Walgreens Shopping Scenario for Beginners 7/15 – 7/21

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The ad last week was so bad that the scenario that Steve did didn’t leave anyone with register rewards to carry over. (This week’s ad doesn’t look much better either) So this week we will assume that noone has register rewards to start with. If you need help figuring out a scenario with the register rewards that you have please let us know and we will do our best to help you out. By the way, I feel like every scenario I have written tonight has candy in it but that is what is on sale and I haven’t eaten anything today so hopefully it is not just me.

Transaction #1

THREE NESTLE CRUNCH GIRL SCOUT CANDY BARS – on sale $.59 w/in ad coupon
TWO EOS LIP BALM – on sale 2/$6
Get $4 RR when you buy 2 EOS
use one $1.25/3 Nestle Crunch Girl Scout Candy Bars Facebook printable
Price at register: $6.52, but receive $4 RR

Transaction #2

TWO GLIDE FLOSS PICKS – on sale $3.50
ONE WEXFORD 2 POCKET FOLDER – $.17 w/in ad coupon
Get $4 RR when you buy 2
use two $1/1 Oral-B Glide floss, 35m+ or Glide floss picks, 30 ct.+, excl trial sizes PG 7/01
use $4 RR from Transaction #1
Price at register: $1.17, but receive $4 RR

Transaction #3

ONE WEXFORD 2 POCKET FOLDER – $.17 w/in ad coupon
Get $4 RR when you buy 1 Listerine Mouthwash
use one $1/1 Listerine Total or Restoring Mouthwash RP 4/29 **Update: This coupon does not match and cannot be used**
use $4 RR from Transaction #2
Price at register: $.16, but receive $4 RR**Update: Price at register: $1.16, but receive $4 RR**

Assuming you started out with no register rewards this week your out of pocket will be $7.85 but you will have a $4 RR left. That makes the net price $3.85. Hopefully next week will be a better ad.

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  1. jacklynn says:

    last week I had a $5 rr to roll into the EOS Shaving Cream and I got $4 rr back here is what I came up with to spend my RR.

    1st transaction
    *buy 1 total care mouthwash 16.9oz $4.99
    use 1 $4rr and 1 MQ
    *buy 3 nestle crunch singles
    get the in store $.59 coupon
    use 1 $1.25 MQ
    *buy 1 walgreens stick candy for $.25
    after tax should be total $1.76

    get back $4RR

    2nd transaction
    buy 2 glide floss picks $7.00
    buy 1 walgreens stick candy for .25

    use $4rr from previous transaction
    use 2 MQ for $1 off..

    price after tax should be $1.74

    but I get another $4rr back…

    Do you think I should run into any trouble?

    • No, I don’t see any problems with that. You could save $.25 on transaction #1 because you have enough items that you don’t need to buy the stick candy. Great job!!

      • jacklynn says:

        I was wondering if I had to buy one because I am using the store coupon to make the nestle bars $.59 plus Im using the MQ $1.25 off three. is it because I have three nestle bars and only 2 coupons that my RR can be used?

        • Store coupons do not count towards your coupon vs items. You are exactly right you have 4 items total and are only using 2 coupons.

  2. I have a $10 rr that i need to use. Any suggestions? This ad is not very good, but I am collecting school supplies to donate. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    • You could get the EOS lip balm, the Nestle Girl Scout cookie singles (if your store carries them), and the three Suave body wash. Use your $10 RR, plus $.52 out of pocket to pay for those and you will get back a $4 RR and $2 RR. You can leave off the candy and only pay taxes too. You won’t need fillers for that transaction but then you could turn around and use the $2 RR for school supplies (6 folders, 1 one subject notebook, and 1 composite notebook and pay $.18 plus tax out of pocket) and and save the $4 RR for next week.

  3. I am confused at how the Listerine coupon in RP 4-29 will work. All of the coupons say 1L and the one on sale is 16.9 ozs. Am I missing something?

    • I think the size restrictions weren’t listed in the coupon database.

      • Thanks Steve. I guess 99 cents for mouthwash is a good price too. Oh well.

        • Yeah, not bad. I was so disappointed by the Walgreens sale this week that I traded my $12 of Register Rewards for a 12-pack of cheap beer. My friend is going to use the RRs to buy the Walgreens Nutritional Drinks he buys all the time. (Good deal for both of us.)

          • Crystal says:

            Can use the RR towards beer? According too the disclaimer, you can’t use it towards an “alcoholic beverage”??

          • You misunderstood me. I gave my RRs to a friend who was going to buy something at Walgreens anyways. He gave me beer. He did not purchase it with the RRs.

    • Thanks esetwo, I have updated the post.

      • Thanks, Monica. I am so bummed at the ad this week. I also noticed that the gloss picks coupon is only .75 not 1.00. I never knew that the P&G insert was regional. I thought everyone got the same one for that one. I guess you learn something new everyday!

  4. Hmm , that’s weird . In my P&G ad the coupon for the Oral-B Floss is only .75 off . But , its better than no one coupon .