Publix 8/21 – Paid $5.79 on $47.32 of Merchandise (87.8% Saved)

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I had planned a much larger shopping trip today, but I was left scrambling when I had trouble finding all the Glade products I desired. I have two Publix stores near my house. One was completely wiped out and the other had enough product to do one of the deals twice. So I ended up spending more out-of-pocket and even had to pick up a package of regular price cream cheese to get me to $30 before coupons so I could use a $5 off $30 Sweetbay coupon.

One other note: My store didn’t have any BOGO Publix Sweet Ham last week, so I picked up a raincheck so I could extend the life of last week’s $2/$2+ Publix Deli Department store coupon.

So here’s what I bought, along with the coupons used:

No coupons used
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $4.29 (or $2.14 each!)

TWO PUBLIX SWEET HAM 12 OZ, on sale BOGO $5.99
Used one $2/$2+ Publix Deli Deparment coupon, 8/12 Tampa Tribune
*** My raincheck allowed me to use the expired store coupon
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $3.99 (or $2.66 per pound!)

ONE PUBLIX CREAM CHEESE 8 OZ, regular price $0.93
No coupons used
NET PRICE: $0.93

ONE ROMAINE HEARTS 3 CT, regular price $3.29
Used one $2/$2+ Publix Produce Department coupon, 8/19 Tampa Tribune
NET PRICE: $1.29

Used two $1/1 Chips Ahoy! Publix coupons, Savings are Stocking Up Booklet
and used one $1/2 Nabisco Cookies printable manufacturer coupon
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $0.29 (or $0.14 each!)

TWO GLADE FRAGRANCE MIST STARTERS, on sale $3.55 (regular price $4.49)
TWO GLADE FRAGRANCE MIST REFILLS, on sale $2.59 (regular price $3.49)
Used two BOGO Buy Glade Fragrance Mist Starter, get Refill FREE Publix coupons, 8/19 SS newspaper insert
and used two BOGO Free Glade Fragrance Mist Starter when you buy Refill manufacturer coupons, 8/5 SS newspaper insert

I also used a $5 off $30 Sweetbay competitor store coupon, 8/19 Tampa Tribune

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $47.32
Net Price Paid for Everything: $5.79
Savings Rate (excluding tax): 87.8%

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  1. most of the stores are not allowing the $5/30 BEFORE coupons, thankfully i have my wd coupons <3

    • I had a backup W-D coupon just in case, but I haven’t had any trouble using the Sweetbay coupons before my other coupons.

      • melissa m says:

        I must by slow to the game. Where was the Sweetbya coupon?

        • It was on a single page Sweetbay flyer in some Sunday newspapers. They were in the Tampa Tribune edition here in south Pinellas county.

  2. You got the makings of a good sandwich with cookies for dessert!!! Good job even if a little higher oop for you. I’m not surprised about the Glade though……I was at my Publix by noon Sunday and they nad none of either starter kits on the shelves. Funny, but there were plenty of refills. I went to another Publix today…. same thing….. no starter kits, but plenty of refills.

    • Yeah, I think we all have some special orders in our futures. I think I’m going to place one on Friday. I didn’t buy many newspapers those weeks, so I’m just trying to do each deal four times total.

      • You mentioned special order? Can you give me more info? Guessing not the same as rain check.

        • Hi Crystal. Stop by customer service and tell them that you’d like to order some items and they should be able to help you out. Most stores are happy to do this, since you are leaving what stock they have on the shelves for other customers.

  3. My Publix would not accept the (2) bogo coupons (1) a Pulix and (1) a manufacturers for the Glade Fragrance Mist Starter and refill. I tried to argue the point but was unsuccessful. They should have right?

    • Yes. You are buying two items in each deal. The coupon policy allows you to use one manufacturer coupon per item and one store coupon per item. You should have been allowed to do so.

