NEW $2/1 Garnier Fructis Hairspray printable coupon available!


garnier-fructis-hairsprayWe have a new high-value Garnier Fructis Hair Spray printable coupon today. Here is the link to the new coupon:

$2/1 Garnier Fructis Style Sheer Set Hairspray printable manufacturer’s coupon (preclipped)

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  1. Stankfist says:

    Is it your web site that is pre-clipping 20 friggin coupons instead of just one? If so this is fraud and will be reported. Apologies if I am wrong but it sure looks that way. I clicked the link above and had 20 coupons clipped. I know you get paid for every clipped coupon so please tell me you aren’t sneaking in extra clips and wasting people’s ink and paper to turn a profit.

    • Steve Pinski says:

      No, it is We only get paid if you haven’t printed a coupon through our links in the previous 24 hours, and we get the same whether you print one or three hundred.

      It’s a messed up thing does automatically when you print certain coupons. Here’s how it happens. You print a coupon (or two or three) that you want. On the page they load when you’re done printing, they sneakily suggest other coupons for you and clip them. IF YOU DON’T NOTICE, they will stay clipped and will be clipped the next time you visit their site. If you’re not paying attention they will trick you into printing them.

      The BEST way to avoid this is to ALWAYS pay close attention when you’ve printed coupons at Don’t quickly close the browser window without looking, because they may have “suggested” a bunch of coupons and clipped them to trick you.

      I HATE that they do this and they have tricked me into printing a bunch of coupons in the past. If you catch it when they first clip them (on the page after you print coupons) at least they are all together in one spot and you can unclip them rather easily. Trust me, they keep trying to push all those darn Kraft coupons on me every time I print from my laptop computer and it’s ticking me off too.

      • I’m with Steve… I figured this out about a year ago when started pre-clipping those 6 (new) swiffer coupons. Since then I’ve always consciously made sure to unclip any coupons that have been clipped by after my printing and before closing my browser.

        You’re not kidding about those Kraft preclipped coupons; I noticed it about a week ago. I thought 6 was a lot?.. Not cool, not cool 🙅🏻