Walmart 2/17 (Steve) – PROFIT $22.14 on $107.36 of Merchandise (120.6% Saved)


walmart-021715UPDATE: I received Savings Catcher results and they screwed up quite badly. The Craisins and the Turkey Flavored Fancy Feasts were the only things that matched. Funny…(well maybe not so funny) that my Atkins items bought earlier in the sale were matched, as was the Filet Mignon Flavored Fancy Feast. I’m pretty irritated by this and will be doing some returns. (I’m not going to wait for them to fix the deals, because by the time they do I won’t be able to get the funds doubled via Bluebird.)

I had a quick and profitable (yet simple) trip to Walmart last night. These are all repeats of deals I did earlier in the sale that worked. However, I am a bit nervous because some folks that shopped early in the sale like I did have said their deals worked, yet others that shopped more recently said that Savings Catcher screwed up the matches.

So…we’ll see how this goes. Hopefully it turns out as written below.

If you want to learn more about Walmart Savings Catcher and their promotion where they double your earnings when you transfer them to a FREE American Express Bluebird Card, go here to read one of my previous shopping trips with a more thorough explanation.

Here’s what I bought, along with the coupons used (Publix prices listed are based on my local ad, but Savings Catcher sometimes picks a different number):


TWELVE ATKINS ENTREES 6.5-9.02 OZ, regular price $3.97 (should match Publix BOGO at $1.99 each)
***NOTE that the Atkins Pizzas ARE NOT a size match!
Walmart total = $47.64
Publix total = $23.88 ($23.76 difference)
Get $23.76 cashback from Savings Catcher for price difference
Get $23.76 cashback from AMEX Bluebird for transferring earnings
Used two $1/2 Atkins Frozen Products coupons, 1/11 SS newspaper insert
and used two $1/1 Atkins Frozen Entree blinkie coupons
and used two BOGO Atkins Product printable coupons (register)
Price at Register: $35.70, but will get $47.52 total cashback
***Note that the Atkins coupons all have a limit of one per customer, so Stephanie and I both used one of each. That’s how we were able to use two.

SIX FANCY FEAST DRY CAT FOOD, regular price $7.38 (should match Publix BOGO at $3.69 each)
Walmart total = $44.28
Publix total = $22.14 ($22.14 difference)
Get $22.14 cashback from Savings Catcher for price difference
Get $22.14 cashback from AMEX Bluebird for transferring earnings
Used two $1/1 Purina Fancy Feast Dry Cat Food printable coupons (NO LONGER AVAILABLE?) or 2/8 RP newspaper insert
Price at Register: $38.28, but will get $44.28 total cashback

FOUR CRAISINS ORIGINAL 5 OZ BAG, regular price $1.88 (should match Publix BOGO at $1.19)
FOUR CRAISINS 1 OZ 6-PACKS, regular price $1.98 (should match Publix BOGO at $1.19)
Walmart total = $15.44
Publix total = $9.52 ($5.92 difference)
Get $5.92 cashback from Savings Catcher for price difference
Get $5.92 cashback from AMEX Bluebird for transferring earnings
Use four BOGO Craisins manufacturer’s coupons, 1/4 RP newspaper insert (deducted $1.98 each)
Price at Register: $7.52, but get $11.84 total cashback
***This coupon has a limit of one per transaction, so these were split into four different transactions.

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $107.36
Net Price Paid for Everything: $22.14 PROFIT!
Savings Rate (excluding tax): 120.6%

-Amazon: BLACK FRIDAY PRICES on Xbox One & Playstation VR Bundles (starting at $199!)
-Walmart: $199.99 Sceptre 50″ Class FHD (1080P) LED TV (reg. $349.99; SAVE $150!)
-Amazon: SIX HOT PLAYMOBIL Toy Deals (up to 53% OFF!)
-FREE $5 Walmart eGift Card with $15 Quaker Purchase (includes over 400 items!)
-Walmart: $24.98 Nerf Modulus Regulator Blaster (reg. $59.99; SAVE $35!)
-70% off Furniture/Decor at Wayfair + EXTRA 10% Off Coupon!
-High-Value $1/1 Silk Half Gallon printable coupon!
-FOUR HOT Amazon Fire TV Stick/Cube Deals (UP TO 50% OFF; starting at $24.99!)
-Walmart: $16.57 Lodge 4 Quart Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven w/Cover (reg. $62; SAVE 73%)

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  1. Tony_Florida says:

    I did the cat food deal and it did not match. Hope you have better luck than me. 🙂

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I did the cat food deal on the 12th and it matched. Something strange is going on over there.

