Print now for Clear Scalp Therapy MONEYMAKER (up to $2) at CVS starting 3/31

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ibotta-clear-moneymakerWow, we have a smoking hot Clear Scalp Therapy Hair Care deal coming up at CVS starting 3/31. The CVS ad states that these will be on sale for $4.99, but that there will be a $4.99/1 CVS store coupon coming out of the Red Coupon Machine. That will make these free, but it gets better.

There’s a new $1.25/1 Ibotta offer for Clear Scalp Therapy. So make sure you sign up at Ibotta (if you haven’t done so already) and load this offer if you have it too.

In addition, there’s a $0.75/1 printable coupon here. (Note that you do not have to be commissary-eligible to print the coupon.) Some stores will allow you to use this manufacturer’s coupon as well, so long as you have other items to absorb the overage. This will not be the case at all stores, but it will work at some.

So without Ibotta or the printable coupon, this is a freebie. If you have Ibotta and/or the printable coupon, it will be a moneymaker of $0.75, $1.25 or $2 :)

Extreme Couponing Tip: You can usually get two prints of most internet coupons. To find them in the easiest possible way, use our preclipped links that take you right to the coupon. Then come back and click the same link to get your 2nd print. This will save you the time spent searching for the coupon.

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  1. I don’t have this offer on Ibotta. Do you know if there’s any way I can get it?

    • There’s no way to make sure you get an offer. They seem to vary a little based on folks’ spending profiles.

  2. I am sad. I don’t think that this will be the deal in my area. Clear Scalp Therapy show up in my ad for next week as 2 for $10

  3. There was a coupon in my 3/10 inserts that had a B1 Degree Deodorant and G1 Clear Scalp Therapy for free… I used mine, but wish I had saved it for this deal. 😛

  4. Wow, and I have $3/1 peelie – expires 3/31. Hope that CRT spits out on time!

  5. While you don’t have to be commissary eligible to sign up IT DOES ask what branch of the military and your rank. These coupons are intended for our military and their families. I sure hope those non-military folks that take advantage of this coupon and all the others there realize they are using up prints that could be used by those they were intended for.

    • Those are fields you can leave blank and are not required to join.

      • You completely miss the point. I understand you can leave those fields blank. BUT, because they are asking you those questions and because if you view the entire site and even look at the Operation in Touch Facebook page, you will plainly see that those coupons are intended for military families. Our military AND their families sacrifice(d) so much for us, it is not worth me saving 75 cents or even $5 bucks if I am taking away prints that could be used by their families to buy necessities. Just my opinion, but it is quite frustrating to see bloggers encouraging the use of these coupons for everyone.

        • OK, here’s what I did. I posed the question on the Operation in Touch Facebook Page:
          “I have a question. I noticed that you are not required to be military or a commissary shopper to register and print your coupons. Can you clarify for me if these coupons are only intended to be used by military families, or are all welcome to register and print them?”

          If they say that they only want military folks to print them, then I won’t advocate that non-military folks print them going forward.

    • Jennifer says:

      I don’t feel guilty for printing this coupon. My husband was in the army and just got out about 4 years ago. Honestly, we have had SO much trouble since he came home. He was deployed twice and was in combat. I respect him a lot for that. But it seems that there are a lot of Americans that don’t. It was terribly hard for him to find a job that would help support our family, and even now we are struggling. I’m worried every day about how we will pay all the bills we have. That’s the main reason I started couponing again. Sorry for rambling… Just wanted to share. And to Steve… I appreciate everything you do here. Military or not… It’s a coupon. Thanks for posting this!!! :)

  6. MC –
    HI there, I just saw your post and thought that as a military family( husband is army) , I would put in my two cents. Personally, I feel that whether these prints are intended for military only or general public, if the site allows you to print them, I say do so. Yes, we as military families do sacrifice alot, however we also get alot back in return from our community and supporters. If we can do something to show our appreciation for people showing us appreciation, I am all for it. I want people to know that if I can help someone out I will, and I try not to be overly greedy when it comes to some of the advantages we have as military folks. I understand that many people go through tough times and find the need to be frugal, not just us in the military. I have had so many civilan friends help me out in tough times, I dont feel that it would be right for me to say do not use these coupons, they are only for military. I do understand your concern and without a doubt appreciate the point you are getting at. If you would like, I wont print from the site, and you can, therefor, you will not be taking the prints from any other military family. Hopefully this will help you out and not make you feel guilty about it. I have plenty of other sources to get my coupons from :) Im sure many other military families will realize the support and help they have recieved in tough times and be willing to return the favor to the community.Thank you for your support and the support of the troops!! :)

    • That’s very nice of you Jenna, but I am going to still go by what Operation in Touch says once they respond to my post. I’m going to still post the coupons, even if they are only intended for military folks, but I will state that they are only intended for folks with some sort of military affiliation.

      • If Operation in Touch doesn’t care, then I will treat them like any other coupon.

        • I completely agree. I saw where you posted to the Operation in Touch fb page. I am curious to see what they say. Personally, I dont think they will come back and tell you that you are not allowed to print them. If it comes back that not everyone can print them, then I myself will not print them either (even being military) There coupons for heavens sake. Everyone goes through hard times, and they should be allowed for everyone…. I freely distribute coupons i get through the base newspaper and the px all the time to non military, even though they are intended for military use. They are MQ’s and can be used anywhere. Patiently Waiting :)

          • Here is their response, “Hi Steve – great question. The coupons are intended for use at the commissaries and exchanges, and can only be redeemed on base, by our men and women (and their families!) of the Military. Thanks!”

            OK, well now we know their intent from the first part of their post, although based on the wording of the coupons the second half of what they wrote is inaccurate.

            Anyways, going forward I will precede any language about these coupons with something like “if you are commissary-eligible” or “if you are a member of a military family”

          • ok so read the response from operation in touch. Does not make since, seeing as though I have printed them in the past and redeemed them all over. Oh well, I will leave my prints for another miliary family to use, again, I have plenty of sources.