    • Is it not possible to use the BOGO Manufacturer (for the Refill) and $3 off Manufacturer (for the Starter) since they are two separate items? (I tried this at Walgreens, but their system would not let me us the $3 because it said the item was already “free.” [I think Walgreen's deal is better since it yields a $1 moneymaker with the RR with either items.]

  4. Must have only had the Sweetbay coupons in Tampa Tribune in Tampa. I could not find any in any of my Tampa Tribunes in Highlands County. Had to get some from someone in Clearwater. I ordered some glade yesterday. I am hoping it comes in soon so I can use the sweetbay coupons for that!! Love the mango one!

  5. There are so many people having issues with those sweetbay qpons. I have used them in the past (at publix) and had no problems. However i recently saw some great BOGO deals ( they were a little less than Publix) that I had qpons for so i decided to use my sweetbay qpon at sweetbay. well they took the $5/$30 qpon first then started scanning my other qpons and as they did the $5 dollar came back on my bill. the asst manager came over and told us that their system will adjust the amounts if other qpons are added on.. so i take them to publix now. :)

  6. I was wondering if we could use the $1 off glade refill manufacturer coupon along with the 2 bogo. The free refill is a store coupon.

    • It will depend on the store. The manufacturer coupon has “when you buy” language, not BOGO language, so your store may allow it. What I’ve found is that most stores will be okay with an additional coupon on the one you are buying if the words state “when you buy” instead of “buy one, get one free”

      Good luck :)

  7. My store was out of Glade as well. I was planning to use this to get to my $30 mark so I could
    use my winn-trixie coupon for $5 off 30. Luckily I had a back up plan. Publix was
    having a super deal with their PnG products. B3G1 Free. I chose pantene because I had coupons fo it. Here’s what I did: Pantene products priced at $3.49 each.
    I paid 0.98 cents for 8 pantene products. Basically FREE

    Used: (2) $3/2 SS 7/29 pantene coupons = 3.49 X3= $10.47 – $6coups = $4.47

    Used (4) Free Styler coupons in Publix Shopping Book when you buy 1 pantene shampoo or conditioner. The great part is Publix take an addtional $3.49 off one of the products which
    you are already getting for free anyway, since it is part of the B3G1 free PnG deal.

    This is how I arrived at 0.98 cents : $4.47 from top – an addtional $3.49 = 0.98 cent =)

  8. Nida, yes it’s always good to have a back up plan with so many people trying to get the same deals. Luckily the cashier didn’t read the Stocking Spree coupon as it’s “Get 1 Free Styler” wyb one shampoo AND one conditioner. Not meaning to give you a hard time…It’s easy to miss as when I first saw the coupon I was excited thinking it was “or” and it’d be a great deal. In this case to use 4 free coupons you would have had to buy 12 items… 4 shampoos, 4 conditioners and 4 stylers. Just an FYI so future readers won’t have problems at the register.

    Steve, glad I found your blog … lots of great info to share with others. Thanks for your hard work!

  9. Jeanne C. says:


    I didn’t see where the Glade was on sale – I looked in the weekly ad and both advantage buy flyers – please help!


  10. jessi berggren says:

    I stopped by my local “cheap” Publix, which I never go to because they don’t take WD coupons, but I had the Sweetbay coupon so I was super excited to visit my favorite store. I was at the checkout and a customer service rep was my cashier, I felt like I was punched in the gut when she said she couldn’t use my Sweetbay coupon because my total had to reach $30.00 after all the other coupons. I was like “when did this happen”. She said they were always supposed to do that with competitor coupons. I immediately asked about WD, but she replied they don’t take WD coupons. I knew that, I was just so thrown off I forgot which what Publix I was at. I didn’t argue with her at all because technically I knew she was right (thanks to the wording on the Sweetbay coupon). I went to another Publix today and had no issues with my WD coupon. So, the moral of the story is I won’t be visiting my cheap Publix again until I have no more WD coupons or until January 1 when they are expired. Because quite frankly I love getting that extra $5 off.