  2. They have screwed up the last 2 matches and have yet to correct them. Don’t know if I should try a 3rd time.

  3. MauraFlorida says:

    I got six bags of Fancy Feast matched on my shopping trip last Thursday. I have two more coupons, but so many people are getting denied on the same variety I bought that I decided not to risk it. Good luck to you!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Thanks! I’m in pretty good shape on cat food, so if they don’t match them they will go back and I won’t feel too upset about it…although I was hoping to stock up a little extra on this one last moneymaker deal.

  4. I’ve been trying to get the bogo atkins coupons but it does not seem to work for me. I filled out my info several times and when I submit I just get a window that says “Error, please try again”. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I had trouble on all of my computers until yesterday. Not sure what the deal was.

    • I had to use firefox and use a different email AND home address for each one. When I tried another comp with a different email but same home address (and vice versa) it gave me that error message.

  5. It seems like Walmart does hinkey stuff with their savings catcher….they have up to 3 days to find a cheaper price and what I’ve noticed, if you buy something at Walmart that you know is on sale cheaper somewhere else, they may wait until it goes back to regular price, then claim their price beat it.

    I don’t buy stuff at Walmart just to try to take advantage of the savings catcher deal just because I’ve gotten screwed by it.

  6. Tony_Florida says:

    I purchased the Beneful Healthy Smile on Thursday and got a match to the 8.4 oz Large Dog. I purchased more of the same type on Monday and it just came back as not a match.

    I can’t figure out why Savings Catcher is having so many problems…..The conspiracist in me thinks they are doing this for them to “Catch a Savings” 🙂

    I don’t think I’ll be doing any future (after BB Promo) food shopping at Walmart because I have no confidence that the Savings Catcher will work correctly.

  7. Savings Catcher must be BROKEN! Submitted receipts on 2-13 & 2-14, both with current Publix BOGO items, Savings Catcher came back “No Lower Prices Found”, immediately appealed both. Submitted a 2-15 receipt, 4 days later still no response. 🙁

    • UPDATE – My 1st appeal was turned down, once again they said no lower price found. Have sent pics of Circular Ad & Shelf Tag to try one last appeal….about to give up on WalMart, in store service is horrible and now this!

  8. Hi, guys
    Just want to update the Atkins deal, it did not match for me on my 2/16 trip, I think Walmart is doing that on purpose, sigh……..

  9. Well after submitting my receipt i got response on my email in 3 minutes(!!)saying there is no match!!i feel like they didnt even bother to take a look at it

  10. None of my craisins or benefuls matched on my app currently. It still says Receipt received in yellow, but if you click on the receipt it says No Deals Found. Still says matching online though, so I’m holding out hope still.

    • MauraFlorida says:

      Brent, it always says No Deals Found until they finish processing the receipt. It doesn’t mean anything.

  11. MauraFlorida says:

    Too bad, Steve. I am glad I didn’t use my last two Fancy Feast coupons because I would have purchased the Filet Mignon variety that worked for me on the first day of the sale and then seemed not to work for the rest of the sale week.

    I am conflicted about buying anything at this point. I have some BOGO Dentastix coupons, but I can’t decide whether to try my luck at Walmart or just use them at Publix to get free treats. If they don’t get a match, I will lose valuable coupons and have nothing to show for them.

    I might run in and see if they have any more Angel Soft, but I suspect the shelf will be cleared at this point.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      I figure we will (probably) still get the Publix price back if we fight them, so I am likely to go pick up the Angel Soft and the Eight O’Clock Coffee and hope for the best. I might grab a few Nonni’s Biscotti too since they are soooo good!

      However, I’m not going to do any deals that wouldn’t be worth it at the Publix price, since I don’t think we can count on getting the sales prices before doubling ends.

      • MauraFlorida says:

        Good point about the dog treats. They’ll still be free with just a simply price match.

      • What would the Angel Soft & Eight O’Clock deals look like at Walmart (if SC catches the matches!)? What are the Walmart prices for those items?

