Packaged Ice Settlement = Up to $12 check mailed to you ***NO RECEIPTS NECESSARY***


We have a great notice about a settlement for folks that buy packaged bags or blocks of ice. As long as you made at least one qualifying purchase in the USA (excluding a few states) between 1/1/2001 and 3/6/2008, you may be entitled to a settlement check. The settlement is due to these ice companies allegedly violating antitrust laws by conspiring to raise, fix, maintain or stabilize the price of packaged ice products.

I’m guessing you don’t have 9-16 year old ice receipts, but that’s ok. No receipt is necessary to make your claim…unless you want to get more than $12 through the settlement.

Get more info here or paste this URL into your internet browser:

Sometimes it takes a long time to receive these settlement checks, but folks just started receiving checks for that Tresemme Naturals ones I wrote about a few months back.

Thanks Coupon Pro.

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  1. Not for SC residents.

  2. MIschelle says:

    Did anyone ever get reimbursements for Star-Kist tuna my claim is date SEP 2015 you also posted about this one. just wondering years is a long time to wait.

    • The case was settled in October 2016. People who filed by the deadline will get approximately $4.43 worth of coupons or a check for $1.97, depending on whether they opted for coupons or cash. The original settlement was for “up to $25 in cash or $50 in coupons,” but the actual disbursements of the $12 million Starkist set aside for payments would depend on the number of claims filed. Starkist expected 200,000 claims, but over 2.5 million people filed, so the $12 million spread out over many claims.

      There is no deadline in the settlement for mailing the claim settlements, however.

  3. Thank you. I just submitted mine. I’m constantly buying bags of ice. I remember having to get tons of bags in 2004 thanks to hurricane France’s knocking out our electricity.

  4. MIschelle says:

    I filed a claim on Sep 4, 2015 for $50 in product vouchers and never got anything in the mail from Star-Kist. Just was thinking about it and if anyone got there claims? Thanks Maureen for the feedback appreciated ♥ Love your site visit you daily..

    • The settlement was not for $50 in product vouchers (coupons) but for “up to” $50 in vouchers. No one who filed a claim was guaranteed any specific amount should a settlement be reached.

  5. I received my Tresemme settlement check a few days ago for $7.97.