3/3 Sunday Newspaper Coupon Insert Preview – Four inserts: one P&G, one SmartSource, one Red Plum and one Dr. Pepper/Spring Flavor Saver!

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Sunday Newspaper Coupon Insert PreviewMarch 3rd will be the biggest week for coupon inserts since January 6th. The 3/3 Sunday newspapers will include up to 4 inserts. There will be one each from Procter and Gamble, Red Plum, SmartSource and this week a 1 pager from Dr. Pepper.

Smart Source- March 3, 2013
Activia $1/1 4pk (4/21/13)
Air Wick $1/1 Freshmatic Ultra refill (3/31/13)
Air Wick $1/1 Freshmatic Ultra starter kit or gadget only pack (3/31/13)
Air Wick $2/2 color changing candles (3/31/13)
Atkins $1/1 4pk shake dnd (5/31/13)
Atkins $1/1 5pk bar dnd (5/31/13)
Atkins $1/1 frozen meal dnd (5/31/13)
Ban $1/2 1.5oz+ antiperspirant deodorants (3/31/13)
Barilla $1/1 microwaveable meal (4/27/13)
Barilla $1/1 microwaveable meal (5/25/13)
Bausch+Lomb $3/1 Ocuvite product (4/30/13)
Bengay $4/1 Zero Degrees, Cold Therapy, Pain Relief+Massage or Ultra Strength 4oz ets (3/24/13)
Biore Buy any pore strip ets, get 4.5oz+ cleanser or 30ct makeup removing towelette free up to $7 (3/31/31)
Buddig $1/1 9oz+ Original or Deli Cuts item (5/31/13)
Buddig $1/5 2oz Original or 1.6oz Snack Buds packages (5/31/13)
Claritin $5/1 24ct+ (3/31/13)
Clear Care $1.50/1 12oz+ cleaning and disinfecting solution (4/12/13)
Curel $1/1 3.5floz moisturizer (3/31/13)
Farmer John $.75/1 bacon package (5/3/13)
Farmer John $1/2 pork sausage packages (5/3/13)
Farmer John $2/1 smoked sausage package (5/3/13)
Fiber One $.50/1 protein chewy bars (4/27/13)
General Mills $.50/2 4.5oz+ Bugles, Chex Mix, Pillsbury Baguette chips, Gardetto’s snack mix or Green Giant Veggie snack chips (4/27/13)
General Mills $1/3 Big G cereals (4/13/13)
GenTeal $1.50/1 lubricant eye drop, gel or ointment (4/15/13)
Golden Grain $1/2 100% whole grain products (4/15/13)
Hamburger Helper $.75/3 (4/27/13)
Jell-O $.80/2 refrigerated snacks (3/31/13)
Jergens $1/1 4floz+ moisturizer (3/31/31)
Jergens $1/1 Natural Glow moisturizer excluding 2floz body moisturizer (4/20/13)
Jergens $2/1 Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow moisturizer (4/20/13)
John Frieda $1/1 full size Full Repair, Root Awakening or Luxurious Volume excludes 1.50z, appliances and brushes (3/31/13)
John Frieda Buy Frizz-Ease Serum or 3-Day Straight Spray, get an styling product free up to $7.49 excludes items under 1.6oz, trial, shampoos/conditioners, appliances and brushes (3/31/13)
John Frieda Buy Precision Foam Colour, get Sheer Blonde Everlasting Blonde, Brilliant Brunette Colour Protecting or Radiant Red Colour Protecting shampoo or conditioner free excludes 20oz size up to $6.99 (4/6/13)
KC Masterpiece/Kingsford Charcoal Free 18oz KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce up to $2.29 with 12.5lbs+ Kingsford Charcoal purchase (5/26/13)
King’s Hawaiian $1/1 hamburger or hot dog buns (4/27/13)
Kraft/Hunts $1/both 1 8oz+ Kraft parmesan cheese AND 3 14.5oz+ Hunt’s tomatoes cans (4/3/13)
MiraLAX $1/1 10ct or 14 dose (3/31/13)
MiraLAX $3/1 30 dose (3/31/13)
Morton $.55/1 Season-All seasoned salt (5/31/13)
Muscle Milk $2/1 10oz 4pk (6/30/13)
Nissin $1/3 Chow Mein or Chow Noodles (6/2/13)
Nissin $1/4 Big Cup Noodles (6/2/13)
Nonni’s $1/2 Biscotti or Biscotti Bites (5/4/13)
Opti-Free $1.50/1 10oz+ product (4/12/13)
PureLife Naturals $3/1 product (6/30/13)
Purina $.75/2 Whisker Lickin’s cat treats (5/3/13)
Revlon $2/1 cosmetic item ets TARGET COUPON (4/2/13)
Schick $1/1 Hydro shave gel ets TARGET COUPON (4/15/13)
