WalMart: *SUPER HOT* 75oz Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent for Just $0.01 After Savings Catcher! (Match to Kroger) *No Coupons Needed* Today Only!!!



I fear the repercussions of the words I am about to type.  I have visions in my head of the Laundry aisles of Walmarts around the country being packed like it was a Black Friday sale, with people scouring for one more bottle of Arm & Hammer.  In my mind, I see folks berating beleaguered Walmart managers for not having more Arm & Hammer on hand.  These very words may bring about the Arm & Hammer apocalypse, but it is my sworn duty as a member of Team Couponaholic to help you “save loads of money,” and so I must write this despite my misgivings…

I almost included this in my Kroger matchup earlier in the week, but after discussing it with Steve, it seemed doubtful it would work, due to the fact there have been issues with “bonus” sizes.  Still I went to do a SavingsCatcher deal last Thursday, I went ahead and bought one bottle just in case figuring I would have results back by the weekend and I could tell you all one way or another.  I didn’t expect it quite to take this long to get results, but luckily I did get them in time and I give you all one heck of a deal on Arm & Hammer detergent.

I noticed a couple of regional variations in Kroger ads, so be sure and check yours to make sure it matches the price below.  Also I only tested the Arm & Hammer in the photo above, but any Arm & Hammer detergent 45-75oz priced at $4.97 *should* work.

For those of you unaware of the Walmart Savings Catcher program: You can enter your receipt numbers at the Savings Catcher web site and they will look for sales on the items you bought at competing stores and reimburse you for the difference between the sales price and the price you paid atWalmart.

Even better, through 2/28/15, you can transfer your Walmart Savings Catcher rebate dollars to an AMEX Bluebird account and AMEX will double them up to a total of $599.99! (AMEX Bluebird is free and doesn’t require credit; it’s a reloadable card.)

At Walmart if Kroger is a nearby competitor, through Today (2/3) Only:

BUY ONE ARM & HAMMER DETERGENT, regular price $4.97
Walmart Total = $4.97
Kroger Total = $2.49 (Difference $2.48)
Get $2.48 cashback from Walmart Savings Catcher
Get $2.48 cashback from AMEX Bluebird (for transferring Savings Catcher rebates)
No Coupons Needed
Price at Register: $4.97, but get $4.96 back in rebates
Net Price: $0.01!!!

-Amazon: $3.20 Philips Sonicare Bush Head Refill 8-pack w/code (reg. $15.99; SAVE 80%)
-Amazon: $5.50 BEAKEY 14-Piece Makeup Brush Set w/code (reg. $10.99; SAVE 50%)
-FREE Johnson’s Baby Product Sample mailed to your home!
-Amazon: 50% off XL 5.3-Qt Air Fryer with code = ONLY $42.50 (reg. $84.99!)
-Amazon: $6.61 Lip Smacker Coffee/Tea Lip Balm 8-pack (82 cents each!)
-Amazon: $5.50 Manicure/Pedicure/Nail Clippers Set w/code (reg. $10.99; SAVE 50%)
-Amazon: ONLY $24.99 HotelSpa 42-Setting Luxury Shower Head (reg. $54.99; SAVE 55%)
-Amazon: $13.99 Lightweight Foldable Wireless Headphones w/code (reg. $27.99; SAVE 50%)

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  1. if you buy 2 and still have the $1.50/2 printable from a few weeks ago… it’s a small moneymaker on two… IF it works for you…

  2. Can you please post the UPC number from the arm and hammer that matched up?

    • I’m at my day job and won’t be home until much later tonight. (Which is where the detergent is.) Unfortunately on receipts Walmart crops off the last digit of the UPC, but I took that as a basis and did some research and I’m pretty sure it’s this:


      When I render that UPC into a barcode and scan it, what pulls up on my Walmart app seems to match, but I can’t be 100% sure from here.

    • Wayland P says:

      That UPC is correct. 🙂

  3. Thank you. Our Kroger runs their sales through Wednesday so I’ll have an extra day to try and find the detergent.

  4. 2.99 in my ad which would make each bottle round $1 after savings…wondering if i want to run for it….decisions decisions lol

  5. Debbie Hershey says:

    I don’t know if my question posted and someone already answered but I’m not seeing it, so if so, I apologize for the repeat. Was wanting to know how we find out if Kroger is a local competitor for our local walmart?

    • It looks like a mixup, you asked it on the shopping trip. I’ll cut and paste it here. 🙂

      You can buy as many of the detergents as you want. As for if Kroger is a local competitor, there are two ways.

      If you have already submitted a receipt the easiest way to find the competitors is to log into the SavingsCatcher site, ( click on “Contact Us,” then click on “A receipt I submitted,” pick a receipt, then select “I found a lower price for an item on this receipt,” and then pick an item. From there there will be a little scroll box that will show all the stores that SavingCatcher compares to for that particular Walmart.

      If you haven’t submitted a receipt already, we’re not 100% sure. I just did some testing. I have one store with a Kroger not in range, the closest Kroger is 11.4 miles away according to Google. Then I tested from another store that has a Kroger in range, those two stores are 4.8 miles apart, so the best answer I can give you is the cutoff is somewhere between 7 and 11.4 miles.

  6. Christiane says:

    If I buy more than 1, does savings catcher reimburse for all that I buy, or just one?

  7. This will be the first time a couponer has uttered these words, but the bastards put it on sale! I am gonna end up paying over $2 a bottle because my walmart has the Arm & Hammer on sale so hardly any savings catcher back. Boo! save your rollbacks for after feb 28 Walmart!

    • Wayland P says:

      I was annoyed with a similar issue when they rolled back Pepsi 12 packs to three dollars. I had dollar off 12 packs for sierra mist that I printed several months ago, and was looking forward to $.22 12 packs until they rolled them back. 🙁

    • Wayland P says:

      Although the irony is not pass my notice. When I first started doing savings catcher deals, I told Monica that it amused me that here I am walking into Walmart amused by the fact that I want a higher price than I expected.

  8. I ran for the deal even though my Kroger advertised 2.99 instead of $2.49 so I found myself in a similar situation Wayland. LOL. Nonetheless, $1 per bottle seemed to be decent price for me so I grabbed 8. In other news, I grabbed 28 7up 2liters and 14 cans of Pringles chips to use those coupons up yesterday. I also matched the Frosted Flakes (1.99 at Kroger) and 2.98 at Walmart.. (1.96 doubled diff) .. used $1/2 Frosted Flakes coupon from coupon section… each box nets out to .52 cents. Grabbed 8. Yesterday was a good day! Thanks you guys! I watch your SavingsCatcher matchups so faithfully that I have the hang of matching up myself.. Site continues to be awesome!

  9. All matched up….results received! Also in reference to paying more, Cherry 7Ups were actually 1.38 instead of $1 making the price after match .12 each…before the 1.50 q off two 2 liters and Pringles. Talk about PAYING ME FOR PAYING MORE! Lol! Moneymaker! I was like had i known they were ringing up like that, I would have gotten all CHERRY seeing as these are going to be on my Free Giveaway table at my next couponing class. We dont drink soda BUT we inhale Pringles! Thanks guys!