Even better – Six DiGiorno Pizzas for the price of one at CVS starting 10/14! (PRINT NOW!)

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UPDATE: All the DiGiorno coupons are out of prints as of 1:16 pm on Tuesday. I hope you already printed them!

Oh my — it gets even better. Starting 10/14, DiGiorno Pizzas are BOGO at CVS. That means we are getting six pizzas for the price of one! (Maybe slightly higher depending on shelf price. I bet these are about $7.49-$7.99 and the max value is $6.51. You must print two of this coupon NOW.

Here’s the CVS Scenario starting 10/14:
BUY SIX DIGIORNO PIZZAS, on sale BOGO (estimated $7.49-$7.99)
Use two B2G1 DiGiorno Pizzas printable manufacturer coupon (zip 63112)
NET PRICE FOR ALL (under $6.51 price): $6.51 (or $1.08 each!)
NET PRICE FOR ALL ($7.49 estimate): $9.45 (or $1.57 each!)
NET PRICE FOR ALL ($7.99 estimae): $10.95 (or $1.82 each!)

It is possible that you may be able to use the $2/2 DiGiorno coupon here (zip 53213) as well if your store allows. If so, use two $2/2 coupons on the ones you are “buying” and pay even less!

To change your zip code (if necessary), do the following: 1) Click the link above; 2) Click the “Local Coupons” tab at the top; 3) Change your zip code using the box in the upper left corner under the Coupons.com logo; 4) Click on the “Coupons” tab at the top; and 5) Select and print your coupon.

Thanks to Bibi for commenting with the tip!

Extreme Couponing Tip: You can usually get two prints of most internet coupons. To find them in the easiest possible way, use our preclipped links that take you right to the coupon. Then come back and click the same link to get your 2nd print. This will save you the time spent searching for the coupon.

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  1. Wouldn’t you only be able to use one b2g1 coupon?

    • No, per CVS coupon policy you can use coupons on the free items, so long as your total on all the like items in the order does not go below $0.

      Therefore when you buy six, you can use two B2G1 coupons even though three of them are already free from the BOGO sale.

  2. Got them!! Thanks! I don’t think my CVS will allow the 2/2 but good deal!

  3. I’m definately curious as to whether you can add the $2/2 coupons into the mix.

  4. Thanks Steve…can you do a written scenario incorporating both B2G1 coupons and both $2/2 coupons…can’t wrap my brain around it at the moment…thanks.

  5. .. already printed the coupon but says up to $ 6.51..

  6. i can only print one coupon. When i want to print another one,i can’t find the coupon anymore. are u sure we can print two same coupons?

    • Go all the way to the last few pages and you should find it there so you can select and print it again.

  7. Can you break down this deal a little more?

    How do the coupons work with the BOGO and using B2G1 and $2/2?

    • You buy six. You pay for three and three are free from the sale. Total due (since price is probably $7.99) = $23.97

      CVS policy allows you to use coupons covering the free items, so you can use two B2G1 free coupons. Each coupon will deduct the maximum coupon value of $6.51. That deducts $13.02 so you still owe $10.95 (which comes out to $1.82 each!)

      Now some CVS coupons will allow you to use coupons on the four items that are not made free by the B2G1 coupon. If you are lucky, they may allow two more $2/2 coupons. If so, your total will be $6.95 (or $1.16 each!)

      My guess is that most stores may take issue with the extra $2/2 coupons, so they $10.95 scenario ($1.82 each) is most likely what you will get, but it is worth printing the $2/2 coupons too and taking them with you.

  8. Thanks Steve for posting! This deal will really be AWESOME if we can use the $2 one. Thanks again!

  9. I can’t seem to find the B2G1 coupons under 63112, does anyone know another zipcode? I thankfully already printed the $2/2, so that will make for a decent deal at least.

  10. Hello;)I tried changing my zip to print the coupon but can’t find it:( Do you still see it? maybe im doing something wrong? Thanks!

  11. I can not find the B2G1 under zip 63112, is it gone already?? =(

  12. don’t see the B2G1 coupon; is it gone, is there another zip to use? :(

  13. If I only have one coupon can I get 4? Since I am buying 2 doesn’t that mean I get two free and throw in the coupon to get 3 free? Or should I go back to bed lol

  14. its gone!!!!

  15. Oh well…at least I was able to print the other B2G1 & the $2/2…and my CVS will let me buy 6 & use both!! This is my hubbies fav..YAY!!

  16. Zip 50545.. hurry!!!

  17. I can’t find the $2/2 coupon, does anyone see a good zip code?

  18. I missed out on this! :( By the time I found out last night they were all gone…I was out all day bringing my 3 year old son, who is autistic, to his school program and running errands.

    Anyway……does anyone have an extra?..Would anyone be willing to spare at least just 1 coupon? I don’t even have enough freezer space to be able to do multiple deals so I really can only use 1 of the B2G1 free coupon..and if we can use the $2/2 coupon, which I also missed out on, then I would love to have one as well…if anyone would be so gracious and of course I would love to send some coupons as a trade. I’ve done a lot of coupon trading through the iheartpublix forum and I always get positive feedback :) I have multiple computers to print from and I also get 3-4 Sunday papers every week so I have lots to trade! :)

    Please contact me at jenniferwood820@gmail.com if anyone is willing to trade! Thank you!

  19. Did this deal today, since my CVS ad rolls over on Saturday…paid $6.35 for 6 pizzas or $1.05 each. Used two B2G1 and two $2/2. Thanks Steve!