Publix (Monica) – $1.92 paid for $10.83 worth of merchandise

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Ok, so this is not my ideal post nor in the ideal situation but sometimes we have to adjust with life. My only free time now seems to be on my lunch break so yes I was in my car on lunch when I took this.

I went to Publix last night with one goal to get my moneymaker noodles because my store doubles $.50 coupons to $1. However, they were out of noodles and since this is the first time in a while that I actually went into a store I said the heck with it and picked up the other few items that I was going to purchase anyways. Mind you I forgot to get my raincheck as I was walking out for the noodles which meant that I left $5 sitting at Publix. :( Yes, I have been out of the loop for too long and not to mention I had a sick kid in tow and an additional child from the football team that I had to drop off after practice. I was trying to rush to save my sanity. Oh well, hopefully it will be better tonight when I go back for the new sale. Here is how it went…

use two $0.50/1 Old El Paso Products printable (zip 90210) (doubled to $1)
Net Price: $.93 (making them $.47 each)

used one $0.50/1 GoGo SqueeZ Facebook printable (for the first time a DND actually did not double)
Net Price: $.80 (had I known it would not double I would not have paid this price for these)

TWO KNORR SIDES – on sale BOGO $1.19
used one $1/2 Knorr sides Publix Store coupon Best Meals Happen at Home email
Net Price: $.19 (making them $.10 each)

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $10.83
Net Price Paid for Everything: $1.92
Savings Rate (excluding tax): 82.3%

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  1. Monica, I know how you feel! We all have these moments/days/weeks :/ I really appreciate the posts on this site and find them tremendously helpful when planing my shopping trip. Thank you! Blessings!! S

  2. Hope your kid feels better! I was wondering what happened to you. We missed you!

    • Awww. Thanks. I am still here. I just haven’t had time to shop (which I guess it is a good thing that I was stocked enough to not have to worry about it). Between football and getting him started back in school, middle school at that, we have not had much time to do anything else. I am going to slowly start posting trips again but they will be pretty small trips for a little while.

  3. If your Huntsville store was anything like the Decatur store, they would have refused you a raincheck anyways.

    • What? How can they refuse you a raincheck? I have never been refused a raincheck.

      • They have a repetitive problem with not ordering enough, limiting deals to 1-3 deals per customer and then when they give you a raincheck, will only give it for 2 deals. This past weeks sale, I was refused a raincheck for both Magnum Ice Cream Bars and Friendship Sour Cream by the Store Manager. He wanted to substitute another brand for the sour cream (at the sales price, but I had a Friendship coupon which wouldn’t be honored). That was last Friday. Went back in on Tuesday after much turmoil as to whether I would ever shop at a Publix again, and was told I could not have rainchecks again on anything and every dang shelf was empty. I was told they would substitute items. I did end up getting an awesome deal on Velveeta, but missed out on a bunch of other deals. Unfortunately the Decatur Publix writes more rainchecks than any other Publix and I guess the manager is under pressure. We need another Publix or they need to do a better job stocking it. Kroger has become more and more enticing over recent months, even with the limit of 5 coupons.

        • I think I would have to call corporate about that actually no, I know I would call them. They are very good about handling these kinds of situations and furthermore I would let them know that you don’t think that the manufacturers would be too happy to hear that their store manager is pushing other products when they have neglected to order enough stock. That may seem extreme but honestly it is the truth.