RUN! HOT $4/2 Beneful Healthy Smiles printable coupon ($0.14 at Publix; HUGE MONEYMAKER for FL Folks at Walmart!)


beneful-healthy-smiles-dog-treat-couponWow, you need to run and print this awesome coupon…especially if you shop at Publix and/or live in Florida. This coupon matches an AWESOME BOGO sale and it is a super high-value coupon!

$4/2 Beneful Healthy Smile Dog Treats printable manufacturer’s coupon (preclipped)

At Publix:
Use one $4/2 Beneful Healthy Smile Dog Treats printable manufacturer’s coupon (preclipped)
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $0.29 (or 14 cents each!)

At Walmart (FLORIDA ONLY):
BUY TWO BENEFUL HEALTHY SMILE DOG SNACKS 7.4-8.4 OZ, regular price $3.98 (will match to Publix BOGO at $2.14 each)
Walmart total = $7.96
Publix total = $4.28 ($3.68 difference)
Get $3.68 cashback from Savings Catcher for price difference
Get $3.68 cashback from AMEX Bluebird for transferring earnings
Use one $4/2 Beneful Healthy Smile Dog Treats printable manufacturer’s coupon (preclipped)
Price at Register: $3.96, but get $7.36 total cashback

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  1. Is there a limit when us Florida folks use the Walmart deal?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      The only limit is to not be a pig. I have never tried buying more than 10 BOGO items at a time, so I’m not sure if they impose any sorts of limits on your receipts you submit.

  2. Thanks, I just didn’t know if there was a limit of 1 deal.

  3. There is a limit where I live. Ive been told i can only get 4 items and questioned whether i could do 4 bogos. Its been a huge hassle everytime. You may want to call beforehand and get a managers name and what they say is correct so you’re not heldup by mass confusion..

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Hey Liz. Not sure how the store knows they are BOGO. You don’t price match at the register to do this deal. You let Savings Catcher do all the work. You just pay full price minus your coupon and submit your receipt.

      • ok sorry i was thinking about the way it worked before! lol! I just did this deal with morningstar farm and arm and hammer and I spent 100.00 oop. I am hoping this really works as it was my first time. The American Express BlueBird was really confusing me and I looked around the store for it and couldnt find it. I was able to sign up online but it is going to take 7 days to get it. I hope it still works out- but if it did that would mean I would be getting about 100.00 back on bluebird!

  4. PS THANKS FOR THE GREAT DEAL!!! Im kind of scared to do it, but Im going to give it a whirl!

  5. musikalgal says:

    Thanks for the coupon? are you going to continue to do the Savings Catcher deal after the AMEX match stops working?

    • Monica Bragg says:

      I don’t plan to continue and I highly doubt that Steve will as well since (from what he has said) he would much rather shop at Publix. I could be wrong about that though.

    • For me, it’s easier to get them to price match at the register without the risk of them getting it wrong and then you save actual cash OOP, not just get Walmart cash back. The only scenario I can see doing it is with stuff from Walgreens, because they won’t allow coupons for a higher amount than the product or if there is a one or may from SavingStar, in that case it is better to get the pre-coupon total on the register.

  6. Hello,
    I’m writing to you guys because I am incredibly upset and feel humiliated. I went to a CVS in my area a few minutes ago, and the supervisor of the store made me feel like a thief or someone trying to cheat the store when I tried using my coupons. All 3 coupons were CVS coupons sent to me from THEIR company as well as printed in the store. Not only that, she even had a problem when I gave her my extra bucks and a money card I had which led her to question me if I was returning things. I feel so disgusted that I am thinking of either reporting her to the store manager or should I call corporate. Please advice me on what to do as this is not the first time she has done this which is why I have limited my visits to CVS but after tonight, I feel like my integrity has been questions and has left me in tears.

    • Call and write a letter to corporate for documentation. Fill out their online form. This type of behavior will continue if it is not addressed.

  7. To add to my previous post, she clearly said to me, you should not come when I am working in the store, you should come in the day time when our manager is here and request for him to ring you up separately so he can monitor your coupons.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      You should definitely call and report that to corporate. There is no reason for them to act this way.

    • That’s a horrible way to treat a loyal customer! That should be considered bullying and she should be disciplined by this manager she mentions and have to take an anti-bullying and /or customer service class.