Schick $1/1 Xtreme3, ST2, ST3, SlimTwin or Quattro disposable razor pack excludes 2ct and 10+2ct (3/31/13)
Schick $3/2 Xtreme3, ST2, ST3, SlimTwin or Quattro disposable razor pack excludes 2ct and 10+2ct (3/31/13)
Schick $5/2 3ct Hydro disposable razors TARGET COUPON (4/15/13)
Schick $5/both Hydro 5 razor and cartridge refill excludes disposables TARGET COUPON (4/15/13)
Schick $5/both Hydro Silk razor and cartridge refill excludes disposables TARGET COUPON (4/15/13)
Scotch $1/1 Expressions tape roll (6/30/13)
Snyder’s $1/1 Flavored Pieces, Flavored Nibblers or Pretzel Sandwiches (4/30/13)
Stonyfield $1/3 Blends organic yogurt dnd (4/15/13)
Twizzlers/Jolly Ranchers $1/2 10oz+ bites (5/3/13)
Tyson $1/1 Any’tizers snacks (6/9/13)
Tyson $2/2 Any’tizers snacks (6/9/13)
WhoNu? $.55/1 (4/28/13)
Yoplait $.50/1 Pro-Force or Go-Gurt Twisted yogurt (4/27/13)
Yoplait $.75/2 Go-Gurt, Kids Cup, Trix multipack or Pro-Force multipack (4/27/13)
Zadiator/Naphcon-A $1/1 Naphcon-A eye allergy drops or $2.50/1 Zadiator eye drops (4/15/13)
Red Plum – March 3, 2013
Abreva $.50/1 Conceal Invisible Cold Sore Patch (5/31/13)
Bertolli $.60/1 sauce (3/31/13)
Bob Evans $.35/1 frozen breakfast item (5/5/13)
Dial $.35/1 liquid or foaming hand soap or 3 bar pk+ (3/30/13)
Dial $1/1 12oz+ lotion (3/30/13)
Dial $1/1 6oz+ regular, for men or kids body wash (3/30/13)
Dole $1/2 frozen fruit packages (5/3/13)
El Monterey $1/1 product (6/3/13)
Ester-C $2/1 to go (4/17/13)
Ester-C $3/1 tablet (4/17/13)
Florida Crystals $.75/1 light or amber organic agave nectar (5/31/13)
Florida Crystals $1/1 natural or organic sugar product (5/31/13)
Garnier $2/1 moisturizer (5/25/13)
Garnier $3/1 Olia Oil powered haircolor (4/27/13)
Garnier Fructis $1/1 shampoo, conditioner or treatment ets (4/13/13)
Garnier Fructis $1/1 style product ets (4/27/13)
Garnier Nutrisse $2/1 Nourishing color foam (4/27/13)
Jimmy Dean $1.50/1 Delights sandwich or 2 Delights bowls (4/14/13)
Jose Ole $1/2 16oz+ snacks (5/11/13)
La Roche-Posay $5/1 (4/30/13)
Lean Cuisine $1/3 varieties (6/3/13)
L’Oreal $2/1 Paris cosmetic face product excludes Magic Perfecting Base .17floz mini size (4/27/13)
Mars $1/2 Snickers Eggs, Snickers Peanut Butter Eggs or Milky Way Simply Caramel Bunnies 6pks dnd (3/31/13)
McCormick $.75/1 spice, herb, extract or food color (4/14/13)
Nature’s Bounty $1/1 vitamin or supplement (4/2/13)
Nature’s Bounty $2/1 Optimal Solutions vitamin or supplement (4/2/13)
On-Cor $1/2 family size entrees (5/31/13)
Osteo Bi-Flex $3/1 30-60ct (4/17/13)
Osteo Bi-Flex $5/1 70ct+ (4/17/13)
Purex $1/1 liquid detergent or UltraPacks detergent ets (3/31/13)
Renuzit $.50/1 Tempting Indulgence adjustable air freshener (3/17/13)
Renuzit B1G1 free Fresh Accents air fresheners up to $3.99 dnd (3/17/13)
Renuzit B2G1 free Adjustables air fresheners up to $4.17 dnd (3/17/13)
Right Guard $2/1 Xtreme antiperspirant or deodorant (3/31/13)
Right Guard $2/2 Total Defense 5 antiperspirant or deodorant (3/31/13)
Right Guard $2/2 Xtreme or Total Defense 5 body wash or bar (3/31/13)
Rosina Meatballs $.75/1 20-64oz package dnd (5/31/13)
Scott’s $1/1 Liquid Gold wood cleaner & preservative (5/31/13)
Selsun Blue $1/1 product ets (7/7/13)
Senokot $2/1 regular or S tablets (9/30/13)
Soft Scrub $1/1 Advanced Surface (3/30/13)
Soft Scrub $1/1 product (3/30/13)
Success $.50/1 rice product (5/26/13)
Tropicana $1/1 46oz Farmstand bottle (4/28/13)
Unisom $1/1 product (6/29/13) (2 coupons)
Vichy $5/1 (4/30/13)
Zatarains $.50/1 frozen product (4/28/13)
Zyrtec $10/1 70ct+ product (3/10/13)
