. It may be called a B1G1 “free”, but each item is considered a purchase. It’s getting each item at half off and “free” is not really “free”. I think using two $5.00 coupons should be OK since they now allow overage to be applied to the rest of the basket purchase. But like you, I will try this deal at Walmart instead. I think it will be hassle-free. I didn’t even have good experience at DG the last time that I used a coupon for just ONE item that became free after coupon.

  6. I’m a pretty regular DG shopper & I can say without any doubt in my heart that the items will not ring up one reg price & one “free”. What will happen is that each item will receive a “store discount” equal to $5.75 when combined. It will look like this:

    (1) Beneful @ 5.75
    – store discount 2.88
    (1) Beneful @ 5.75
    – store discount 2.87

    Total $5.75

    So I believe the bogo & $5/1 should work just fine. HTH y’all

  7. It may be called a B1G1 “FREE”, but it’s really purchasing each item at half off. Free is not really “free”. So I think using two coupons for each item should be OK since they allow overage now to be applied to the rest of your purchase. I think it will be hassle-free to do it at Walmart.

  8. Jeannie says:

    I was so excited I ran out to DG and purchased four bags, but I dic not see it was not valid until Thursday. Anyway, the manager just took off $2.88 from each bag and everything seemed fine until I handed her my coupons. The cashier called the manager and they both said “this is a Walmart coupon, and we don’t accept competitor coupons.” I said no it is clearly a manufacturer coupon with a barcode and a remit address, which you should just scan. She reluctantly tried, but of course internet printables are finicky and that convinced her even more it was a store coupon. After TWENTY minutes of arguing they manually put them in and I finally left. I called customer service afterwards to ask the district manager to call the store and explain to the employees that coupons with another retailers name are valid manufacturer coupons. The customer service member I spoke with said I should not have been allowed to use two coupons on a BOGO promotion since I was not purchasing the second item. I told her that is nowhere in the policy and that I’d like to speak with the district manager myself. I should get a call back tomorrow,but they are so clueless about the coupon policy that even he will say I am wrong lol.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      Hopefully they will get it straight…someday.

    • The coupon struggle is real! I’m glad you stuck with policies because that’s the whole reason they’re there! For couponers AND stores to follow. It’s the most frustrating thing to have to argue that you’re right when the rules are clear.

  9. Is the coupon still working

  10. I am trying to print this coupon from an iPad but it is not showing me the coupon on my app. Is it attached to a particular zip code that I can try? When I click the link it wants to email me the coupon but I’ve already printed from my laptop.

    • Larren – this particular coupon isn’t on the regular website, it’s called a “brick” and is a direct link to the coupon only (as in, you don’t see the list of coupons to chose from, it’s a page just for that coupon.) That being said, there is no zip code for it, if you click on our link, you should get two prints. I haven’t personally seen the prompt for an email though because I never sign in to Have you tried to have it emailed to see what happens? Or open your email and link from your iPad since you already printed from your laptop?

  11. I think I will just wait for Publix to have it bogo lol… not DG or WM are coupon friendly around here..

  12. I gotta tell you, I hit DG at 8 this morning, and I couldn’t be happier about the way it went!!

    – None of the coupons beeped.
    – The 2 BOGO coupons I still had left gave me 2 bags free each; just tax of 41¢.
    – The clerk was so helpful, and rang things separately so they’d work for me.
    – I used the 4 $5 coupons for 7 bags of food (my 4 dogs eat this), so I had just a little overage I used on a couple of other things.

    I’ve never been a DG shopper, but this trip converted me!!!

    Thanks, Steve & Staff!!

    • Monica Bragg says:

      Congrats! That is pretty awesome. You don’t hear that much about Dollar General.

