Publix 2/26 (Monica) – $.34 PROFIT!! on $68.74 worth of merchandise (100.5% Savings)

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Publixfeb26mbI ran to Publix this morning to get an early shop on this sale. Unfortunately my store doesn’t carry the Powerade 12pks and they were out of Hungry Jack Hashbrowns. Oh well, maybe on the next trip! Thanks to Anna for sharing the price of the Domino Light Brown sugar because I was able to get a small Moneymaker with that deal. Note that you will have to use your own judgement on this coupon there is nothing that excludes Light Brown Sugar and they stated on their facebook page that it was acceptable to use on Light Brown Sugar.

used two $.50/1 Resolve Laundry Stain Remover Product printable (doubled to $1)
Net Price: $.99 ($.50 each!)

SIX DOMINO LIGHT BROWN SUGAR – regular price $.99
used six $1.25/1 Domino Light Product RP 2/16
Net Price: $1.56 MONEYMAKER

FIVE HUNTS TOMATO SAUCE – on sale 5/$2 (regular price $.65)
used one $1/5 Hunt’s Sauce, Paste or Puree Publix Coupon Italian Days Peg Stand
Net Price: $1 ($.20 each!)

TEN MRS DASH CHILI SEASONING – on sale $.99 (regular price $1.19)
used ten $.50/1 Mrs. Dash Seasoning Packet SS 2/9 (doubled to $1)
Net price: $.10 MONEYMAKER

used five $.50/2 Progresso Soup SS 1/5 (doubled to $1)
Net Price: $4.75 ($.48 each!)

used two $1/1 General Mills Cereals printable (no longer available)
used one $.75/2 General Mills Cereal Target Store Coupon
Net Price: $.84 ($.42 each!)

ONE AVEENO BB CREAM – on clearance $3.74 (regular price $14.99)
Get $2/1 Aveeno Facial Product Checkout 51 Offer
used one $1/1 Aveeno Product SS 2/9
Net Price: $.74

I also used one $7/$30 Earthfare Store Coupon

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $68.74
Net Price Paid for Everything: $.34 PROFIT!!
Savings Rate (excluding tax): 100.5%

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  1. Good job! The 15 oz cans of Hunt’s tomato sauce are .99 cents BOGO at some stores…so only .30 cents ea after the $1/5 Viva Italia Publix Q. (slightly better deal than the small cans) I will be stocking up! 😀

    • Monica Bragg says:

      Thanks Amy! I don’t use tomato sauce too much so I chose to go with the smaller cans for that reason but it is definitely a slightly better deal to get the bigger cans on a per ounce basis.

  2. can you please tell me where you found the MRS DASH CHILI SEASONING i looked yesterday and could not find it thanks

  3. The only coupon in 2/16 RP is $1/1 not $1.25/1 for the Domino Light product.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      There were two separate coupons in my Redplum…one is for $1/1 and one is for $1.25/1.

      • In your 2/23 Dollar Tree shopping post, you also bought the Domino’s sugar but there is a difference in the insert date:

        FOUR DOMINO LIGHT BROWN SUGAR – regular price $1
        used four $1.25/1 Domino Light Product SS 2/23

        Maybe this would help Shay find the coupon. It’s possible there was a coupon in both dates so she might want to glance at both inserts :-)

      • In your shopping trip post to Dollar Tree on 2/23, you also bought the Domino’s brown sugar but indicated this…..:

        FOUR DOMINO LIGHT BROWN SUGAR – regular price $1
        used four $1.25/1 Domino Light Product SS 2/23

        So it might be possible that there were coupons in both inserts. It might help Shay find the higher value coupon, to take a glance in both inserts :-)

        • Monica Bragg says:

          Thanks Kathy. I think I may have had the date wrong on the Dollar Tree posts now that you pointed those out!

      • In your shopping post to Dollar Tree on 2/23, you also purchased the Domino brown sugar and posted the following:

        FOUR DOMINO LIGHT BROWN SUGAR – regular price $1
        used four $1.25/1 Domino Light Product SS 2/23

        So it may be possible that there were coupons for the sugar in both inserts. Shay may want to take a glance at both, to see if she might be able to locate the higher valued coupon.

        Just a thought :-)

        • Sorry I posted so many………..tee hee………….I kept posting and nothing showed up so I thought I had done something wrong, so I did it again LOL :-)

          • Monica Bragg says:

            I figured that was what was going on. All comments left on the site are sent to moderation and have to be approved before they will appear on the site.

        • Thank you Kathy!