        • Steve Pinski says:

          Angel Soft is $2 (based on the online listing – haven’t confirmed in-store.) If Savings Catcher works and with a transfer to Bluebird, you will pay $1.45 each after $0.55/1 coupon and get $1 back for each one after doubled Savings Catcher earnings. Final price is $0.45 (or 11 cents per double roll/less than 6 cents per equivalent of a single roll.)

          Eight O’Clock is $4.98 at Walmart and past Savings Catcher deals have matched Publix at $3.35 per item when there has been a BOGO sale. Use a $1.50/1 printable coupon (not sure if still available.) Pay $3.48, but get back $3.26 each after Savings Catcher & Bluebird double. Net price is $0.22 per bag. Even without the coupon, it’s still only $1.72 per bag if Savings Catcher works as it should.

  12. I am so frustrated with Walmart right now. They drop over half the competitors and results are taking longer than ever and look to be worse than ever. I submitted a receipt Monday morning 2/16 and still waiting.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Good luck! Most of the trips after the first day or two of the sale have been butchered by them.

  13. I haven’t been BRAVE enough to try these deals at walmart, OMG its such a nightmare to even try and coupon at walmart here where I live, It really just seems like a huge waste of time, if they don’t give you the savings, I did however use coupons on dawn dish soap,9 fluid oz, the other day, and that turned into a disaster cashier, said i was buying the trial sizes of dawn.. ( didn’t even know they sold such) lol… I tried explaining that it wasn’t had to get a manager, etc…guess what happened next, yeap manager said it was trial size.. wouldn’t honor the coupons..

  14. It’s been CRAZY. I got a PHONE MESSAGE back on my last ‘big haul’ with cat food, beneful treats and atkins meals.. they said yep, we missed it, we will be crediting you. I followed up with a phone call to confirm the amount the gal had mumbled over.. and they STILL had the atkins wrong.. they were gonna PM it for $3.99 full price over their $3.50 and not the $1.99 bogo. So that has been reappealed. They have no idea and are ‘not allowed to say’ how long it will take to make my corrections.

    Meanwhile, after I got that message, I went BACK and got more craisins (matched fine) cat food (2 bags matched fine) and atkins (matched fine). Had added a few BOGO South Beach bars.. WHICH THEY MISSED. ARGH! Have a duplicate transaction that hopefully will come thru today.

    Everything is still in bags, (or in the deep freeze) untouched pending the matches.

    *I* think they are purposely screwing everything up so they don’t HAVE to let people double back to bluebird!

    SIDE NOTE: They also FINALLY emailed me about Sprites I appealed from a Jan 21 transaction (PM to CVS). So, that took ONE SOLID MONTH. Methinks these appeals are gonna take too long, most certainly. :\

  15. I got a 2/18 receipt back from the new add. The Eight O clock, PEDIGREE DTX BF LRG 172G, and the Kraft parm worked but they totally missed the V8 and the M&M’s.

    They denied my disputes on the Arm & Hammer and the Fancy Feast from all my receipts last week.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Thanks for letting me know about the Eight O’Clock. Going to buy it tomorrow when I go do some returns 😉

      • No Problem. Angel soft is $2.00 btw at my store but I did not try that deal and they are matching V8 to Dollar General’s $2.50 price but not to Publix B1G1 price.

    • MauraFlorida says:

      Thanks for the early report, Ian. I shopped last night and bought Angel Soft, M&Ms, Dentastix (mini, not large), Kraft Parmesan, and Hunt’s tomatoes. I am going to get EOC coffee and thought about getting more M&Ms, but I will wait to see if the M&Ms match on my receipt before getting more.

      What kind of M&M’s did you get? I got the 19.2-oz plain and peanut non-holiday ones.

      • I got the 19.2-oz peanut in the in the yellow bag just like what was in the Publix ad.

        I also uploaded my receipt to the snap by groupon app for (10) parmesan. It only let me enter (2) when i put in how many I bought but when it came back no more than 30 minutes later they gave me back $5.50 for all ten. It only let me do it with one receipt though.