  13. Glad it went so well for Cindy, because it sure didn’t for me. My store limited me to 2 bags of each kind (so, two green and two red bags of Beneful), and they did not ring up correctly. None of the coupons beeped (it’s a miracle!), but the Beneful did not ring up as B1G1. Here’s what my receipts looked like (I did two identical transactions):

    +(1) Olay bar soap 4pk, $1
    – $1.00 DG Price Match (rang up as $4, but shelf tag said $3, so they adjusted)
    – $1.00 MFC
    +(1) Nivea body wash, $2.50
    – $3.00 MFC
    + (1) Nivea body wash, $2.50
    +(1) Playtex pacifier, $4.50
    – $1.50 DG Price Match (rang up as $4.50, but shelf tag said $3, so they adjusted)
    – $1.00 MFC
    + (1) Beneful Healthy Weight, $5.75
    – $2.87 DG Savings
    – $5.00 MFC
    + (1) Beneful Healthy Weight, $5.75
    – $0.74 DG Savings
    – $5.00 MFC
    = 3.89 Subtotal
    + $1.35 Tax
    = $5.24 Total

    So, it only took $3.61 total off the two bags of Beneful ($2.87+$0.74), which made each of my transactions $2.14 more than it should have been. We had to re-do one transaction 3 times and I was starting to run late (and there were a bunch of people lining up), so I didn’t get to add everything up and see what went wrong until after I got home.

    Again, another very disappointing Dollar General trip. 🙁

    • *Sorry, the Olay bar soap rang up as $4, but they adjusted to $3 – so, the very first line should say $4, not $1

    • Monica Bragg says:

      That stinks! Their systems are so flaky.

  14. Shelia Walker says:

    Jeannie, I had the same problem using one of these coupons at Winn Dixie. My nephew bought a large discounted bag of Beneful for $8.00. I gave him a $5 coupon and said go back with your receipt and they will give you $5.00 back. He came back and said the lady told him they don’t take WalMart coupons…

    If I would have been there I would have ask for the manager, so the woman behind the Service Desk would have more understanding of coupons. So I still plan on taking care of this misunderstanding myself.

  15. Has anyone price matched these at Target? I’ve never price matched anything ever before, so I’m hesitant, especially with B1G1 and using a coupon on both. The Beggin strips are also B1G1 at DG, so I was thinking about trying to price match both of these.

  16. I did this deal 3 times today at our local dollar general store, but boy was it tricky. Since I’m not very familiar with dollar general couponing, I decided to buy just two bags and two Dish detergent for 3 dollars and 2 small bottles of water at .50 cents each, hoping the overage of 4.25 will take care of them. But it did not work as I expected. After I used 2 5 dollars off coupons, the register was automatically readjusted somehow, and instead of taking 5.75 for the free bag, it took off 2.87 (or 2.84) for one bag and .74 cents for the second bag. So the “overage” was about 3.60 ish instead of 4.25.

  17. hondacrv says:

    My trip to DG yesterday.
    BF HW – 5.75
    store disc – 2.87
    coup – 5.00
    BF HW – 5.75
    store disc – 0.74
    coup – 5.00
    BF Orig – 5.75
    store disc – 2.87
    coup – 5.00
    BF Orig – 5.75
    store disc – 2.87
    BF Orig – 5.75
    store disc – 2.88
    BF Orig – 5.75
    store disc – 2.88

    sub total – 4.39 instead of 2.25 before tax.

    I talked to the manager, but she suggested to talk to general manager. I’m going to the store today and post what happened there.

    But after this, i did single transactions –

    BF HW – 5.75
    store disc – 2.87
    coup – 5.00
    BF HW – 5.75
    store disc – 2.88

    sub total – 0.75 which is perfect. SO i suggest if you can, do single transactions. It’s also easy to decipher the receipt.


    • hondacrv says:

      talking to general manager is counter productive. she called another store, their corporate, wasted my 30min and finally told me that i’ll have to pay $2+, instead of .75 cents.

      she explained that the coupon will work only on a single bag. what a dumb head. She even told me that she’ll contact her corporate fraud prevention team about the coupon ;-(

  18. will DG give you cash for the overage or do you have to buy something else to cover for it?

  19. What zip code are you in for dollar general? My local store does not have the same ad.

  20. I ended up going to WalMart to get Beneful and Beggin Strips ($3 BOGO) and my SavingsCatcher just came back. I didn’t match Beneful at all, but it matched Beggin Strips at PetSmart at $2.10 (vs $2.46 at WalMart) and it gave me back $0.36 per Beggin Strips. Unbelievable. I guess I’m gonna have to contact them. $2.88 vs $18.10 I was expecting.

  21. I got matched to Schnucks even though Dollar General is closer. I bought 4 bags, but only got $3.96 back on Savings catcher.