CVS: $10 MONEYMAKER on Bayer Contour Meter *New Coupon*!

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bayer contourWhy do all the good deals have to appear when I’m stuck in the house thanks to cold? Wednesday needs to hurry up and get here. CVS has Bayer Contour Next and Next EZ Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems on sale for $10, receive $10 Extra Bucks. One of our readers commented that they had seen a coupon to a make it a MONEYMAKER! There is a different one available, however you need a prescription to use it. With this one you do not need a prescription.

It is in a PDF format so you might be to edit it to get it to print bigger. I did find one where people had gotten it bigger but it takes up half the page. I will include both links in the deal. Also the coupon states that it is “On ANY Bayer Contour Next Portfolio Meter. More information on what is consider to be a portfolio meter can be found here. I suggest printing it and taking it with you just in case.

Save $10 On Any Bayer Contour Next Portfolio Meter

Save $10 On Any Bayer Contour Next Portfolio Meter ( takes up half the page)

Deal idea:

Buy one Bayer Contour Next or Bayer Contour Next EZ meter, on sale $10.00
Use one $10 off Any Bayer Contour Next Portfolio Meter
Or $10 off Any Bayer Contour Next Portfolio Meter ( takes up half the page)
Price at register: $0, receive $10 Extra Bucks
Net Price: $10 MONEYMAKER!

Thanks to Amy and The Accidental Saver for the tip!

Extreme Couponing Tip: You can usually get two prints of most internet coupons. To find them in the easiest possible way, use our preclipped links that take you right to the coupon. Then come back and click the same link to get your 2nd print. This will save you the time spent searching for the coupon.

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  1. Did anyone try the coupon? I went to Walgreens and it wouldn’t scan. The cashier and manager gave me a hard time and I left with nothing.

    • Hi. I am a cashier & today a lady came into walgreens & used 4 of these. I had trouble scanning the last two but I just kept scanning it & it eventually scanned. Just ask your cashier to keep trying! Lol Walgreens coupon policy is loose. If they are mean try the next walgreens :)

      • Where I am at, I have two Walgreens. Neither are coupon friendly :(. I don’t shop there much. I wish I had a third one to try because isn’t the third time suppose to be the charm? LOL

  2. I have used it and it did scan half of the time (whenever it did not the cashier keyed it in the first set of #’s 500etc leaving out the 2.

  3. Apprently the barcode wont scan but the numbers should. I plan on trying it later this week.

  4. this wont work? since it’s a manufacturer’s coupon you would need coupons with different numbers or else this would be equivalent to coupon fraud and using the same coupon over and over again

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Nope. This is not like a printable that has an extra set of serial numbers. It is like a newspaper coupon, every one of which is identical.

    • I work for Walgreens and I won’t take it because it has the same number, it is an internet coupon so the numbers are suppose to be different.

      • Monica Bragg says:

        Not in all cases. PDF coupons (which is what this one is) will have the same number because there is no way for each PDF to have a different number.

      • Thats only for SOME coupons, Julie. This is a PDF, so of course all the numbers are the same.

      • The people at Walgreens don’t know about coupons.

        • I agree. I went there with the PDF coupon and the cashier in the pharmacy accused me of copying the coupon and told me I could not use it. I was very upset about it. I work very hard at making sure all of my coupons are legal as well as using them correctly per the stores coupon policy. I guess I will go to another walgreens.

  5. Hi!

    There is also a $5 coupon for this at Walgreens in one of the Diabetes pamphlets. I was just flipping through this Sunday’s coupons and I noticed an ad from Walgreen’s that wasn’t advertised in the Walgreen’s flyer ( it was in a Red Plum or Smart Source coupon section)where you would earn 10,000 points between now and the 11th. So, if the $10 coupon works – if you bought 4, saved $10 on each, you would earn $50 in Balance Rewards – Something to think about if the shelves are bare at CVS. Even if you bought 4 and used the $5 coupon, you would still make out with a $30 money maker.

  6. if you print this one $10 On Any Bayer Contour Next Portfolio Meter ( takes up half the page)
    you can see the bar code

  7. I did use it at cvs twice and it scanned fine. No beeps. I had the one that took up half the page.

  8. So i used this coupon the other day and it worked just fine. the half of page one scans no problem if they cover up the second bar code with their hand. I went to another store today and the manager said he would have to call the company i didn’t have time to wait so he is going to call and make sure i will find out tomorrow.

  9. This worked fine for me last night. Today I had problems. Went to 2 different stores and was told that all Walgreens stores received an email stating do not accept this coupon. Called Corporate and was told that no such email existed. Also called Bayer USA who informed me this coupon is completely legitamate. Meanwhile they are pulling the meters off of the shelves. SMH!

  10. walgreens employee says:

    Yes…we were told not to accept this coupon…. we did get an email from corporate telling us not to except this coupon..

    • Do you think they are telling you your not allowed to except it b/c people are making money off it?

      • They most likely got a DISTRICT or REGIONAL email, not an actual corporate email. Some districts and regions have very ill informed people running them.

