Target 3/2 (Monica) – $10.38 PROFIT!! on $101.93 worth of merchandise (110.2% Savings)

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Targetmar2mbI ran to Target this morning with a whole different plan in mind and since that plan didn’t work I decided to look through some of the new sales items and test them out. That is when I lucked up on the Pantene deal that Steve posted about earlier! I did two separate transactions because I got to the car and realized what had just happened as far as the Pantene ringing up lower than the price listed on the clearance sticker so I clipped my coupons and ran back in. I was in line the second time and had all my Pantene up on the belt when I was watching the lady in front of me check out and she had 1lb Strawberries that were ringing up for $1 so I put everything back in my cart and went and got lots of strawberries. I am not sure if this is a regional deal or not but if you hare shopping today you may want to keep your eyes open for the sign like the one in the picture below. Here is what I got…

Transaction #1

THREE PANTENE SHAMPOO 21.1oz – on clearance $2.48 *they were marked $3.50* (regular price $5.00)
THREE PANTENE CONDITIONER 21.1oz – on clearance $2.48 *they were marked $3.50* (regular price $5.00)
Get $5 Target Gift Card when you buy three select P&G products including Pantene
used two $5/3 Pantene Products PG 3/2
Price at register: $4.88 but receive two $5 Target Gift Cards
Net price: $5.12 MONEYMAKER

TWO AIRBORNE 4ct – regular price $.99
used two $1/1 Airborne Products SS 1/26
Net price: $.02 MONEYMAKER

Transaction #2

SIX PANTENE SHAMPOO 21.1oz – on clearance $2.48 *they were marked $3.50* (regular price $5.00)
SIX PANTENE CONDITIONER 21.1oz – on clearance $2.48 *they were marked $3.50* (regular price $5.00)
Get $5 Target Gift Card when you buy three select P&G products including Pantene
used four $5/3 Pantene Products PG 3/2
Price at register: $9.76 but received four $5 Target Gift Cards
Net price: $10.24 MONEYMAKER

strawberries targetFIVE STRAWBERRIES 1lb – special purchase $1 (regular price $1.99)
used no coupons
Net Price; $5

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $101.93
Net Price Paid for Everything: $10.38 PROFIT!!!
Savings Rate (excluding tax): 110.2%


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  1. AshleyAshley says:

    There’s a 5% cartwheel on fresh berries.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      Awww man! I wish I had known that but I didn’t even look for berries. I did look for the Pantene. Hopefully everyone else will find this deal at their store and can get a great deal too!

      • You should go back to the store with your receipt and show your phone for the cartwheel discount on the strawberry and they should give you the difference

  2. I’m new to couponing but I’m really excited about this sale! What is PG? Where do you get the 3/$5 coupon?

  3. tiffany says:

    Great trip!!! I can’t wait to head to my target and find great deals

  4. With all the Pantene you purchased, could you have used the $20 off of $50 coupon in the ad? Just wondering, I haven’t heard what the restrictions are on that coupon.

  5. Found the discounted shampoo bought 12 shampoos, conditioners, and hair gels. Unfortunately the target I went to did not have the $5 gift card promo for these products. The signs were on the 29.5 shampoo and conditioners and nothing less in ounces. Atlanta area Targets are notorious for this junk!! The sign I saw said combinations of Pantene products, but were only on 29.5 ounce bottles? Any suggestions?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      The gift card deal is advertised…at least it was in the ad scan I saw.

      • Yep! Went to another target and it also was only for the 29.4 bottles and bigger. They scanned at $3.22 each, but the smaller bottles scanned at $1.88 each. So, buy 3 $1.88 bottles use the $5 off 3 in the P&G and it’s .98 total. Still not bad!!

        • I’m in Atlanta and the 21.01oz were not marked as part of the deal but they generated the $5 gc for every 3. Plus that size is included in the ad. I did separate transactions with my mom with me, bought 36 of the 21.01 oz and 15 of the 29.4 oz, used some $2/1 peelies and $5/3 insert mqs, paid $2.83 and left with $35 in giftcards. :)

          • Oh and I didn’t even make a dent in one of the two full endcaps so no shelves were cleared. Lol

          • Monica Bragg says:

            I love it! I could have kept going to but I since I was alone and I didn’t want to keep making the long trek to the car and back to use four more coupons I just said I was done!

          • Which store was that in Atlanta? I went to Norcross and Roswell and both stores had a few of bottles under 29.4, but they didn’t qualify for the $5 card. Where did you get the $2 off peelies?

  6. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the tip on the Pantene! I picked up 6, and got the gift cards.

    Strawberries were $2.49, no sale here- but they looked good. I picked up free tuna, and free P-3’s, I think that’s what they are called. They have a peelie sticker on them for $1/2.

    I spent a whole lot more than you, but you were the motivating force in going out today!

  7. Can you use a target gc and earn another target gc to purchase deals like this?

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Yes, but it is possible that there might be lag time in a card getting activated. It is possible it may not be ready for back-to-back transactions (but it might.)

    • Monica Bragg says:

      I used my GC from the first transaction to pay for the second one. The only time that was involved was the time it took me to walk to my car and realize what had just happened and then walk back into the store…lol

      • Last week I paid for a Rachel Ray pot, got my $30 gift card, and paid for the rest of my items in my second transaction with no problems!

      • thanks guys! Will try the deal tomorrow.

  8. Yes I used mine back to back tonight :)

  9. I checked my target for these clearance (Redlands, CA). There were none :(

    • Monica Bragg says:

      Oh wow! There were actually two endcaps and the shelf itself had all clearance on it!