  4. I am still waiting for a angel soft post.

  5. Tell that guy in florida you need to go shopping!

  6. MauraFlorida says:

    I can’t see any comments on the Domino’s Facebook page about using the Domino Light coupons on light brown sugar products. Could you please provide a link to the Facebook comment? I want to print it to take it to the store with me.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      I can’t find it now Maura…It was on there when we posted about the freebie at Dollar Tree. The coupon also scanned without any problems.

      • MauraFlorida says:

        I scrolled through the Domino Sugar Facebook comments until I found one asking about using the Domino Light coupons on Domino light brown sugar products, and the answer is that the Domino Light coupons are NOT to be used on light brown sugar. This exchange is from September 2013.

        • Beth Hanson
        I have a question about this coupon. I can see that it is clearly and quite obviously intended to be used for Domino Light (meaning low-cal) products. However, I have seen coupon bloggers listing Domino Light Brown Sugar as a match for the coupon. After printing it out and reading all the fine print, I actually do not see anything in any of the verbiage preventing it from being used that way or excluding that product. The picture is of Domino Light, but coupons don’t go by the picture, they go by the wording. What is Domino’s position as far as reimbursing stores for redemption of this coupon on Light Brown Sugar?

        Like • • Share • September 25, 2013 at 11:47am

        o Domino Sugar Hi Beth, Thank you for reaching out to us. The coupon you’re asking about is specifically for any Domino Light Product. It will not scan to be applied against our Light Brown Sugar.
        Like • Reply • September 25, 2013 at 1:02pm

        o Beth Hanson Thank you for you’re prompt reply. I have heard that it does scan. What happens in that circumstance, also in the case of stores who manually enter coupons such as Dollar Tree. I am not planning to use the coupon but am wondering what will happen as far as the stores go, whether they will be left holding the bag. Wouldn’t it be best if the coupon stated “$1 off any Domino Light low calorie sweetener?” Or “$1 off any Domino Light Product excluding light brown sugar?”
        Like • Reply • September 25, 2013 at 1:12pm


        There was no response from Domino Sugar, but it’s clear from the answer to her first question that this coupon is NOT meant to be used on light brown sugar.

        • Monica Bragg says:

          Thanks Maura! That is not the comment that I saw on there before.

        • Facebook post or not, I would NOT feel comfortable using this coupon on light brown sugar. It is a pretty straightforward coupon in my opinion.

  7. I had no problems at all at publix… I didn’t even bring it up honestly it scanned… Domino sugar said “intended” for but not ment for light brown sugar but didn’t say specifically we weren’t allowed to use it. Just like that naturally fresh dressing coupon. If they weren’t specific its not our fault or the stores fault.

  8. I’m sure this has been said many times before but just because a coupon scans (especially at Publix) does not mean it was correct for the item purchased. I have found that Publix registers rarely kick a coupon out unless it is expired. Once I accidently included a coupon in my stack for an item I was going to purchase but then put back and I forgot to take the coupon for it out of my stack. The coupon went through even though I did not purchase anything by that brand.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      I completely agree with you on that. If you look at the wording on the coupon it does not exclude Light Brown Sugar in any way. The only thing that I did was followed the wording on the coupon and explained to you guys that you would have to use your own judgement. Just the same as you have to use your own judgement when you use a coupon on a trial sized item because the coupon has no size restrictions however, we are pretty sure that the manufacturer intended it to be for the full sized item. I see no difference in the two, I followed the wording on the coupons. Also, note that the month previous to this Domino Light released a coupon that had a minimum size requirement of 2lbs. Obviously, that coupon would not work but that also told me that they know about putting specifications on a coupon.

  9. I definitely agree that each person needs to use their own judement and I understand everyone has a different interpretation of the wording on a coupon. Since a few people commented that the coupon went through fine, I just wanted to give an example of how you can’t always use that as the deciding factor to use the coupon.

    • Monica Bragg says:

      Thanks for bringing that up because you are exactly right. You can’t always assume that just because it scans that it is legitimate. I am glad that everyone is sharing their opinions. We post our trips because we are an open book to you guys. We make mistakes just like everyone else and sometimes we don’t see that there is a limit on the coupon because we are in a hurry just like everyone else. I don’t feel like I made a mistake in this case because of the wording on the coupon and I completely understand others if they choose not to use the coupon.

  10. I have coupon for $1.00 from inserts, also there is on I am going to use all of them on Brown and Regular Light Sugar. I need this sugar for baking purposes and also I liked to add this kind for cooking when a recipe require one to use.