Coupons of the Day 5/19 – $5/1 Purina Dog Food (NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS=$4.25 MONEYMAKER at Dollar General) and BOGO Horizon Crackers=FREE/MONEYMAKER at Target!


beneful-dgWhenever we have one really hot stand out coupon I’m going to start writing a “Coupon of the Day” post just to give folks another shot to see it (and print it before it’s gone.) Today’s top coupon wasn’t easy to determine, because there are two that give us SMOKING HOT deals. Make sure you grab prints of these two coupons ASAP:

BOGO Horizon Snack, Sandwich or Graham Crackers printable manufacturer’s coupon *max value $4.29* (preclipped)
$5/1 Purina One or Beneful Dry Dog Food printable manufacturer’s coupon *PRINTS WITH NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS*

At Target (make sure you do Cartwheel LAST; deal could work two different ways):
BUY TWO HORIZON CRACKERS, regular price $3.49
Use the BOGO Horizon Snack, Sandwich or Graham Crackers printable manufacturer’s coupon *max value $4.29* (preclipped) – cashier might deduct $3.49
and then use the 50% OFF Horizon Crackers Target Cartwheel Offer (deducts $3.49; exp 5/23; limit 4)

BUY TWO HORIZON CRACKERS, regular price $3.49
Use the BOGO Horizon Snack, Sandwich or Graham Crackers printable manufacturer’s coupon *max value $4.29* (preclipped) – cashier might scan the coupon and let the register automatically deduct the coupon’s $4.29 max value
and then use the 50% OFF Horizon Crackers Target Cartwheel Offer (deducts $3.49; exp 5/23; limit 4)

At Dollar General 3-Day Sale 5/21-5/23:
Use two $5/1 Purina One or Beneful Dry Dog Food printable manufacturer’s coupons *NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS*

Keep in mind that Dollar General does allow overage. It’s in their coupon policy here. However, I wonder how many stores will balk about taking that second coupon on the free item. Even if they refuse, one coupon can get you two bags for less than $1.

If your store refuses the second coupon:
Use one $5/1 Purina One or Beneful Dry Dog Food printable manufacturer’s coupon *NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS*
NET PRICE FOR ALL: AS LOW AS $0.75 (or 37 cents per bag!)

To make things easier on yourself, do this deal at Walmart 5/21-5/23 while the Dollar General sale is running:
Submit your receipt to Walmart Savings Catcher and you should get the difference between the Walmart price ($5.48) and Dollar General sale price ($2.88) on a Walmart Gift Card. That difference is $2.60 each, so $5.20 total when you buy two
Use two $5/1 Purina One or Beneful Dry Dog Food printable manufacturer’s coupons *NO SIZE RESTRICTIONS*
Price at Register: $0.96, but submit receipt to Walmart Savings Catcher and you should get $5.20 back on a Walmart Gift Card

-Burger King Class Action Settlement ***FREE MONEY – No Receipt Needed***
-HOT New BOGO Purina Bella Dog Food printable coupon
-HOT – FREE Loaf of Canyon Bakehouse Bread Coupon for YOU and a Friend!
-CVS Shopping Trip - Paid $1.75 on $62.69 Worth of Merchandise (97.2% Saved)
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-Amazon: $24.97 Gillette Fusion Razor Refill Cartridges 12-pack (reg. $47.99!)
-New High-Value $1/1 Campbell’s Skillet, Slow Cooker or Oven Sauce printable coupon!
-New high-value $1/1 Pace Salsa or Picante Sauce printable coupon!

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  1. On the Purina Beneful coupon it says “No cash back awarded,” so I wouldn’t attempt to push the issue at Dollar General if it doesn’t scan properly.

    • I believe that’s in reference to the manufacturer not paying cashback, not the store. However, still important to keep that in mind. BUT, most important, go by the store’s coupon policy on cashback, and DG DOES give overage 🙂 Always, always, try to hold a store accountable to their policy or else, what’s the point of having one?

      • I’m hearing conflicting things on their overage policy, the copy i pulled up onlien says “If a coupon value is more than the price of the item, the remaining value will be applied to the balance of the transaction. Coupon overage can only be applied to the balance and will not be given back at the end of the transaction…Cash back will not be given”

  2. Can you price match the Beneful at Walmart? Can you price match BOGO free items?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      You can in this case because the ad lists a specific price. For example, my ad says they are BOGO priced at $5.75.

  3. I have not tried Walmart’s Saving Catcher. Have you done Dollar Genreal before on it? I know you have done many transactions with it since it’s roll out and if it doesn’t what do you do, return the item or try to get it from Saving Catcher? Just weighing my options… thanks Steve

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I did a Libby’s deal once that was part of a 3-Day sale at Dollar General and Savings Catcher caught it for the moneymaker. However, after coupon these are going to only be $0.48 at Walmart (an already awesome deal), so I think I’m going to gamble. I will be keeping a copy of the printed ad from Dollar General in case I need to scan it and get a correction from Savings Catcher later.

      • I was at Walmart today so I talked to the CSM on duty about Savings Catcher. She assured me that if SC didn’t catch the ad price, I could return the dog food. I bought 2 used 2 coupons and just submitted the receipt. My question now is how long does it generally take for them to get back to you? It says within 72 hours and I want to go to DG and do the deal too so kind of curious. SC was very easy to do…btw…Thank you again Steve.

        • Steve Pinski says:

          It will take 2-5 days, most likely around three days.

        • You can also dispute it to Savings Catcher if they miss an ad match. I have done that before and received credit after they reviewed it.

  4. I just did the deal and I was able to use both coupons, and threw in a few little things to get the total to 0! Thanks Guys for the heads up, I don’t have a dog but will be donating it to the shelter.