  11. new couponer says:

    i’m sorry, I’m new at this. CVS will stilla ccept the coupon although it expired 12/31?

  12. I called Bayer before heading out to my local CVS and they confirmed that the coupon is REAL!!! They also gave me the number to have the store call if they had any problems. So I went to CVS this morning and the coupon scanned fine :)

  13. first day coupon came out, it worked at walgreens for me. That day i bought 4. i came back a few hours later and they said they stopped taking the printed one. Today i tried cvs. It worked for me there.

  14. I work for Walgreens, i am a shift leader and huge couponer. I know this coupon comes from the Bayer website and it is 100% legit! We take this coupon at Walgreens. Some managers might say 2 per customer but the coupon will work. Like one on the response said have the cashier type all the numbers starting with 5 and leave out the 2. If a cashier doesn’t except a coupon please call for a manager. This coupon did take up like half the page but that doesn’t matter it’s still a legit coupon.

  15. Oh and by the way i got 2 Bayer meters, paid zero and also received 20,000 points worth $20 at Walgreens. GREAT DEAL! ACTUALLY GREAT STEAL!

  16. I work for Wag. & I’m a mgr we received an email not to accept this coupon both printed & mobile because it is fraudulent. We know what we are doing & get scammed so often by couponers with no morals that we have to be skeptical of everyone. Ppl scan coupons all the time so don’t act surprised that we have to be careful. We lose big $$$ from fake coupons & ppl have lost their jobs over it. Society has become greedy and will let someone lose their job over $2 Coupons for chocolate bars !

    • Monica Bragg says:

      I hate what you guys go through and I am so glad that I am not in your position. Thank you for making sure that couponers are doing right so that we can continue to get the great deals by using coupons the right way. I believe that most of us understand that you are only doing what you are told to do. Whether the coupon is legitimate or not (it has been verified to be legitimate) but that doesn’t even matter if you guys were told not to accept it. I personally think that you don’t even need the coupon to do the deal because it is still a $2.50 Moneymaker if you save your points until you reach 40,000.

  17. When to CVS in the Orlando region and bought five and put 50 in for order…. 500 HUNDRED DOLLAR MONEYMKAER!!!!

    • Steve Pinski says:

      Hahaha and how do you intend to get the Extra Bucks on each one? The limit is one per card.

  18. Unfortunately, I do not believe this coupon is a match. The $10 coupon is for a Bayer Contour Next Portfolio Meter, and I do not believe the Bayer Contour Next meters on sale at CVS and Walgreens this week are the Portfolio variety.

  19. walgreens employee says:

    Thats really odd what district and state do u wk for sylvia??? Hopefully you really look into it because i would not want to lose my job for a bayer meter… the first day i accepted maybe 5, the coupon person gave me one.then the next day i was told not to accept because we will not be getting reimbursement on this coupon.. To be honest I also thought they were legit and used the one given to me but after being told it was not i returned it and purchased either way because this item is free, sorry but im not going to lose my job for a coupon or accepting someones coupon .

  20. walgreens employee says:

    btw I did see where this coupon is coming from its from a good neighbor pharmacy ad…. not bayer actual web page. To be on the save side Walgreens will not be accepting this coupon sorry…

  21. Hi, I work for Walgreens as well. We were informed to not take these coupons. It is manager’s disgretion on coupon policy. Out store has a limit of two per item per customer. Also I can’t believe you Sylvia, You should be fired! Also I did my research on this coupon, it is from a good pharmacy ad from November 2013. Now tell me why a company would place two bayer coupons side by side and one have a manufacturer copyright and this one for 10.00 does not, it is removed! Also the expiration dates are different. One is for dec 2013 and one for dec 2014… advertised in an ad for November… and the sales paper also states all prices valid for November 2013… fishy. What all you people need to realize is that nothing is really free and the fact that couponers take such a huge advantage with fake coupon puts companies at a loss which means budgets are cut and people lose their jobs. I coupon myself but come on… think twice and use some knowledge. And if a coupon doesnt scan… it should never be enetered…. there is a reason for it! and another thing… a major thing to all of this. This coupon has no dot barcode, no verify or authenticator id number, and it lso states there is a LIMIT of ONE per household/customer. So why are you peope buying more and more… GREED.

  22. I hve also been on bayer’s website… and I can’t find no coupons.

  23. I just got off the phone (1/9/2014, CST 7:45pm) with a representative from Bayer. The 800-348-8100 is some sort of diabetes information line and the representative asked me for the last 5 numbers on the top bar code and verified that the coupon is legitimate………HOWEVER, he stated that it is only good at Cloney’s.

    • Coupon Girl says:

      Should we not be using this coupon then if it only good at Cloney’s? Are the stores going to get reimbursed for these other than Cloney’s? I need answers cause I do not feel right if that’s the case.

      • Savy Shopper says:

        I wouldn’t. Not knowing is one thing but now that we have info that it is only to be used at Cloney’s it would be wrong to continue using :(