Walmart Savings Catcher changes effective today (and not good news!)


walmart-logoI’ve gotten numerous emails about some changes in the Walmart Savings Catcher terms over the past 24 hours. They sent out an email with this text on Friday:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for using Savings Catcher. We wanted to share with you an update on some changes to the program. Beginning February 14, 2015, we are removing some departments consisting mostly of items that do not have a like for like match at other retailers, such as produce and bakery items. Additionally, we are limiting our comparisons to offers of other mass market retailers, grocery and dollar stores, removing comparisons with drug stores.

Thanks again for using Savings Catcher and shopping with us. We are dedicated to providing customers like you with Everyday Low Prices. It’s a mission we’re proud of and we’ll continue to work hard to deliver for you.

For details on these and other changes, please visit our Terms of Use or FAQs.

Your Walmart Savings Catcher Team

The big changes here are pretty obvious:
1) No produce matches starting Saturday 2/14/15. (I think bakery was already excluded.)
2) No more drug store matching. (Adios CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens.)

I’m sure they were getting murdered by Aldi deals that were free, nearly free or moneymakers. All those soda deals at the drugstores they’ve had to match had to have been painful too.

Oh well…c’est la vie. I’m not going to complain because their promotion has been tremendously generous. I’m just glad these offers stayed with us this long.

So, if you’re planning on shopping at Walmart, make sure you plan accordingly.

-Amazon: $3.20 Philips Sonicare Bush Head Refill 8-pack w/code (reg. $15.99; SAVE 80%)
-Amazon: $5.50 BEAKEY 14-Piece Makeup Brush Set w/code (reg. $10.99; SAVE 50%)
-FREE Johnson’s Baby Product Sample mailed to your home!
-Amazon: 50% off XL 5.3-Qt Air Fryer with code = ONLY $42.50 (reg. $84.99!)
-Amazon: $6.61 Lip Smacker Coffee/Tea Lip Balm 8-pack (82 cents each!)
-Amazon: $5.50 Manicure/Pedicure/Nail Clippers Set w/code (reg. $10.99; SAVE 50%)
-Amazon: ONLY $24.99 HotelSpa 42-Setting Luxury Shower Head (reg. $54.99; SAVE 55%)
-Amazon: $13.99 Lightweight Foldable Wireless Headphones w/code (reg. $27.99; SAVE 50%)

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  1. Bummer, those Rite Aid/CVS/Walgreens ones were pretty great with the Bluebird matchup. I don’t think I’ll be doing much Walmart shopping after the end of the double back.

  2. Is SODA in the produce category? If Target has PEPSI on sale, will the savings catcher match it?

  3. probably the people making $60 of tide deals didn’t help and just hurts the people buying normal amounts of products, not clearing the shelves!

    • MauraFlorida says:

      The Tide deals people made money on were matches to dollar store and Winn Dixie sales, not drug store sales. The dollar stores still qualify for matching, and Winn Dixie has been pointedly included in BOGO matches for Florida shoppers despite reports over the last three weeks that Winn Dixie BOGO sales would no longer be matched.

      • Doesn’t make it right. In time they will change that also

        • The tide deal was completely legit!! So don’t act like thats the reason this happened. Tide was $2.99 at Winn dixie and $5.94 at Walmart. Why are you blaming that for the change. The change isn’t excluding winn dixie????

  4. MauraFlorida says:

    It’s always surprised me that SC matched any Aldi sales.

  5. Hi, Steve , did you get anything from SC for dog treats ? Mine said no match found , and I bought exact same treats like publix have bogo .

  6. Darn
    I don’t understand the drugstore deal
    They compete with Walmart
    If Lindsey olives are 99 cents at Walgreens.
    Why wouldn’t walmart match it????
    Oh well. I was just planning on doing drug store
    Matches at Walmart after the doubling was
    Over . No I don’t plan on shopping there at all
    And there is less than 15 days for the doubles
    So why worry about moneymakers now

  7. Will the saving catcher honor previously scanned receipts? I have two scanned in and pending. I am hoping they will match the Walgreens ads as the purchases and scans to SC were made on the10th and 11th. Usually SC has already processed by day three so I am a bit concerned.

  8. kristinita says:

    At least this time they let us know..not like a few weeks ago with bogos

  9. Does this only apply to Savings Catcher, can we still price match at the register? If we still can at the register, it wont be so bad.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      According to the ad match guarantee online as long as produce is bought in the same units then you can still ad match them.

  10. Bummer, but the ad match guarantee – when you do it at the register during checkout – that has stayed the same hasn’t it?

  11. I really liked just shopping in one store and getting the best deals for all stores. I wonder if Walmart realizes how many people they could get by doing that. I spent all of my shopping money at Walmart the past two months.

  12. I love the 3.5 hour notice walmart gave me on the drugstore drop. what they didnt give notice on:
    my competitor list got narrowed. i decided to check to see what my competitor list looked like and more than drugstores were missing. Another location seemed fine. But make sure to check out your competitor list