CVS Shoppers: Check Your Email and a Call for Your Help!


cvs 4-20Alrighty all, we know you love when we do these CVS email coupon matchups.  I’m going to make an attempt to make these a regular thing! 🙂  I’m obviously late this week, but going forward on Thursday afternoons, I’m going to put a post out to see what email coupons ya’ll have.  And Saturday morning I will give you matchups with these email coupons for both the current and the new ad!

So, if you want me to get those email coupon matchups, let me know what you’ve got in the comments and I’ll start working on them ASAP!

-New $3/1 Rimmel Eye Product printable coupon (preclipped)
-New $3/1 Rimmel Lip Product printable coupon (preclipped)
-New $3/1 Rimmel Face Product printable coupon (preclipped)
-New BOGO Clairol Root Touch-Up printable coupon (preclipped)
-New $3.50/1 Clairol Natural Instincts printable coupon (preclipped)
-Brand New $6/2 Clairol Hair Color printable coupon (preclipped)

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  1. I got 20% off through Sunday.

    Also got an offer for $3 ECB when you download their app.

    • Wayland P says:

      Thanks for sharing! The 20% off I can match up. The ECB, I’ll let you match up! 😉

  2. I got $5 off $15

    • Wayland P says:


      • 10 off 40 Thursday. Then, yesterday a 5 off 15 and a 25% off arrived in mail yesterday plus $2 EB via email!

        6 months into starting to coupon here and there (have shopped at CVS longer but never paid attention to the EB’s or other coupons and offers before). Went to CVS last night and between the coupons above plus other CVS coupons and manufacturers coupons, scored approximately $250 worth of great products for (NET) OOP of around $18! (That is after all coupons and $ off plus EB used and $71 cash used minus $64 EB received). I would have tried to break into smaller trips so less cash involved but due to work schedule and family commitments this weekend, it wasn’t going to be possible. There were so many great deals that I just went for it in one shot and got most of what I sought.

        Started reading this site about 4 months ago and has led to incredible savings for myself and others ever since (I give away what I don’t use or need to local non profits so a big WIN/WIN). Thank you!

  3. 5 off 25

  4. I have called and called and complained….I never get the store email coupons, only the online, and I spend between 20 – 100 every week before coupons…

    • Wayland P says:

      That stinks. 🙁 I know they dried up for me at one point and I grabbed a new card, but put the same information on it and they started showing up again.

      • I did that, too. I got them for maybe 3 weeks and stopped getting them. It’s frustrating, because most people that get them don’t even USE them. :/

        • Wayland P says:

          I wish I knew what to tell you! Maybe someone else will know something. ~crosses fingers for you~

    • I had none at all for more than a year and then out of the blue I start to get one every Thursday, no change in my spending pattern to prompt their return. Maybe just wait it out?

      I got 30% off this week that I will use for 8 pack of Gillette razor cartridges (about $32!!). I have $5 off $25 razors etc. CVS coupon+ $6 newspaper coupon+$10 back in ECB.

  5. $10 off $40

  6. $5 off $15

  7. $5 off $15. I go there alot. Went Monday and got a great deal on Huggies. Only paid $11.46 out of pocket and still received a $10 coupon for next visit. So actually only came to $1.46!

  8. The fact that you are doing this is so amazing!!!

    thank you!

    I got $6 off purchase of $30 or more.

    • Wayland P says:

      I figured it would be awesome for us to work together on some stuff. People love CVS, but so many of their coupons vary from one person to the next. I just thought if I could find out what’s out there, we could fulfill our “mission” better, to “Save Loads of Money!” This week I’m going to be pushing it with the short turnaround. But next week I’ll have a little more time. 🙂

  9. Jennifer says:

    25 percent off purchase through May 3 (got in mail, not email).

    • Wayland P says:

      I’ll make sure to cover that one too. 🙂

    • I got that one and the email 30% off. Feel very fortunate after a long time with none. The mailed one also had $3 of 3 hallmark cards that think is good for deal this week, don’t have the ECB details to hand

      • Wayland P says:

        Cool! Right now I’m going to focus on the $ or % off entire order coupons, but keep an eye out Sunday, there may be a request for more item specific coupons then. ~wink~

  10. pamela p says:


  11. I got 25% off in mail and $5 off $15.

    • The 25% says it excludes sales items

      • Wayland P says:

        Usually the % off coupons do, I try and take that into account when I do the matchups, but I’m not always perfect about it. And once in a while they list things “on sale” at the regular price and that will throw that my transactions off as well. But I’ll do the best I can at it. 🙂

  12. I got 20% off via snail mail.

  13. 25% off received via email 🙂

  14. $5 off $15

  15. Christina says:

    I got $5/$15, $2 off any Tide Pod or Gaine Flings, $2 off any Body Lotions, $5/$14 Sunblock, $4/$15 Revlon purchase, 20% off any 2 Tampons, Pads or Liners, $1 off any Suave Hair Care, $2 off any Chocolate, $3 off any Advil Film coated 40ct or higher and $4/$16 Huggies or Dove Baby