  5. I rarely shop at DG. Heck, I don’t even own a dog, but when I saw MM dog food I decided to give it a shot and I plan to donate the food to the local Humane Society. Something went a little wonky with my trip. I got the last 2 bags of beneful in the store, plus an extra $5.40 worth of miscellaneous items to catch the overage. Got to the register, presented my 2 $5/1 coupons. The cashier said he had to “adjust” the price of my other items to make it work. Not sure what that means. My OOP should have only been $1.15 plus tax, but with his weird math it ended up being $2.88 plus tax for everything. Not worth arguing over considering it was still a great deal, but very weird none the less. Now I know why I usually stay away from DG….

  6. I took one coupon to our Dollar General to get the two bags expecting to pay $1 or so for the 2 bags and instead got told that I had to chose between the BOGO or using the coupon on one bag, this is after they called corporate while I was standing there. I told them I would keep my coupon and buy it at Wal-Mart. We seem to have these types of hiccups with our store frequently. I will go to WalMart tonight and then submit my reciept to saving catcher.

  7. So I went to DG and I attempted to buy the 2 bags and a bottle of swiffer wetjet refill to cover the overage. The manager on duty tells me she cannot and will not accept these coupons. I asked why not and she stated “I get a list every of coupons we will not accept. And those are on it.” So I asked her to see the list because I argued the coupons apply to the item and that there is no size restriction. She goes to the office and comes back with a printout of their coupon policy, which I already know and had pulled up on my phone. I tried to politely point out in their policy that the coupons should be acceptable however she accused me of photo copying the coupons since they were not from a newspaper and were printed from home and she told me “I WILL not take these coupons”. This is why I never coupon at DG. I get hassled every time. I’m glad some of you guys have friendly DG stores in your area but in north GA it’s always a hassle. Not only was i upset but I was offended of being accused of trying to pass off copied coupons simply because the cashier isn’t aware you can’t print at home. So I got the district managers number and In the mean time I went to Walmart, price matched the dog food, and walked away with cash in pocket since they do pay you overage In cash.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Glad it all worked out, but that is a pile of crap from your DG store. I hope a higher-up gets it straightened out for you.

      • I get this kind of thing each time I go to Dollar General and Family Dollar and try to use coupons. About 2 weeks ago, I went to Family Dollar and tried to use a $3.00 off Oxi Clean printable coupon because it was on sale for $3.95. I was told by the cashier that he couldn’t accept the coupon because it wasn’t from a newspaper and that he WOULD not accept the coupon because he couldn’t afford to lose his job. He wouldn’t even scan it. It’s getting so discouraging to coupon at those two stores because they make me feel like I am the one doing wrong. I did report this incident to corporate as well, and I got a nice cookie cutter apology letter thanking me for my business and hoping I would continue to shop at Family Dollar. And I’m not a difficult couponer. I have an excellent relationship with my local CVS, BiLo, and Publix.

        • A friend of a friend actually worked at Dollar General, and she said that when they are hired, they are told in training to never allow anyone to have anything for free. So that’s why alot of them won’t accept a coupon for MM or free items. I don’t know how much truth there is to that, given that it completely contradicts their official coupon policy. I wish that cashiers would have to do some sort of training on coupons or some coupon-based practice. So that they understand what is going on. I feel alot of times when they refuse to accept a coupon, it’s because they are confused, or more appropriately “ignorant”.

  8. hell mart just told me i can not comp and use manufacture coupon on the same item

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Ridiculous. The good news is that you don’t need to price match it. Buy the bag that matches the DG sale for like $5.48. Pay $0.48 after coupon. Submit the receipt to Walmart Savings Catcher and let them find the sale and give you the price difference on a gift card.

      • thanks Steve and i went to dollar general cause my 5 off 25 didn’t come off and she said it didn’t come off cause my total was 6.50 before tax after manufacture coupons so i was gonna take 5.00 worth of stuff back one item was 2.00 and the QP was 1.50 manufacture so she said she can only give me .50 cent back what i paid for it oh i was spitting fire

        • Steve Pinski says:

          It says right on the $5/$25 coupon that they are supposed to take it off first in the fine print instructions to cashier. Insane. I bet you were mad!

          • i was spitting fire lol i went to dollar general 1st and then wal-mart so with 2 let downs i was sooooo mad i could not see lol

  9. Eva and Steve, I had the same thing happen about the $5 off of $25..I did call corporate who told me that the newer stores have already implemented this practice and soon all be following suit nation wide, the district manager called me 2 days later and was hateful about the whole issue even though the coupon instructions state for the cashier to take the $5 off first before manufacturer coupons. I think this company makes the rules up as they go along and I refuse to shop there anymore and just have Wal-Mart price match or buy the item and submit it to saving catcher, I have a much better time shopping that way without all the headache’s of dealing with Dollar General. Saving catcher has been working very well for me and they have credited me the difference on every item I have submitted my reciept for.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Sorry DG sucks, but glad you’re having a good Savings Catcher experience 🙂

  10. Blake I am so glad it worked for you at wal-mart cause I went and mine told me I can not use a coupon on comp items I hate wal- mart at dollar general I hate to tell them but if you have to have a total of 25 after manufacture QP it is not worth it and not many people will shop there

    • Eva, that’s the first time I’ve ever used a coupon on a price matched item at walmart. I admit I kind of flew over to Walmart in a rage from DG without checking their policy. Does their coupon policy address this?

  11. Just checked saving catcher to see if the refund for the dog food had posted yet and to my surprise they credited me the 10.96 for the 2 bags and .08 for taxes. YAY!!!!