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Dollar General

As if dollar stores weren’t exciting enough, good ol’ Dollar General (DG) accepts coupons on top of their generally discounted stock. It’s not unheard of for Dollar Generals to have newspapers with inserts near the front, so go grab a paper, walk around, do some math, and start counting down to zero!
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1.) Coupons:

a.) Dollar General accepts Manufacturer’s Coupons (MCs) and DG Store Coupons
b.) Examples of coupons can include: printed, peeled, clipped from newspapers, clipped from magazines, direct mail, mobile, and more. Click here to sign up for DG Mobile Alerts!
c.) You are allowed to “stack” (combine) one Manufacturer’s Coupon and one DG Store Coupon on a single item
d.) Cash back (overage) will not be given if the coupons totals are more than the price of the item for which they are applied
e.) DG offers Store Coupons to your phone through texts – keep your eyes peeled for these codes on our Facebook page and our Dollar General Posts!
f.) Couponaholic provides ad matchups DG deals and coupons – check the most current one out here
g.) ALWAYS check out their $1 Deals – these are perfect for coupons, especially stacking!
h.) Dollar General frequently has $5 off $25 or $5 off $30 purchase store coupons that print at the end of your receipts. Additionally, these types of coupons are often available via text or for home printing, here. 

  • NOTE: When using a $5 off $25 or $5 off $30 store coupon, the coupon will deduct a pro-rated amount off of each item you purchase. This will sometimes cause coupons to beep. For example, if you buy $25 of items and use a $5 off $25 coupon, it will consider your coupon to be worth a 20% discount ($5 is 20% of $25) on every item you bought. Therefore, a $1 item is considered to be sold for $0.80. If you try to use a $1 off coupon, it will beep and the cashier will only be able to enter it for $0.80.

i.) Some cashiers may not be well-versed on the company’s corporate coupon policy. It is advised that you familiarize yourself with the policy and have it handy when shopping at Dollar General. You can view and/or print it here.
j.) You may not use a coupon for a free item unless the coupon also requires a purchase. (This means a BOGO coupon is ok, however an item for a completely free product is not.)


2.) Did you know you can place online orders?

a.) You can order online at DG here. Two important factors for ordering online:
b.) Promotional codes for checkout are typically available (coupons of the Internet!)
c.) Order in bulk on many items! By the case, box, pack, etc., so in a way, you’re saving with this as well since the unit price is typically cheaper than purchasing single items
Keep up on all the latest deals on Our Dollar General Deal Reports

– Dollar General’s Coupon Policy –

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