$1/2 Scotties Tissues and Walmart Deal!

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There is a high value coupon for Scotties Tissues over on coupons.com. These tissues only cost $1.00 art Walmart so without even waiting for a sale you can get each box for only $0.50!

$1/2 Scotties Tissues Printable Coupon zip 34598

Thanks, Midwest Coupon Clippers

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  1. It appears that you can no longer select your zip code for coupons

    • In order to select a zipcode you now have to click on the local coupons tab, enter a zip, then return to the coupons tab.

      • MauraFlorida says:

        Naomi, there is no more “Local Coupons” tab when I open http://www.coupons.com. The option to change zip codes appears to have been removed with the overall site format change.

        The four tab options I find on the main page right now are

        Coupon Codes
        Member Center

        There used to be a “Local Coupons” tab in that line-up, but it’s gone. I opened up each of the four tabs now available to me, and none of them contain an option to change the zip code. It’s the same whether I sign in as a Savings Club member or do not sign in at all and use the program defaults.

        I have a feeling this was quite a deliberate move on the part of Coupons.com since I doubt the manufacturers who only wanted a particular coupon offered to people in, for example, Illinois zip codes or California zip codes were happy that thousands of couponers in every other part of the country were printing and redeeming that coupon. I could be wrong and the option will be restored, but as of this minute, the “Local Coupons” tab is gone and I can find no other means of changing the zip code when I open up http://www.coupons.com.

        • On coupons.com I have the following: “coupons, savings card, local coupons, coupon codes, member center, more” I use Safari if that makes a difference. Though chrome has the same line up.

          • MauraFlorida says:

            Thank you for your response and explanation.

            You are correct about the problem being browser-specific. The tabs for “Savings Card” and “Local Coupons” are gone when I access site using Firefox, but when I tried Opera after reading your response, I saw all the tabs, including “Savings Card” and “Local Coupons.”

        • I am able to select my zip code still. It makes sense that you should be able to select, people move and travel and selecting a zip code is an important feature. I can’t find the coupons though in that zip code.

  2. Found it. Use zip code 12345. :)

  3. still prints available, zip 12345 under “Household”