RESET ALREADY! Insanely high-value $2/1 Irish Spring Signature or Gear Body Wash or Gear Bar Soap printable coupon!


Irish-Spring-Gear-Body-WashWow, this fantastic high-value printable coupon for Irish Spring Body Wash or Bar Soap has RESET! Hurry and grab two more prints of this one. Our Irish Spring coupons tend to be only $0.50/1, $0.75/1 or once in a blue moon they are $1/1. A coupon for two dollars off a single product is out of the norm for this brand.

$2/1 Irish Spring Signature for Men Body Wash or Bar Soap or Irish Spring Gear Body Wash printable coupon *RESET* (preclipped)

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  1. So….used this at CVS & their register said coupon was 6222 days past expiration date….mgmt forced it thru…hope they have it fixed

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Whoa…so they think it expired around 1992ish.

    • Same here, it gave them a message with an insane # of days expired…Luckily they also manually force it…

    • Just Saying says:

      I had the same issue when I tried to redeem it on Sunday. The manager forced it through. I went tonight to get one more bottle and use my last coupon. The cashier had the same error and informed me she could not accept the coupon. I told her about what happened earlier and she informed me that the store “had a meeting” about that and they got in big trouble for forcing the coupon through. The district manager told them they cannot accept this coupon, no exceptions.

      I get CVS’s position and don’t fault them…but it sucks we can’t take advantage of such a high value coupon on a product where we don’t see many of those 🙁

      I posted about it on facebook page. I encourage others to do the same so maybe they can figure out the error and correct the problem!

  2. Joana Wilson says:

    My CVS refused to accept it so I will wait for next week. Thanks for all you do!