Target 5/20 (Monica) – 100% Savings & Why You Shouldn’t Wait for a HOT Deal!


Horizon TargetHere is the Number #1 reason why this couponing thing is a game of chase.

Today, I went to Target expecting great things. The first disappointment came when I went down the aisle with the Playtex Sport products. They had tons of options but my store doesn’t even carry the 56 ct of Playtex Sport Liners (furthermore, they don’t carry any Playtex Liners) so I was out of luck on that deal. Then I spent another 30 minutes walking aisles looking for the Horizon crackers. I finally was able to pull up the Target app and search that way but that didn’t come without problems. For some reason it would only let me search the first letter and nothing else. Well, it didn’t pull up Horizon and it wouldn’t let me scroll. By now, I am pretty bummed. I found the little microphone on the app and tried that and it worked. Finally, I found the Horizon Crackers on the app and it told me exactly what aisle to go to find them. YAY! My spirits are finally starting to pick up….until I get to the aisle and it is completely empty of any Horizon crackers. I sent Steve a message at that point and let him know that I was leaving with nothing because I was DONE!!

This happens to us couponers all the time though so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. We try our best to keep you up to date of the hottest deals but if you wait then you may end up in the same boat that I did today. Totally BUMMED! But on the bright side. I can honestly say that I saved 100% at Target today!

Here are the deals that I was hoping to find when I went to the store…

Horizon Crackers

Playtex Sport Liners

Unilever Gift Card Promotion

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  1. I pretty much knew, I wasn’t getting them at Target, I had a rain check for Winn Dixie, And got them there, Thank goodness! Hope u have better luck in the future, Couponing is cut throat now, If u don’t run like the wind to the store, You get nothing now.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      That is so true! There will always be another opportunity. I don’t let it bother me too much anymore.

  2. Thank you for all the great savings! I love this site, Saves me a fortune!

    • Monica Bragg says:

      You are so welcome! I am glad that we can help everyone save some money in the process.

  3. I appreciate the post and your honesty! It’s comforting to know this happens to others too….and a good reminder that there will always be other deals!

    • Monica Bragg says:

      You are welcome! It happens to all of us more often than you see posted. If we posted a picture like this too often then you guys would get really disappointed but it definitely happens to everyone at some point.

  4. kristinita says:

    My target had delivery today and at afternoon there was only box of horizon left…i guess i was too late
    But i found lysol spray value size 32oz for only $1.33!!!got 5,used cartwheel and got $5 giftcard so they were about $0.32ea and the bottles are pretty big!

  5. Sherrie B says:

    Bummer!!! I went to Target last night too!!!! I couldn’t find the crackers or liners.I stocked our freezer with Smart Ones!! Now the boys can munch, munch, munch 🙂

  6. I have the same problem with Horizon crackers. I went to customer service to get help after searching the aisle for 30 mins (getting my exercise!!) . She pulled up her red phone, scrolled and said it is on Aisle 13 and sent me there. For this target, food is at the very end of the store, so I walked back there and found that Aisle 13 is actually freezer! I got lucky, I spotted a target staff then and asked her for help. She pulled up the red phone and then told me they are out of stock!!!. The customer service used the same app but jut send me on a wild goose chase!!!

    I know there are so many good deals in Target but I almost never can find any stock. So I have not shop there for a while as the cashier is also a headache to deal with. But my hubby loves the horizon crackers, so I gave it a try.. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.

  7. I used to shop at Target every week…as a matter of fact, they were the first place I started couponing when I was a NEWBIE couponer, but they are getting so bad at stocking that it only pays a few people who get there when the doors open the day the sale starts. My store seemingly NEVER restocks anything once it’s gone…it’s gone. So dissapointing…but I know there are other sales, I just wish Target would STOCK STOCK STOCK when they make their ADs soooooo pretty, then you go and you find you’ve wasted your time searching…oh well…bummer…I did happen upon the crackers so I was soooooooo surprised I walked out smiling. But they were out of the liners, which you could see that their entire stock that they got in for this sale was about 10 boxes….CRAZY…barely worth advertising for if you’re not going to STOCK STOCK STOCK, then don’t advertise advertise advertise…ok…I never complain so that will do me for another year…LOL…God bless…have a great Holiday everyone…and thanks for this great site…

    • Cathy – I know exactly what you’re talking about! My closest Target is 45 min away so when I coupon there, it’s an event for me lol. It’s actually my favorite place to coupon in general but I’ve missed out on many deals for the stocking issue :/

  8. I run into the issue of my Target not carrying alot of the items listed on the blogs and also the shelves will be empty on the items that are at my store. It is frustrating to say the least!!

  9. if target made out rain checks like cvs it wouldn’t be that bad.. but my cvs keeps a very very low sale products in house

    • Monica Bragg says:

      I agree, but since it was a regular price item I don’t think that they can do a raincheck on cartwheels.

  10. I had a similar frustrating shopping experience Tuesday at Target – no Horizon crackers and no Playtex liners; also no Keebler chewy choc chip cookies or Dove candy for which I had Cartwheel offers. I actually made notes as I went around the store documenting all the things they were out of!! Plus when I got to the register I realized I had picked up the wrong Scrubbing Bubbles item so the gift card didn’t kick out! Fortunately a team member told the cashier to give it to me anyway. Last night I completed the survey at the bottom of my receipt with an itemized list of what I couldn’t find, plus all of the missing and confusing signage. This afternoon I received an apologetic e-mail from the store manager addressing each issue. The crackers are supposed to be restocked Saturday; turns out they don’t carry the Keebler or Dove or Playtex at all! He did offer me a $10 gift card to make up for the hassle. Glad to know I’m not the only one who leaves Target thoroughly bummed out!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Glad they hooked you up with the gift card and responded quickly. Good customer service to get back so fast.

  11. Thank you for your website…and thanks to all the people who comment!

  12. Nanell Olivier says:

    I used to hit target the day of the new sale but they are always out of stock..I have written the corporate office and progress. The store manager told me that she has no input on the amout of stock ordered. if we would all write the corporate offices..mayb we would see a difference. i have just about quit shopping at Target..

    • Monica Bragg says:

      I usually don’t have too many problems with them. Even during the middle of the week they are good at restocking but I haven’t shopped there in a while until this trip.