In case you haven’t noticed…I’m back :)

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Hey everyone, this is Steve. And no, that picture is not of me ;)

I just wanted to let you all know that I’m back at it full-time after some time off. My vacation was fun, but it was actually exhausting. (I haven’t had that much beer in a very long time! It was nice seeing all my college buds though.) After the “vacation” I was working on a political campaign for two days (and it didn’t end well once they counted up all the votes.)

After baking in the sun all day on Election Day (and losing), I decided that I needed a few more days off. In the end, about five days away became about ten, but I’m recharged and ready to go.

So hello to you all once again! I’ve missed reading your comments over the past week, although I did have a pretty good time while I was away.

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  1. welcome back!!!

  2. Wow you have changed since that picture, just kidding. Could you drop me a note to let me know about your ink refiller you got at walgreens. welcome back [ i am thinking about getting one]

    • I bought a kit at Staples. Just make sure you have lots of paper towels around the first time you try to refill one. There’s a good chance that some of the ink won’t make it in the cartridge or it will overflow until you get the hang of it.

      Otherwise it’s super easy.

  3. welcome back

  4. Hello Steve!!

    Well, now that all the soaking (beer) and baking is behind you, it is nice to welcome you back!! :)

    I surely missed you and your terrific transactions!! Nice to have you here once again!! :)

    • Well I think I’m going to have a very good Publix transaction tomorrow. No rocket science, but there are a lot of deals I need to snag.

  5. Glad you’re back, missed you!!!

  6. Patricia S. says:

    Yeah missed all your great posts, glad you had some time off!

  7. jeffery robinson says:

    welcome back brother … will u guys be posting the coupon matchups for Publix starting on 8/22??

  8. Glad to have you back, you’ve been missed

  9. Ewa Morgan says:

    It wasn’t the same without you Steve!

  10. Really glad your back!! You were definitely missed. Thanks for all you do. Glad you had a great vacation.

  11. Happy to see you are back. I was missing your posts!!!

  12. Hey Steve Welcome Back…can you shoot us a list of what you are going to try to get before you go???

    • Just saw this and already did the trip. Posting soon. It didn’t go as well as planned because someone looted almost all the Glade stuff. The first store was out of the items I needed, so I stopped at another store and picked up just a few. Stay tuned :)

  13. YAY!!!! Glad that your back!!!

  14. Welcome back! I always need a vacation after my vacation.