Walmart 2/22 (Steve) – Paid $1.52 on $40.52 of Merchandise (96.2% Saved)


walmart-022215I had a great trip to Walmart today (I hope.) My last trip was a disaster (until today), because several items were not properly matched by Walmart Savings Catcher. However, today I returned the Atkins and Fancy Feast items they screwed up and they gave me the return dollars in cash AND they did not deduct for the coupons used. (I didn’t get any grief from them at all…perhaps because I started by explaining how I tested the deal earlier in the sale and it worked at the time.) So, oddly enough, that previous trip turned into a HUGE moneymaker and a lot of my money got out of “Walmart Bucks” jail.

I had tested the Atkins items on a previous trip and they matched properly, that’s why I was irritated enough to return them anyways when they didn’t match on my second receipt, even though I knew they would have to throw them away because they’re frozen items. I know some of you may not agree with what I did, but I personally think it’s a load of crap that they can properly match items the first day of the sale, but the fifth day of the sale the items are no longer a “match” when the competitor store sells the exact same item.

So, due to getting the cash refund there wasn’t a lot left on my AMEX Bluebird account. That’s why this trip is small. Also, I have no idea if the Fresca is going to match a sale because I didn’t check in advance, however I wanted it and I had one free product coupon left. We have tons of diet sodas around the house, but none of them are the varieties I will drink myself. (They are all items that only my roommate will drink.)

If you want to learn more about Walmart Savings Catcher and their promotion where they double your earnings when you transfer them to a FREE American Express Bluebird Card, go here to read one of my previous shopping trips with a more thorough explanation. Keep in mind that the Bluebird doubling of earnings ends on 2/28/15, so you really should shop by around Monday or Tuesday at the latest to ensure you have time to get results, transfer the earnings to Bluebird and get them doubled.


ONE FRESCA 12-PACK, regular price $4.48
Used one FREE Coca-Cola (or other Coke bottled brand) 12-pack coupon, home-mailed from My Coke Rewards for redeeming points
NET PRICE: FREE (or better if there is a sale that matches!)

SIX EIGHT O’CLOCK COFFEE, regular price $4.98 (should match Publix BOGO at $3.35 each based on the way it has matched previous Publix BOGO sales)
Walmart total = $29.88
Publix total = $20.10 ($9.78 difference)
Get $9.78 cashback from Savings Catcher for price difference
Get $9.78 cashback from AMEX Bluebird for transferring earnings
Used six $1.50/1 Eight O’Clock Coffee printable manufacturer’s coupons HERE or previously available on Facebook or
Price at Register: $20.88, but will get $19.56 total cashback
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $1.32 (or 22 cents each!)

TWO NONNI’S BISCOTTI, regular price $3.08 (should match Publix BOGO at $1.59 each based on the way it has matched previous Publix BOGO sales)
Walmart total = $6.16
Publix total = $3.18 ($2.98 difference)
Get $2.98 cashback from Savings Catcher for price difference
Get $2.98 cashback from AMEX Bluebird for transferring earnings
No coupons used
Price at Register: $6.16, but will get $5.96 total cashback
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $0.20 (or 10 cents each!)

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $40.52
Net Price Paid for Everything: $1.52
Savings Rate (excluding tax on the soda): 96.2%

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  1. Tony_Florida says:

    Here are some deals that I’m trying this week that I have not seen listed. Will be sad to see SC/BB Promo end 🙁

    Anthenos Feta Cheese BOGO $3.19 @ Publix, Walmart 2@$3.48=6.96
    SC/BB $3.77, net .58 Money Maker for 2

    Nature’s Own Butterbread 20 oz, BOGO $3.25 @ Publix, Wallmart 2@2.78=5.56
    SC/BB 2.31, net .94 for 2

  2. I don’t blame you at all for returning the items, even if they will be thrown away. I understand that there may be items that are missed when they do the match on their end, but I’m frustrated that the “investigation” process takes so long and even more frustrated that it’s not an option to earn the double money back through Bluebird for the matches that were initially missed. It’s not my fault their software didn’t catch the sales….I’m grateful for the amazing savings this program has offered, but it is a lot of work to do the calculations, ensure the correct items are purchased, “quarantine” the items until the receipt has cleared, and then start the investigation process or return the items that weren’t caught during the review.

