HUGE $18.05 MONEYMAKER on P.F. Chang’s Appetizers or Rice at Publix after Stacked Coupons, Gift Card and Snap Offer!


P.F. Chang'sUPDATE: The Snap App offer is now gone, but these babies are still an incredible deal!

Brace yourself folks for this really awesome deal that you can grab at Publix right now! You can combine coupons with the Frozen Food Club Publix Gift Card and high value Snap offers that has NO limit for an $18.05 MONEYMAKER!!

At Publix:
BUY TEN P.F. CHANG’S APPETIZERS – regular price $3.49
Get $10 Publix Gift Card when you buy $30 of select Frozen Foods at Publix 
Get $1.75/1 P.F. Chang’s Appetizer or Rice Snap Offer *NO Limit*
use five BOGO P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Appetizer 8.8 oz or Signature Rice 16 oz Publix Grocery Advantage Flyer
use eight $1/1 P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Meals, Appetizers, or Rice printable
Price at register: $9.45 but receive $10 Publix Gift Card and $17.50 Snap deposit
Net Price: $18.05 MONEYMAKER!!

Thanks Publix Couponing 101

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  1. Wow, awesome deal! Can we use 10 mqs to bring the out of pocket down to $7.45?

    • Monica Bragg says:

      No, Publix policy now states you can only use a maximum of 8 coupons.

      • Since you can shop over multiple trips for the Frozen Rewards Club, couldn’t you use 10 MQs over two different trips and then lower your out of pocket cost?

  2. if i only have 4 computers to do this deal….=(

    can you please let us know just in case you find another link for these coupons, this is an awesome deal!!!

    • Monica Bragg says:

      Will do, but even if you only have one computer it is still a $12 MONEYMAKER. That’s still a pretty great deal!

    • You can always go to the library or have family print them for you.

  3. Can we use $10 off 50 publix coupon that was in the sunday news paper while doing this deal?

  4. Heather r says:

    Got it! I bought the last 10 on the shelf 🙂 I love getting paid to shop, thanks for the heads up on this deal!

  5. I did it i only paid 4.45 because i used 5 off 30 fresh market coupon, love this deal i will do it again!!

  6. Super off topic from the money itself, but are these any good? I don’t want to go through the effort and end up hating them and taking them back.

    • Also, are the rices the only ones that are $3.49?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I haven’t tried the rice and the appetizers, but I bought the meals previously and they were outstanding.

    • I’m not a fan of egg rolls in general but we have a revolving door of teenagers with different eating habits, I got the vegetable egg rolls and rice for the ones who don’t eat meat. Teenagers eat anything!!

      I fried the rice last night over the stove with an egg and low sodium soy sauce and I thought it was great. I will be having it again for lunch today.

  7. I don’t know if the $10 Publix Gift Card qualifies when you purchase it like this. The rules of the receipt submission says that only monies actually spent qualify (after all discounts, BOGOs, etc.). Has anyone actually submitted a scanned receipt and received a $10 Publix Gift Card?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I submitted a receipt of the Meals a while back and got credit for the price before coupons.

      • I submit my receipt last night for $34.90 (amount before coupons) and I got a confirmation e-mail today… so, I guess it worked. This Publix gift card promotion allows you to do this five times for five $10 gift cards. I’m wondering if anyone has tried to use this moneymaker five times. That’s almost a $100 moneymaker… and also a lot of egg rolls. 🙂

    • I wondered about this too. Under FAQ, it stated that we will only get credit for one item on the BOGO because the other one was free. I don’t think it will work.

  8. If you use a coupon on any of the participating items, the coupon amount will not be subtracted from the amount you are claiming.

    but Any specials that are discounted at the store, such as Buy One Get One Free promotions and other dollars-off or cents -off promotions in the store will NOT be included in the amount you will be credited for.

    hope this helps, from the promo FAQs.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      FYI – I got my results back and I was credited for the full $3.49 towards the rebate on each item I bought.

      • I received full credit for the 6 I purchased, for the Publix gift card and full credit from Snap. I just need to purchase 4 more.

  9. I submitted a receipt for the 10 boxes I bought, but Snap only credited me for one. They referred to the 10 I submitted on my receipt and said that they would pay me for “one, not the 10 I submited.” They also told me to write to customer service if I wanted more information. I have done that and not received a reply.

  10. The Snap App now says the offer is all gone :/

  11. Well, I still have Snap offer on my phone 🙂