Three HOT Dollar General Scenarios for TODAY ONLY ($.36 Gain Dryer Sheets and Laundry Detergent!)

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dollar-general-logoIf you are needing to stock up on some laundry supplies then you will want to head over to Dollar General today! You can get Gain Dryer Sheets and Laundry Detergent for only $.36 each!

Scenario #1:
BUY NINE GAIN DRYER SHEETS 34 ct – on sale $2
use one $5/$25 Dollar General Purchase printable store coupon (valid 4/9/16 only!)
use three $5/3 Gain Laundry Detergent, Flings, Liquid Fabric Enhancer, Dryer Sheets or Fireworks PG 4/3
use two $2/1 Tide Pods, Gain Laundry Detergent or Gain Flings PG 4/3
Net Price: $4

Scenario #2:
BUY TWO DIAL BAR SOAP 6 pk – $2.75
use one $5/$25 Dollar General Purchase printable store coupon (valid 4/9/16 only!)
use two $2/1 Vaseline Men Lotion or Spray Lotion RP 3/20
use two $1/1 Caress Bars or Body Wash RP 3/20
use three $2/1 BIC Disposable Razor SS 3/20
use two $1/1 Dial Bar Soap printable coupon (preclipped)
Net Price: $7.05

Scenario #3:
use one $5/$25 Dollar General Purchase printable store coupon (valid 4/9/16 only!)
use four $2/1 Tide Pods, Gain Laundry Detergent or Gain Flings PG 4/3
use three $2/1 Swiffer Starter Kit PG 4/3
Net price: $8

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  1. I scored a really great deal this morning on gain dryer sheets due to some kind of register glitch. I bought 13 boxes of the Gain dryer sheets at 2.00/each. I used the 5.00/25.00 DG coupon and 4 of the 5.00/3 gain coupons which should of come out to 1.00. At first the cashier told me it was 8.25. I told her that’s not right and ran through the transaction and coupons with her. She at first tried saying, I couldn’t use both the DG coupon and man. coupons on the same item. She went to get the manager and while I was waiting, I looked at the customer display that shows the totals and realized, it didn’t say total due 8.25. It said total due to customer 8.25 as the total the register showed was -$8.25. Not sure what happened, but when she came back with the manager, I pointed that out and the manager told her we don’t give cashback. Just cash it out and he owes nothing. Had I known that would happen, I would of grabbed other things to make up for the 8.25 overage.

  2. My P&G says not a coupon go online and print for gain and tide

  3. They didn’t give the 5 off 35 because it is figured after the coupons. I was bummed!

  4. I tried doing the gain transaction at DG and it wouldn’t work. They claimed only one manufacturer coupon per transaction. The five dollar one came off but not the others. So disappointed, especially with this being my first time shopping at this store

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Dollar General registers are weird. Not sure if there is different software running on some registers that is antiquated, but sometimes deals don’t seem to work out for everyone.

  5. Just a quick comment. I went in today to purchase the 9 Gain dryer sheets. The woman working in the aisle said oh do you have coupons? I said yes and she said I would have to do separate orders. I asked if it was something new and she said no, one coupon per purchase. I looked at her said forget and left the store. Has anyone seen or heard of this before…I guess that is why I never go to shop in that store!!!!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      It’s just made up garbage. I suggest contacting the corporate office about the store so they are corrected by a “higher up.”

    • Determined says:

      It’s definitely going around..I have some locations near me doing the same..they want to accept only 1 coupon when they see you can score a really great deal it seems…I visited 4 locations near me and they all had the same story of only taking 1 coupon at a time…it was when DG offered $2 off an $8 purchase of suave products…and i should have been able to pair it with 2 of the bogo manufacturer coupons but they wouldn’t allow it. So I skipped out on the deal…sucks!

  6. A quick addition to my first post. I went to a different DG and attempted to purchase 9 of the Gain dryer sheets, and 2 packs of tide pods as they were on sale for 3.95. I went to the register with my stuff and the same thing happened as earlier when they scanned my coupons. At first, the cashier told me they had a new policy, that they MUST scan any manufacturer coupons before the DG store coupons. She assured me it would still work and the 5.00/25.00 coupon would still come off even if my total after other coupons was below 25.00. That’s when the register started acting goofy again and showing a negative balance. She said there must be something wrong and cleared it out and rang it up again. Of course now, since she had already scanned my 5.00/25.00 coupon the first time, the register wouldn’t accept it again. She had to try and manually adjust the price of each item a bit to get me the 5.00 credit from the coupon I couldn’t use anymore. Still wasn’t coming up the way she thought it should. She tried 4 or 5 times before getting frustrated with the register. Finally, she slid the bag to me and said, just take it. I’m done fighting with this register.