Rite Aid Shopping Scenario for Beginners 2/8-2/14


Rite Aid scenarioOur Rite Aid shopping scenario for beginners for the 2/8 weekly ad is listed below. If you did the transactions for the most recent ad, then you probably have a total of $9 +Up Rewards to start this week. We will use these $9 +Up Rewards in our scenario below.

Would you like to view the full coupon matchups for the 2/8 – 2/14 Rite Aid weekly ad? Go here to see them. Shopping later in the week? Make sure you check our Rite Aid Category for the latest updates on this sale.

This List Has Expired

-New High-Value $4/1 Clairol Hair Color printable coupon!
-AWESOME NEW $4/1 & $3/1 Alka-Seltzer printable coupons!
-Amazon: $5.99 Ultra Compact Smart Device Charger/Power Bank (reg. $29.99; SAVE 80%)
-Amazon: $0.18/regular roll equivalent Cottonelle Bath Tissue!
-Amazon: As low as $14.85 Highly-Rated 3-Piece Duvet Cover Sets (SAVE 45%)

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  1. I have a question on how the redeeming of up rewards in rite aid. The up rewards applied first before mq’s. Can I asked them to used my mq first? Then whatever is left they will use my up rewards? or its standard.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      I have my +Up Rewards printed rather than loaded to my card so that I can have them take my manufacturer coupons first and then I hand over my +Up Rewards. If they are loaded to your card I am not sure that they have an option.

  2. It is loaded to my card. Can I then print them instead?

    • Monica Bragg says:

      No but you can ask them before you do your next transaction to start printing them instead of loading them to your card and they won’t load to your card from that transaction forward.

      • Wayland P says:

        When I got mine to print, I tried it in store, the folks in store tried for an hour and couldn’t get it to work. However, I hopped on the live chat on the Rite Aid website and they did it for me in five mins, so you may want to try that way first.

        For your next transaction, until you get rid of the old ones, have them ring in all your coupons before you scan your Wellness+ Card.

  3. Okay.. THANKS.

  4. The coupon for the Secret deodorants states TWO SECRET OUTLAST, SCENT EXPRESSIONS AND DESTINATIONS ANTIPERSPIRANT/DEODORANTS OR BODY SPRAY. THESE ARE AROUNT 5.49 EACH NOT 3.49. The deal you are posting is not correct for this coupon im afraid.