CVS 10/4 – Profit $13.30 on $101.12 of Merchandise (113.2% Saved)

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We had an awesome night at CVS! Our cashier scanned the Pantene coupons and they automatically deducted the max value of $6.99, so we both ended up with a big moneymaker. The cashier didn’t want to let us use additional coupons on the items we were “paying for,” but I’m cool with that because they are always so easygoing. They autodeduct the max value on BOGO coupons and when Stephanie can’t make it, they let me do her transactions on her behalf ;)

So tonight we did three transactions. Here they are…

EIGHT PANTENE, on sale 2/$8 (regular price $4.99)
Get $10 Extra Bucks when you buy $30 of select P&G products
Used four BOGO Pantene coupons (each deducted the $6.99 max value), 9/16 SS newspaper insert
Price at Register: $4.04, but earned $10 Extra Bucks

TWO NEXXUS PRODUCTS, $9.99 & $10.99 regular price
Get $10 Extra Bucks when you buy $20 of Nexxus products
Get $5 SavingStar deposit when you buy $20 of Unilever products
Use two $3/1 Nexxus Hair Care or Styling Item manufacturer coupons on
Price at Register: $14.98, but earned $10 Extra Bucks and $5 SavingStar deposit

on sale 2/$8 (regular price $4.99)
on clearance $2.64 (regular price $5.29)
Get $10 Extra Bucks when you buy $30 of select P&G products
Used four BOGO Pantene coupons (each deducted the $6.99 max value), 9/16 SS newspaper insert
Price at Register: $2.68, but earned $10 Extra Bucks

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $101.12
Net Price Paid for Everything: $13.30 MONEYMAKER!
Savings Rate (excluding tax): 113.2%


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  1. YAY!! I know I have been to CVS 3 times this week to get some amazing deals! One more trip to go since you posted the Leggs & Nexxus deals! =)

    • Shoot! I forgot about the L’eggs :(

      Thanks for the reminder lol

    • Does that deal work for all CVS’s or just certain one’s and on the cashier? Would love to do this deal but afraid it won’t work for me.

      • If the cashier does nothing, it will work. But some choose to enter the coupon manually for the price of the item.

        If they enter the coupons for $4 each, the total would be $16 and you would get back $10 ECB. Net cost is $6 (or 75 cents each.) Still a great price.

        • OK thanks, I just went to publix;s today and got 6 bottles of pantene for 8.99. That’s $1.50 a bottle, by sale 3/$10.00 and used 3 BOGO coupons and $1.00/2 target,because that’s the only one I had but that’s still a great price so I was happy:) Don’t really want to risk that deal at CVS. I really don’t know the cashier’s there to well so they would probably only take off the $4.00.

          • It might be worth it to try one of these deals with a BOGO coupon with a few different cashiers at your store. If you can find one or more that will autodeduct it will pay off in the long run.

  2. thats so awesome!! I wish i could do the pantene deal. but i ran in there sunday morning and did the P & G deal already with the Bounty, Charmin and Dawn soaps. ( had to use the qpons expiring 09/30/12.) way to go Steve!!

    • Thanks Kimmie!

    • AshleyAshley says:

      See if you can wrangle a friend or family member to do it on their card. You wont be able to use your extra bucks, but at least someone will get the great deal =)

    • For most, they are letting you get the deal twice instead of once like it says in the ad. Check your receipt, if it says Offer Limit Reached you can’t do it again… BUT if it gives an Amount Towards Reward and Amount Needed to Earn Reward, another $10 ECB will print when you reach the $30 mark again. I’ve noticed this happening a lot with ECB deals that say limit one but the receipt says otherwise and another one will still print.

  3. Wish I had more than one coupon… My CVS is usually out of everything by Sunday noon anyway. The downside of everything being posted online. I use to donate to the food pantry and homeless shelter… not able to anymore. Happy rinsing to those who can!

  4. You can do the P & G deal twice before you hit the limit.
    First time the receipt says $30 more needed for next deal (or whatever the exact verbage is) then after the second it says limit reached. :)

  5. I was told that you can do the P&G deal twice this week. They said to look at the bottom of your receipt and if it doesn’t say “Offer limit reached” next to your P&G deal then you can do it another time. I’ve read it on at least a dozen sites, but have not done it yet. I’m planning on going today, and will let you know.

  6. That’s a great trip. I made out well, too, this week. I bought 6x Pantene Shampoo / Conditioners, 3x Dove Body Washes, 2x Tide detergents, 2x Robitussin cold medicines, and 2 small bags of candy (my daughters were with me). Retail cost would have been $91.85 ($65.84 with sales). After coupon pre-tax total was $7.37 and received $18 ECB back. This was all one transaction because the Red Coupon Machine spit out a $10 off $50 purchase!

  7. wow.. im impressed ejejje.. i will try this today.. i actually love seeing your shopping trips since they are very helpful to me.. thank u so much…

  8. If u use extra bucks to lower ur out of pocket expense can u still receive the saving star $5?

  9. Got my Pantene today – thanks for the tip. Worked great – cashier took the max amount off. The other great thing is you also get $32.00 closer to $5.00 reward when you spend $50.00 for the CVS beauty rewards.

    • That’s right! So it’s even a bigger MM, but we don’t get it until after the fact. So the Pantene deal is worth about $3.20 more to us.

  10. Super, thanks for sharing! Just got back from CVS. I also got the $10.00 off $50.00! I just added some Physician’s Formula eye make up, bottle of Dawn, and a gallon of milk to the 8 Pantene, I didn’t have PF or Dawn coupons with me, just the 4 bogo Pantene, $2.50 ECB’s, $10/50, Total came to $50.03 (love playing the Math game… ;) paid $8.92 after coupons and got back $10.00 from Pantene, $7.00 from PF makeup, and a buck from the milk! Good deal!

  11. Nexuus is Unilever, right? thats where the $5 savingsstar comes from?

  12. I’m back from CVS, and I am pleased to report that I was able to do the P&G deal twice this week. I was so happy, and like some others here, I also had a $10 off $50 from the red coupon machine and yesterday rec’d an email from cvs for $4 off $20. I was surprised they let me use both! Awesome week at CVS!

  13. Im so jealous of all of you; my cashiers almost had a heart attack about adjusting the coupons… 1 even tried telling me that they would be losing money if they did it that way (taking off the full amount) and I had to explain to them that they would get the money back from the manufacture. I wasnt able to do the deal and I was so excited going in too because after buying 8 pantene for the $32 I would had been able to use my $4 off $20 I got in my email. When they told me my total was $14 at the reg I cancelled the transaction. I believe if I wait for the right cashier I might be able to get the cheaper deal. If it comes down to it I may do the deal but not sure yet.

    • Still a great deal at 50 cents per bottle including tax. I think it’s worth doing if you don’t have a big stash of shampoo/conditioner.