        • MauraFlorida says:

          Good luck with the cheese, but when you go to cash out for Snap, someone reviews all your receipts against the offers available at the time to make sure you qualify for the rebates, and they might kick out the extra eight cheeses at that point. I got a confirmation on an item once and the money was in my account, but when I cashed out, they removed the rebate after discovering I had not purchased the exact variety the rebate was for (they were right), and the amount was deducted from my total.

  16. I am a little bit shocked but just got my result from 2/19 (receipt from the day before 2/18 still pending).
    Here is what was matched correctly: Skippy peanut-butter extra crunchy, Kraft Parmesan&Romano cheese, Bertolli Mushroom Alfredo. I did not buy anything else, was trying to buy Glade carpet and room but they would not take my $2 off coupon so I had to go to different store next day.

    I have been getting additional extra savings for the last three days on the receipts from January, mostly on produce so it is not like big money: $1.22, $3.24 and $2.76. I just do not understand the big idea behind “the evil mind” not to match something intentionally during current week and then go back and redo it.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Well, it is possible they do not mean harm; however, these last few weeks of the Bluebird promo they may be avoiding doubling the earnings if they correct them after 2/28. We’ll never know for sure.

  17. finally got my results and they matched all the benefuls. Submitted receipts for the pedigree last night and it matched all of them already!! Big stix, small toy stix, and even the green dental ones.

    Also I noticed coming up on next weeks sale the quilted northern are Bogo again at publix.
    4.99 and they are 4.54 at Walmart. If that price is correct with the .55 cent coupon they will be a MM. Great way to end the doubling if they stop at the end of this month. I heard a rumor that they were going to extend the doubling indefinitely. Here’s to holding out hope!!!

    • Steve, thinking about the Quilted deal more. Do you think they will only double what you can “redeem” before 2/28. So say I do that deal on the 26th and submit but it doesn’t come back till the 1st or so, do you think that means I’ll miss the doubling? That would be a bummer. I was hoping because I submitted receipts before the 28th i’d be ok. But thinking about it more, I bet it won’t work out in my favor lol.

      • Monica Bragg says:

        I have a feeling that it won’t be an option after the 28th so I would be careful later in the week.

    • MauraFlorida says:

      Thanks for the update, Brent.

      None of my Benefuls were matched (three separate trips, and I made sure to get the ones that matched for other people). But my Fancy Feast was matched when other people were not getting a match on the same variety.

      I got Dentastix (original flavor mini size), Kraft Parmesan, Hunt’s tomatoes, M&M’s, and Eight O’Clock coffee, I bought Friday night, so I hope to have results tomorrow. I am anxious about the Dentastix even though they seem to be working for everyone. And I am a little anxious about the coffee because I bought whole bean instead of ground. Publix has the whole bean in the BOGO, but SC has been throwing wrenches into the matching lately.

      Wouldn’t it be great if doubles were extended? Seems to good to hope for, though. I at least hope they will double purchases made through 2/28 even if the results aren’t back until a few days later, but I am not counting on that happening.

      • Neat little trick I either saw on here or a facebook group and it REALLY worked. I bought some items on the 19th from Walmart. I didn’t submit the receipt until last night on the 21st. And it was matched by this morning, the 22nd! And everything was a match! So might be worth it to wait a few days to submit receipts.

        So side note: I just got off the phone with someone from savings catchers. Eureka, found a phone number. I used 1-866-224-1663. But he told me to call back on 1-866-224-1616. The gentleman was actually pretty helpful. I asked them to adjust the amount of money that was earned on last calendar year because I’m near the 600 dollar limit. I asked him about the doubling and he said they expect it to end on the 28th, boo. 🙁 Also I asked him about redeeming money from receipts submitted before the 28th but processed after the 1st. he directed me to Amex’s number, but told me he didn’t think it would double being that they are separate systems. Bummer. I was gonna go crazy on that TP deal but now since it’ll be the same price as Walmart I might just use 5/30’s to make it cheaper or use my Walmart bucks.

        • Just an FYI – I did call about asking them to reset my calender year earnings ang receive an email back saying that it was based on the calendar year and that It would be handled properly.

          So far it has been – (ie I’m still receiving my seven though my APP and website for Savingscatcher state –

          Total Reward Dollars you have redeemed: $828.28

          At least half of that was from the previous year – so it either not going to reset on the APP and its being handle systematically when credits are earned.