MONEYMAKER Beneful Health Smiles Dog Treats at Dollar General after Coupon (+ Updated Dollar General Policy now Allows Overage from Coupons!)


beneful dollar generalHere is a fabulous deal that you can grab at Dollar General. They have Beneful Healthy Smile Dog Treats regularly priced for $1. We got that high value coupon the other day that will make them a MONEYMAKER!! How, you ask? Yeah, we all know that Dollar General is sometimes a pain to coupon at but to Steve and my surprise there was an update to their coupon policy in December. They WILL now allow overage if your coupon is more than the price of the item. It must be applied to other items in your cart and will NOT be given back in cash or on gift cards. Check out their new policy here and the awesome deal below! Note, Steve nor myself have tested to make sure that the registers are not giving fits over this so if you have some info or experience then PLEASE comment and let us know.

At Dollar General:
use one $4/2 Beneful Healthy Smile Dog Treats printable (preclipped)
Net Price: $2 MONEYMAKER – MUST be applied to other items in your transaction!

Thanks and photo credit: A Single Coupon

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  1. My store said they didn’t even see them. 🙁 I called before so I wouldn’t waste a trip.

  2. I tried two different stores. They had no idea how to handle the coupon. It was very frustrating!

  3. It worked like a charm for me…..just after I aducated the store manager and all the employees that they do now allow overage. Although the manager said: ” This is rediculios !” Make sure you have other items to get the overage. Thank you, guys, for your hard work!

  4. Got 4 treats. Used 2 $4/2 coupons and had other items to cover the overage. Coupons scanned with no problems! Thanks for all you do! Love your site!

  5. No luck for me today but the DG I shop at is in a rural area. I always have coupon problems. The coupons gave an error when scanned. I know they cringe when they see me with my coupon wallet.

  6. I was able to use 4 of the coupons with just a little hassle. At first the cashier told me she couldn’t take them. I asked why, then she used the classic line, well, these aren’t the right ones. The picture shows the big bags. I pointed out the coupon didn’t specify a size and it said off “any 2 bags”. I also pointed out their new coupon policy allows overage as long as you have other merchandise to make up the difference. Which, I did have. She called the manager on the phone and the manager told her, as long as I had other items to make up the overage, it was ok to accept the coupons. So, I got 8 packages of the dog treats, and 4 bags of tide pods. Used the dog treat coupons, and 4 of the $2.00 off tide pods coupons and paid $3.63 for everything.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      Thanks for the feedback! I figured it would take a little time for them to get used to it since we are just now finding out about the change.

  7. My store didn’t have treat bags for $1 so I bought 2 healthy smile dog snacks instead for $1 each plus other 2 items ($1 each). Cashier didn’t even looked at coupon just scanned it and it worked no problems. She than looked at coupon and said Wow .38 cents please? Lol Thank you guys!

  8. Today we actually had to head into town. The first DG we stopped at in town had no problem at all scanning the coupon. 4x Beneful Treats & 2 $6 Cottonelle Bath Tissues = $5.90 w/tax!

    I have to wonder if their IT department rolls updates out in stages.

  9. CouponGirly says:

    Stopped after work what a awful experience! First off the cashier fine tooth combed the coupons fine print. Then called for back up, the highly attitude manager told me I was commenting coupon fraud and tried to make up her own coupon restrictions for the coupon. Cannot decide if I wanna call corporate or just let this deal go without causing a stink.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Raise a stink. That’s the only way to fix the issue; otherwise you (and other shoppers) will have to suffer at the hands of the same misinformed manager with a bad attitude. That must be fixed.