  10. I had trouble today trying to use the $1.50 airborne on the .99 cents. The cashier and manager said it is against their coupon policy to get overage.. Is this the case? Did you get the 0.01 cent overage or was it just the value of the product?

    • Monica Bragg says:

      At my stores I do get overage but according to their policies they are not supposed to give overage.

      • Ah yeah I just read their policy and they’re not suppose to. I was just confused because I’ve gotten overage a few different times and didn’t realize it technically wasn’t their policy. Thanks for clarification, maybe I just got an unlucky cashier haha.

        • Monica Bragg says:

          I guess maybe it depends on if they are paying attention or not. I have just recently started couponing at Target and seems like they are always in more of a hurry to get you checked out than they are on verifying your coupons, which is kind of scary in my opinion. If the wrong person were to know this then they could try to abuse the situation but I just hand over my coupons and they have scanned each time.

  11. Thanks for the tip on scanning the bottles. The ones in my store were mismarked as well. There is just a ton of product at my store, too. Can’t wait to find more coupons and give it another go. That sure is fun, isn’t it?

  12. hi. i’m a new target couponer. i have a target gc and i’m not sure if it will give me another target gc if i use it for this deal. help??? and with the gc deal that they do all the time, i dont have to load it on my phone and be scanned so that I’ll get the deal and prints the gc? because I read somewhere about scanning a coupon first before getting gc or maybe i’m wrong. I hope it’s automatic. I don’t have a smart phone. Please help.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      You can use a Target GC and still get another one. It is automatic and the cash register will prompt the cashier to give it to you. Make sure that you do NOT get the 12oz size of Pantene because they are NOT included in the GC promotion.

      • thanks couponaholic website. so informative!

        • Monica Bragg says:

          You’re welcome Adam! I just started couponing recently at Target myself and I am LOVING the great deals that I am getting from there!

          • Just did my Pantene and Secret deals. I’m glad they still have them at my store.

            I started with the secret deal, Got 3 deos and 3 body sprays
            Some deos are for 3.95, got lucky with the ones for 2.49

            2.49/each for the 3 deo’s = 7.47
            3.95 body spray =11.85
            Used B1G1 Body spray/deduct 5 for each coupons even though the body spray is only 3.95
            7.47 + 11.85 -15 = OOP 4.95 w tax
            Got 2 5 dollars gc
            = 5.05 MM


            6 Shampoos and 6 Conditioners 21.1oz
            Items were marked 3.50 but it rang for 2.48 each
            Paid 10.35 including tax for and got 4/5 Target gcs.
            Used 2/5 Target gc (from my Secret deal)
            =.35 OOP = Got 20 worth of Target GC

            the awesome part is = we got more stuff!!!

            thanks a lot Monica!

          • Monica Bragg says:

            Awww you’re welcome! I was wondering if the Free coupon would autodeduct so I am going to have to get over there this week!

  13. I showed my butt about the Pantene on sale and the manager have me the $5 off my transaction. The strawberries were not on sale they were still $2.50 but there is a cartwheel for 5% and on target mobile coupons there’s a $1 off fresh fruit $1 or more so they could be free if there $1 on sale 😉

  14. Denise S says:

    The Pantene were on clearance at my store, but they were a little higher than you found, so it wasn’t much of a MM, so I did this deal instead.

    I did a shop with my daughter, so I did two separate transactions..

    Transaction 1:
    (3) swifter refills…$9.49 each
    (3) swifter duster starter kits..$4.49 each
    (1) Tide (150 oz) on clearance for $8.98 (originally $17.99) They were marked $12.58, but price checked at $8.98.

    Used (3) BOGO on swifter (P/G 3/2) (Max value $7)
    Used (1) 50c/1 tide (P/G 3/2)
    Used (1) Target Hangtag $1/1 tide TQ
    Used (1) $20/50 TQ (household)

    $50.92 before taxes / $8.42 after coupons…or $1.20 per item.

    Transaction 2

    (3) Downy (83 oz)…on clearance for $6.28 (original price $8.99)
    (3) Tide (150 oz.) on clearance for $8.98 ( original price $17.99)
    (3) Clorox bleach 64 oz… $1.89 each
    (2) market pantry 100% ww noodles… $1 each
    (1) 3 pack garlic bulbs… $1.29
    (1) lemon..59c
    (1) lime..49c

    Used (1) $1/1 tide mobile TQ
    Used (1) $1/1 downy mobile TQ
    Used (1) $1 fresh fruit TQ
    Used (1) $1 fresh vegetable TQ
    Used (1) $1/2 market pantry pastas TQ
    Used Cartwheel 5% off Market pantry noodles..took off 6 cents
    Used (2) $1/1 Target hangtags on tide or downy TQ
    Used (1) $2/3 clorox (55 oz or larger) TQ
    Used (1) 50c/1 tide or downy (P/G 3/2)
    Used (1) $1/2 tide or downy (P/G 3/2)
    Used (1) $2/3 tide or downy (P/G 3/2)
    Used (1) $20/50 household TQ

    $55.82 before coupons and taxes/$24.26 after coupons.

  15. Christine says:

    I bought 12 of the 21.1 oz and 9 of the 29.4 (all generated $5 gc for every 3), about $14.00 MM after coupons, and there was still plenty left on the shelves. Thanks so much for posting this awesome deal!

    • Monica Bragg says:

      You’re welcome! I am so glad that you were able to get in on this great deal.

  16. I found Pantene on clearance, but they were not generated as part of the $5 gift card, according to the cashier, the items in the clearance are not included :(

  17. I found the clearance bottles but at checkout no gift card.. we looked at the ad and it specified the bigger bottles so no deal for me. I left it there.