  3. MauraFlorida says:

    So far, I’m in for Dentastix, Angel Soft, EOC coffee, Kraft grated cheese, Hunt’s tomatoes, and M&M’s. I bought most of it Friday night, but got the coffee this morning.

    The Dentastix, coffee, and Kraft cheese have worked for everyone so far, so I am really hoping mine get matched correctly. No word on whether the Angel Soft is working. The M&M’s did not work for one person, so my hopes are not high that mine will be matched, unless they figure out the error before they finish my receipt.

    I’ll be very sad when the doubles end, but I was just saying to a friend that I will still use SC when it’s to my advantage. I don’t have any more $/$$ coupons to use at W-D and Publix. My W-D doesn’t allow overage, won’t let me use a coupon on both items in a BOGO, and won’t let me use a BOGO MQ with a BOGO sale to get both items free. It’s a given that if I have coupons for a W-D BOGO that I’ll be getting the product at Walmart. Also, Walmart has ibotta and Jingit exclusives that can make a difference in net price, and Walmart allows overage (not infrequently, Walmart’s everyday prices are low enough that a coupon will score overage at Walmart and not at any other retailer in the area).

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I might use Savings Catcher a bit going forward if I already have a few freebies to pick up anyways and there is a good deal at Target or Winn-Dixie, which aren’t particularly close to me.

    • I’ve been out of the loop for awhile, is the savings catcher matching Winn Dixie bogo prices now too? Or just the other sales prices at WD as it has been already?

      • MauraFlorida says:

        Walmart updated the Savings Catcher FAQ, and the section on the Florida exception to the national BOGO-matching rule refers to Winn Dixie and Publix by name as qualifying for BOGO matches with “save up to” pricing.

  4. I guess if everybody keeps returning items that do not match properly then Walmart will either correct the problems with Savings Catcher (highly doubtful) or cancel the program all together (very likely). I was kind of glad when they cancelled the price match on BOGO items at the Walmart price although I made out like a bandit while it lasted I hated shopping there. I would never spend the time it must take you to take advantage of the Savings Catcher fiasco.

    • MauraFlorida says:

      I have to wonder, though, how many people who shop at Walmart and use Savings Catcher actually pay enough attention to competitor prices to know when they did not get cash back for items on sale elsewhere. I’ve read comments from people who shop at Walmart and are thrilled to get any money back. When people get hardly anything back on large grocery orders, they may believe Walmart truly had the lower prices rather than question whether the Savings Catcher program is working correctly.

  5. I did my last big trip today – thought I would give them enough time before the 28th to get it done. I entered with the mindset ” No Risk, No Reward, Just returns!” I’m planning on a big purchase with my Walmart Bucks afterwards so if the returns go back to my card, that’s ok. Like Steve mentioned earlier, I have been able to keep my coupon value if I returned something. But they will be returned if not properly matched before the 28th.

    Here are the deals I tried that were previously mentioned

    Athenos Feta Cheese – MM -.10 cents each
    Nonni’s Biscotti – .11 cents each
    M&M’s (lots of them, all varieties of the LARGE bag) MQ $1/2 expires today – MM -09 cents each

    Other deals not mentioned
    Aunt Jemima French toast with Publix BOGO,BB and $1/1 MQ – .19 cents each
    Ricola Throat Drops – Publix BOGO,BB – .05 cents each

    Welch’s 100% Juice, 48 ounces- Winn Dixie BOGO,BB – .11 each
    Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant Toothpaste 4.3 ounce – Winn Dixie BOGO,BB – .02 cents each

    I thought I would try the Winn Dixie BOGO’s again, no match, then they get returned. I think the ladies behind the Customer Service desk have a nickname for me. If they say anything during a return, I just say it loudly enough that anyone in earshot can hear. “If Walmart did what they promised to do – I wouldn’t be here in this line” . They are usually unexplainably quite after that.

    Good luck to everyone in this final week of doubling.