Zyrtec $5/1 24ct regular or D product (3/31/13)
Procter & Gamble – March 3 2013
All expire 3/31/13 and exclude trial sizes
Always $.50/1 30ct+ Pantiliners
Always $.50/1 Pads or Feminine Cleansing Cloth
Always $2.50/2 Infinity or Radiant Infinity pads 12ct+ or Radiant Liners 64ct+
Bounty $.25/1 napkins
Bounty $.25/1 towels or napkins
Braun $1/1 Clean & Renew refills
Cascade $.50/1 ActionPacs
Charmin $.25/1 product
Clairol/Herbal Essences $2/1 hair color product
Covergirl $1/1 product excludes accessories
Covergirl $2/1 Blast Eye shadow or eye liner
Covergirl $3/1 LashBlast mascara product
Crest $.50/1 458mL+ rinse (3/31/13)
Crest $.50/1 4oz+ toothpaste or liquid gel
Duracell $.50/1 CopperTop, Ultra Power, Ultra Photo Lithium or Specialty batteries excludes 1ct
Duracell $1/1 rechargeable batteries, charger or 6pk+ hearing aid batteries excludes 1ct
Febreze $.50/1 Air Effects
Febreze $1/1 5.5oz candle
Febreze $1/1 car
Febreze $1/1 Fabric Refresher
Febreze $1/1 Set & Refresh or Stick & Refresh
Febreze $1/2 3.5oz candles
Febreze Buy NOTICEables refill, get NOTICEables warmer free up to $3.50
Fixodent $1/1 1.05oz+ adhesive
Gillette $.50/1 body wash
Gillette $1/2 deodorants or body washes
Gillette $2/1 female disposable
Gillette $2/1 Fusion shave prep or Fusion skin care
Gillette $2/1 male disposable
Gillette Buy 4ct+ cartridge, get shave prep free up to $3.99
Herbal Essences/Aussie $1/2 products
Mr. Clean $.50/1 liquid or spray
Mr. Clean $1/2 Magic Erasers
Olay $2/1 Total Effects facial moisturizer or Age Defying Series
Olay $2/2 bars, body washes or in-shower body lotions excludes Simply
Olay $2/2 Fresh Effects, facial moisturizer or facial cleanser excludes Pro-X, Regenerist, Total Effects, Age Defying
Olay $3/1 Regenerist facial moisturizer or Facial Hair Removal Duo
Old Spice $2/2 Wild Collection
Old Spice $3/1 fragrance excludes body spray
Oral-B $.50/1 Stages, Pro-Health Stages or Kid’s manual toothbrush
Oral-B $.50/1 Stages, Pro-Health Stages or Kid’s toothpaste 4.2oz+
Oral-B $1/1 Pulsar, 3D White, Pro-Health or Complete or 2 Indicator or Cavity Defense toothbrushes (3/31/13)
Oral-B $3/1 2ct+ replacement brush heads
Pantene $.50/1 product
Pantene $1.50/2 products
Pantene $3/3 products
Prilosec OTC $1/1
Puffs $.35/3 singles or 1 3pk+
Secret $1/1 Clinical or twin packs excludes .5oz
Swiffer B1G1 free Dust & Shine up to $3.99
Swiffer Buy starter kit, get refill free up to $7
Tampax $.50/1 18ct+
Tampax $2.50/2 Pearl or Radiant including Compak and Active 16ct+ or Pearl Liners
Tide $2/1 15-37ct boost duo pack
Tide/Downy/Bounce $.40/1 Tide detergents, Tide boost, Downy or Bounce excludes PODS
Tide/Downy/Bounce $1.50/2 Tide detergents, Tide boost, Downy or Bounce excludes PODS
Tide/Downy/Bounce $3/3 Tide detergents, Tide boost, Downy or Bounce excludes PODS
Venus $5/both razor AND refill excludes disposables
Venus/Satin Care Buy Venus refill pack, get Satin Care shave gel free up to $4.99
Vicks $1/1 excludes VapoDrops and ZzzQuil
Vicks $2/1 Sinex product excludes VapoDrops and ZzzQuil
Vidal Sassoon $3/1 hair color
Vidal Sassoon Buy shampoo or conditioner, get styling aid free up to $4.99
ZzzQuil $1/1

Spring Flavor Saver 3/3
All expire 3/31/13 Do Not Double
7UP Ten/A&W Ten/Sunkist Ten/Canada Dry Ten/RC Ten $.75/1 2-liter bottle
Diet 7UP/Diet A&W/Diet Sun Drop/Diet Sunkist/Diet Canada Dry $.55/2 2-liter bottles
Snapple $1/1 16oz 6pk diet tea or fruit drink
Mott’s $1/1 64oz Medleys juice
Diet Dr Pepper/Dr Pepper Ten $.75/1 12pk or 2 2-liter bottles

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