Walgreens 4/20 (Steve) – Paid $30.95 for $106.73 of Merchandise (71.0% Saved)


walgreens-042015I had a pretty good trip to Walgreens today, although they did throw a few curveballs at me.

First, my store was completely out of Crispy M&M’s. Apparently someone came in during the wee hours early Sunday morning and the cashier let them buy every last one of them. That almost NEVER happens at my store, and you can be sure I let my manager friends know so they can put a stop to that. However, it’s probably for the better; I didn’t need a 9 oz bag of M&M’s in my house. They would’ve probably been gone by nightfall.

Plus…I had a backup plan. I brought Purex Crystals coupons with me so I could make it to $50 and cash in 40,000 points. Well, not so fast…they only had one left.

However, the Claritin was priced higher than I expected. The sale tag said that these were regular price $31.99 and $26.99 after the $5 off sale. That would get me to the $50 mark with my other purchases.

That price just didn’t seem right to me, so I peeled off the sale tag and look what I found…they actually marked them up $2 before taking the $5 off!


Well, that wasn’t going to fly with me, however I still needed the higher price to get to $50 for my transaction. So I paid the higher price and then made them give me the $4 back they were overcharging me AFTER the transaction was done.

Here’s what I bought, along with the coupons used:

TWO CLARITIN 45 CT (PLUS 15 BONUS = 60 CT), on sale $24.99 after they fixed it (regular price supposedly $31.99)
***As mentioned above, these rang up for $26.99, but I made them fix it after my transaction, so $24.99 was the price I really paid before coupons.
Used the $5/1 Claritin Walgreens store coupon, Walgreens April Savings monthly coupon booklet (deducted $10 total for two)
and used two $7/1 Claritin Non-Drowsy Allergy Product 45 ct or larger printable manufacturer’s coupons (preclipped)
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $25.98 (or $12.99 each!)

Get $10 Register Rewards when you buy $20 of Schick products
Used two $5/1 Schick Hydro Silk, Schick Intuition or Schick Quattro for Women Refill (exc Silk Effects) printable coupons (preclipped)
Price at Register: $18.98, but received $10 Extra Bucks
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $8.98 (or $4.49 each!)

ONE IRISH SPRING GEAR BODY WASH, on sale $3.99 (regular price $4.59)
Get $2.50 Register Rewards when you buy Irish Spring 15 or 18 oz
Used one $2/1 Irish Spring Signature or Gear Body Wash coupon, 4/12 SS newspaper insert
Price at Register: $1.99, but received $2.50 Register Rewards

TRANSACTIONS #2 & #3 were identical. Each of them looked like this:
ONE IRISH SPRING GEAR BODY WASH (THE BLUE LIQUID ONES), on clearance $2.75 (regular price $4.59)
Get $2.50 Register Rewards when you buy Irish Spring 15 or 18 oz
Used one $2/1 Irish Spring Signature or Gear Body Wash coupon, 4/12 SS newspaper insert
Price at Register: $0.75, but received $2.50 Register Rewards

Don’t have the Irish Spring newspaper coupon? Use the printable: $1.50/1 Irish Spring Signature for Men Body Wash or Bar Soap or Gear Body Wash printable coupon (preclipped)

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $106.73
Net Price Paid for Everything: $30.95
Savings Rate (excluding tax): 71.0%

-Amazon: $3.20 Philips Sonicare Bush Head Refill 8-pack w/code (reg. $15.99; SAVE 80%)
-Amazon: $5.50 BEAKEY 14-Piece Makeup Brush Set w/code (reg. $10.99; SAVE 50%)
-FREE Johnson’s Baby Product Sample mailed to your home!
-Amazon: 50% off XL 5.3-Qt Air Fryer with code = ONLY $42.50 (reg. $84.99!)
-Amazon: $6.61 Lip Smacker Coffee/Tea Lip Balm 8-pack (82 cents each!)
-Amazon: $5.50 Manicure/Pedicure/Nail Clippers Set w/code (reg. $10.99; SAVE 50%)
-Amazon: ONLY $24.99 HotelSpa 42-Setting Luxury Shower Head (reg. $54.99; SAVE 55%)
-Amazon: $13.99 Lightweight Foldable Wireless Headphones w/code (reg. $27.99; SAVE 50%)

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  1. I found your comment amusing about the person/people buying ALL the M&M’s. Glasgow, KY Walgreen’s must have the same customer! Repeatedly I have gone there only to find the shelf empty if there is a good deal; when asked they will say that a “Man” person (they gave Me his name) is in the parking lot when the store opens then comes in and empties the shelves. I would think they could either limit Man person’s purchases somehow or order extra knowing that Man person takes everything not nailed down. It is a rather smallish town and they do not re- stock items often. After empty shelves on numerous, numerous items and trips- I just stopped going.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      My store usually limits you doing a Register Reward deal once per day per customer unless they have tons of stock. They usually lift the limits on Saturday to get rid of what’s left. This was a really odd occurrence at my store.

  2. I need to make a correction. It is RiteAid in Glasgow, Ky- not Walgreens, that has the Man person clear the shelves. I had WAGS on the mind. I am so sorry. Kay

  3. In stretch pants soon says:

    The m&ms are a $1.50 MM.
    The “B1G a little bag” coupon is auto deducting $2.09
    The IVC coupon on the back page reduces the price of the little bag to .59

    Buy one 9.9 oz CRISP bag AND one little CRISP bag

    1 “B1G a little bag” coupon
    1 IVC coupon for .59 Mars candy

    Pay 1.49 plus tax
    Get $3 RR

    I really don’t know what is the “crispy” is.