  6. I bought 6 Dentastix beef flavor 24ct mini treats and used the BOGO Q thinking I was getting a great MM but they didn’t match it. I don’t understand why its identical to the one in the ad. The other items I bought were matched which were the Motts and Kraft Parmesan. It seems like their SC program is run just like their stores which is haphazardly. I’m actually glad their ending the doubling because the whole program it’s becoming stressful :/

    • Can you please give more information on Motts? Really need it for kids…

      • The Motts 64 oz is on sale at Publix for $2 each, it’s $2.48 at Walmart There is a $1/1 coupon in the 1/11 SS so you pay $1.48 but get back $0.96. So its $0.52 each. The apple sauce is on sale at Publix too but I didn’t look at the Walmart price though. Hope that helps 🙂

    • MauraFlorida says:

      Dezzy, the bag pictured in the ad is for original flavor, not beef. I remember the beef flavor was a problem during the last Dentastix Publix BOGO. I ended up returning a bunch and exchanging them for original flavor ones, which WERE matched. I would do that if I were you. You still have time to buy and get the reward dollars in time to double.

      Maybe Publix doesn’t sell the beef flavor, and that is why Savings Catcher did not give you a price match. It’s hard to say because sometimes Savings Catcher matches some flavors but not others due to their own error (as with the Temptations cat treats that they corrected later on), but sometimes it is because the retailer with the sale doesn’t sell that flavor or variety. People got matches on original Mr. Clean but not lavender-scent Mr. Clean when Dollar General had Mr. Clean on sale because Dollar General doesn’t sell the lavender scent.

  7. Tony_Florida says:

    just received this on my cat food challenge. Interesting…I challenged two different flavors…one came back as they could not find any match, the other stated the below. Looks like SC is doing everything that it can to not do a match…BTW, I keep a copy of the ad and it does list the “Save up to” Price…. Thank you for contacting us regarding our Savings Catcher program.
    ……………..Walmart’s Reply
    We apologize for the inconvenience regarding the matching of prices. We only match the advertised prices of items in competitors’ printed and online weekly circulars for approved items stated on our website in the FAQ.

    In regards to item: 5000046715 FF OCN FSH/SMN 3LB being ad matched with Publix, it was not compared due to the Publix ad not stating a specific price for the item. The ad just states buy 1 get 1 free.

    At Walmart we appreciate your feedback and input. If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us by using the “Contact Us” button in the Savings Catcher section on our full site, the “Give Feedback” option in the main menu on our app, or by phone at 866-224-1663.

    • There was a single sheet Publix print ad that had various pet related products (dog food,cat food, etc.) The date was from 2/4-2/17/2015. It included BOGOs for the Pedigree Food for Dogs, Purina Beneful Healthy Smile, and Purina Fancy Feast Cat Food among others. It is likely this ad they’re referencing when they say that no BOGO price is listed (yes, that ad just says Buy 1 Get 1 Free, while the weekly ads listed prices). This may help clarify where that statement is coming from.

    • I challenged on the FF cat food also; received a reply today that the UPC codes are not the same–therefore they won’t match the price!! I called back again and told them that I KNOW they match and I know SC matched the item for others during that sale… They actually agreed with me on the spot (!!) and said yes, they see the lower price, so they’ll go ahead and send it on to the people who deal with reimbursement to take care of it for me. They gave me a reference number in case I need to check the status later and said it should be taken care of within 3-5 business days.

      (I had challenged the SBDiet snack bars also the first time, but did not bother with them this time. I’ll just return all of those–didn’t really need them anyway, and I’ve not heard of anyone else actually getting a match on them.)

      I just hope they actually follow through this time and give me the refund for the FF–and get it to me before the end of the doubling!!!

      • Update: Just called to check on the status of the FF refund. They said the refund has been “approved,” and I will definitely get my refund… but this time they told me I should get that refund within 15-30 days. :/ I did wonder if the person I talked to the other day really knew what he was doing (for a couple of reasons, including the short turnaround time he quoted–short as compared to what others were being told). So there’s probably not much chance I’ll get the refund before the end of the doubling. Very disappointing, especially since there shouldn’t have been a problem in the first place!!

  8. Tony_Florida says:

    Got back matches this morning on:

    8 O’clock Coffee, Original and 100% Colombian
    Nature’s Own Butterbread
    Pam No Stick Cooking Spray, Original
    Kraft Grated Cheese

    Will try the Feta, Aunt Jemima, and Angel Soft today 🙂

  9. I am so bummed that we do not have Publix in Utah. I always get excited about these awesome shopping trips, but they are price matched to Publix.

  10. I got back correct matches on the Kraft parmesan (Publix BOGO), and Glade carpet cleaner & creamy Skippy peanut butter (Dollar General) today. This was on a 2/20 receipt.

