NO More Rite Aid Video Values!


Rite Aid Video ValuesWell folks, more bad news from Rite Aid. I don’t know if you guys noticed but we didn’t get any new Rite Aid Video Values for May! That is just another stab that Rite Aid is taking at us. It has been confirmed that they are discontinuing them with the launch of the new Plenti Program!

I haven’t shopped at Rite Aid in a while myself and I didn’t use them very often when I did shop there regularly. What do you guys think?


Thanks Rite Aid Savings

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  1. So upset! I really needed the water and stayfree Rite Aid Coupons! :'(

  2. It will be interesting to see the sales figures in the next few months. I have spent about $6 there since January since they discontinued +up and now VV not worth the aggravation of driving there. They’ll be the next chain announcing store closings.

  3. I never shopped there much to begin with, but this is going to make them lose more customers. I honestly think they’re shooting themselves in the foot. If they were smart they would have kept the up rewards – there is no way they can compete with CVS or Walgreens at this rate.

  4. I think it sucks. I have really stopped going there.

  5. I have grave reservations about this new program. I think it’s giving discounts at Exxon and Mobil. Great. But those stations are difficult to find in my area. Macys—I can’t tell you how many years it’s been since I even walked thru the store let alone bought something there. AT&T–not our phone service provider for cell since their coverage is spotty in areas of the country where we travel to visit family. So not real sure how I’ll use the points.

    Video values were ok but a pain–I won’t miss them. But they better have some great printed coupons or something.

  6. Linda Neagle says:

    I shopped there a lot, using their facebook and video values coupons along with the sales and plus ups. I’ve barely visited since they stopped with the plus ups. When I asked about the free gas program I was told that they hadn’t received any info about it yet. I haven’t been back.

  7. Funny, I tried to get the Allegra deal this morning. When I ran into trouble on two diff computers, I knew it was over. Stores here in Pa are all remodeling so something is up. We also have new CVS stores popping up in some interesting places. Strategically placed midway between the Rite Aids at easy access intersections unlike or Rite Aids here. The new CVSs look like mini Walmarts. Large and well situated for parking. I’m guessing that we are getting the Minute Clinic which is great for most. I find better deals at CVS anyhow. I did walk out of Rite aid today with 2 free cans of baby formulas and an extra $5.00 overage in cash at the second store. First store was out. Also got two GE Efficient bulbs, Whal hair trimmers and 3 Brookside for under $20.00 Probable the last deal I’ll see. Man light bulbs are expensive now a days. Almost fell over when I saw the original prices reaching $12.00 to $15.00 a piece. I’d say if you have a financial portfolio with some wiggle room, Stock in CVS is a good choice.

  8. Tom Collins says:

    I think the customer base is the least of their concerns right now. I suspect they’re plumping themselves up in terms of profitability in order to get a good price when they sell the chain. There have been rumors about possible sales to Walgreens or CVS in the past couple of months.

  9. I stopped going there a while back. They occasionally would have something that was worth stopping for but it was hit or miss. I am hooked on CVS now – they always have good sales, extra bucks, and coupons (store + manufacturer). Generally I can use my extra bucks from previous visits, coupons, and sales to get $40-$50 worth of merchandise for the cost of tax – and I get more extra bucks back! My guess is that Rite Aid will not last long….

  10. I use to shop here twice a week. However since they stopped up+ rewards haven’t
    returned since. Not very clear about the new program but will wait a bit before trying it out. Normally with new software rollouts there are plenty bugs to get rid of…in this,
    case its called Plenti Point bugs.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      haha! Yeah, I am a little skeptical myself because I have read things and since no other points program works that way I don’t want to post it without having more definition from the system itself.

  11. Even though I work in a CVS, my opinion isn’t based on that. I just find that the sales at Rite Aid can’t compete with CVS or Wags, and every time I go into a Rite Aid when there IS a sale, there’s never anything left on the shelf and when I ask an employee for help locating more, I’m given the cold shoulder. Not to mention, ever Rite Aid I’m ever in is always dark, dirty, dingy and kind of scary!