Rite Aid (Monica) – $8.24 for $35.92 worth of merchandise $35.92 (77.1% savings)

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Yep, I made it to Rite Aid tonight too. I finally feel like I am getting back to normal on my shopping schedule. I plan on doing the Olay rebate deal but the store only had the two packs of soap that you see in the picture. I was talking to one of my favorite cashiers and asking her if they had more in the back and she said they didnt. She did say that she would place a special order for me for 10 packs (that will come in next week) and write me a raincheck for the sale price and +Up Reward. So rather than buying other products I will wait until next week and get the bars when they come in. Unfortunately this hurt my savings percentage but I got diapers too. Here is how the rest of the trip went…

TWO HUGGIES – on sale 2/$20 (regular price $12.49 each)
Get $5 +Up Reward when you buy 1 (limit 2)
used two $2/1 Huggies Little Movers Slip-on Diapers SS 07/08
Net Price: $6.00 ($3.00 each)

TWO OLAY BARS 2PK – on sale BOGO 50% off $3.49
used one $3/2 Olay Bath Bars, Body Washes or in Shower Body Lotions PG 07/01
Net Price: $2.24 ($1.12 each)

FOUR MILKY WAY – on sale 2/$1 (regular price $.99 each)
used two $1/2 Milky Way Brand Singles Bars, 1.76-2.05 oz printable
Net Price: FREE

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $35.92
Net Price Paid for Everything: $8.24
Savings Rate (excluding tax): 77.1%

P.S. I do not have any news to share. I did not get the diapers for myself, but at $3 a pack I thought this would make a great baby shower gift so I picked them up with that intent.

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  1. glad you had such good luck with this shopping trip. i will try and do this today. thanks for posting your experiences, it helps me figure out my couponing deals.! i get so frustrated with ride aid though!

    • I hope you have a pleasant experience. I have to say that I think it is the employees at the Rite Aid that I use that make it so wonderful. They are always very willing to help.

  2. Not quite sure if I am understanding your comments properly. Are you saying if the store is out of something, the cashier can write you a rain check and if that item produces a +UP reward, she can include that in the raincheck so that when they eventually have stock, you can buy at the sale price and the cash register will still produce the +UP reward ? Or are you saying that the in rain check that the cashier writes, she/he will write the item being available for purchase at the sale price minus the value of +UP reward ? Appreciate your clarification. Thanks!

    • Sorry, it is kind of confusing. The raincheck was written for the Olay bars to match the sale price at BOGO 50% off $3.49. She also wrote the $10 +Up Reward on there because at that point the “when you buy $30 you get $10 +Up” will no longer be going on as well. In this scenario. I will purchase the Olay bars next week with the raincheck, they will be BOGO 50% off. For the $10 +Up Reward, it will not generate automatically, the cashier will load $10 on a Rite Aid gift card. I know this deal is a little confusing but if you have any more questions let me know.

      • Thanks so much for this explanation! It is going to help me a lot as my stores are often swiped clean of products by the time I get to them. It is good to know that you can still get the value of +UP reward in a gift card at a later time.

        Do CVS and Walgreen have a similar setup with regards to Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards respectively when it comes to raincheck ?

        • CVS will issue a raincheck with ECB information on there that has to be forced at the register, Walgreens will not.

          • Thank you. One last question about this: The price written on the rain check is always based on only regular or current sale price, it is never based on a clearance price, right ? For example, if I find an item on clearance and the shelf is cleaned out, I can’t ask the cashier to write me a rain check based on clearance price, right ?

          • I honestly do not know in this situation. I would think the answer to that would be no, but always ask just in case. The worst they could say is they can’t do it and then you are at no loss.

  3. I have a question about the rebate for Olay. If you look at the form it only has enough spaces for 8 UPC codes…and with this deal ten are being purchased….so do you have any suggestions on how to handle that? Should I just write them in or maybe attach another form with just those extra two codes? Last time I did the P&G I had just enough spaces for my item UPC codes….

    • I plan on using two forms and then stapling them to my receipts before putting them in the mail. That way nothing will get lost because they are all stapled together. I just wanted to make one more note, just in case anyone else is planning on doing this, In order to do the rebate you have to buy 12 of the soaps if they are priced BOGO 50% $3.49 like mine were in order to hit the $30 mark. That is why I purchased 2 this week, with an additional 10 next week.

      • Thanks so much, that’s what I was going to do if I couldn’t get any advice! Luckily/unluckily mine were priced at $3.99 so in order to hit the mark I had to substitute a body wash at $4.99 and get 9 bar soaps. But I’m filling out my form now and gonna try to beat the mail carrier to my box! Thanks!!!

  4. I don’t shop at riteade so could you please tell me what this means Get $5 +Up Reward when you buy 1 (limit 2). Have a new grandson need diapers.

    • Sure, you get a $5 +Up Reward (these are just like register rewards at Walgreens or ECB rewards at CVS) when you buy one pack to use on your next purchase, you can do this deal twice hence the limit 2. Buy two packs of diapers 2/$20 (this sale ends today). You will get a $5 +Up Reward for each pack = $10 +Up Rewards. You use two $2/1 coupons. $20 worth of diapers – $4 worth of coupons = $16 (what you pay at the register). Get $10 +Up Rewards on your receipt to use towards your next purchase (of anything). It is like you are getting both packs for $6 or $3 each. Hope that helps.