  11. Has anybody got a match on the M&M’s. If so what size bag was it. I was just wondering before I take them all back.

    • Yes for my receipt dated 2/20/15 – I received matches for Regular, Peanut, Almond, Pretzel and Dark Chocolate M&Ms.

      These bags all have the words LARGE BAG WRITTEN ON THE LOWER BOTTOM.


      • Okay Thank you. Thats the ones im sitting here with. Guess I just keep getting the worst of the employees at Savings Catcher.

        • MauraFlorida says:

          Ian, return them and re-buy them before the sale ends. In fact, do it as soon as possible so you get the return in time to double. If you request a price correction, you won’t get it before 2/28.

          • I told myself yesterday was my last time trying to double with the bluebird card because its been so aggravating. I might try to re-buy the M&M’S and if they dont match them properly I will just return them again. Like Steve said they keep giving me all my money back (cash sometimes) and never take into account I used a coupon. I have even told them they did it wrong and gave me to much and they ignored what I said. I have no confidence matches will be maid in time if I entered a receipt after Today.

        • Ian,
          They should not deduct for your coupon, as they will be reimbursed for the price of the coupon (plus the $.08 cents) so they are not losing out on anything.
          It is right to give you back the full purchase price of the item.

          • Ah yes I guess they would. I did not feel that bad about considering all the mistakes they have made in the past couple of weeks.

  12. The Savings Catcher saga continues….bought Bountiful & Atkins at W-M to be matched to Publix BOGO. Original submission came back “No lower price found”. Appealed that decision, camd back denied. Then sent copy of circular ad & photo of shelf price placard…their response “We have reviewed and escalated your issue to a higher level of management so they can investigate this”.
    Can’t believe SC has become such a hassle to deal with!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Yeah…they were pretty good for a few months and it’s just gone to hell for most of the past few weeks.

      • Latest in this saga after being “escalated” they now have requested from me “In order for us to investigate your concern on an item that you found cheaper please, provide us with the UPC #’s of all the items.” IF I get the SC difference I will have earned it!

        • Steve Pinski says:

          Insane. I am starting to think they are just giving us a hard time at this point. Guess they got tired of getting wholesale looted the last four months or so 😉

  13. MauraFlorida says:

    Still no results from a Friday, February 20 receipt. I called and was told there is a glitch in the system and that I should hear from someone in 72 hours. I think not. If the results are not in by 6 am tomorrow, I am returning everything and re-buying to have a fresh receipt to submit.

    • MauraFlorida says:

      Results in. Everything worked. I might run in for more M&Ms, and those Nonni’s biscotti are calling to me.

      • Steve Pinski says:

        Playing with fire, but I think you’ll be ok if you shop today. My first trip is in and Eight O’Clock and Nonni’s both matched for me. Still waiting on my receipt with Mtn Dew 12-packs.

  14. Got my results back this evening from my 2/23 shopping trip. (Yay! At least I can double what they gave me back, even if it wasn’t all right!) Once again, SC’s price matching did some odd things! They matched one of my 2 EOC coffees (the French roast), in spite of the fact that the Publix deal was BOGO. The original decaf EOC did not match. The Angel Soft matched.

    I bought several different varieties of M&M’s in that transaction. Only 2 varieties matched–the peanut butter and the dark chocolate peanut ones. The regular peanut ones and the plain dark chocolate ones did not. All were the correct large size. Makes no sense, but then why should I be surprised?! (I know Publix carries the peanut ones; pretty sure they have the dark chocolate ones also. I actually was much less certain about the dark choc peanut & just decided to try it anyway!) Ironically, I had purchased more of the 2 varieties that did not match…. but they will soon be returned to the store along with the EOC decaf.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      At least the Peanut Butter M&M’s matched! YUM! 😉

      • Yes, although the peanut ones are my favorite. 🙂 (Most of the bags were destined to be given away actually.)

        • Steve Pinski says:

          I didn’t buy them because I could eat a whole bag in one day. I am horribly addicted to sugary, chocolatey and peanut-buttery things 🙂

  15. Also got results back today from a 2/25 shopping trip. That receipt only had 2 different items on it–several Quilted Northern and 2 more Kraft Parmesan. I didn’t have any QN coupons, so it wasn’t quite as good as it could have been, but all items matched correctly (for once!)–and it really was a good deal anyway. Paid $45.94 & got back $40.12 with SC/BB.