Publix 7/5 – Profit $1.72 on $129.35 of Merchandise (101.3% Saved!)

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Today was a great day for me at Publix. I stopped at two Publix stores this morning (they are both within a few blocks of each other.) Someone robbed all the peelies off of the Advil at the one store (and I could see where they were once on the box), but the other store had at last twenty boxes with $2/1 peelies! I made a trip through the line at that store to pick up eight Advil and a few other items so I could use a $10/$40 Sweetbay coupon. Afterwards I stopped again at the first store to finish up my shopping an used another $10/$40 coupon. I managed to pick up every item on my list, plus I picked up a little produce :)

Here’s what I bought, along with the coupons used:

TEN DIET DR. PEPPER 2L BOTTLE, BOGO $1.89 (raincheck from last week)
Used five $1/2 Dr. Pepper one 12-pack or two 2L Bottle coupons, 6/24 SS newspaper insert
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $4.45 (or 44 cents each!)

THREE HEINZ WHITE VINEGAR, regular price $1.29
Used seven $1/1 Heinz Vinegar, 6/24 SS newspaper insert
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $2.83 (or 40 cents each!)

ONE HEAD OF ROMAINE LETTUCE, regular price $1.99
No coupons used

ONE PERSIAN LIME, regular price $0.34
No coupons used

TWO CRAZY APPLES, regular price $0.50
No coupons used
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $1 (or 50 cents each!)

TWO BANANAS, regular price $0.69/lb ($0.58 total)
No coupons used

ONE PREMIUM PEACH, on sale $1.99/lb ($0.92 total/$1.39 regular price)
No coupons used

Used four $0.55/1 Pebbles Cereals or Treats, 6/10 RP newspaper insert
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $5.38 (or $1.34 each!)

Used two $1/1 Weight Watchers Frozen Novelties printable coupons
and used one $2/$2+ Frozen Food Department Purchase Publix store coupon, 7/1 Tampa Tribune Newspaper
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $0.15 (or 7 cents each!)

Used two $3/1 Birds Eye Voila Meals printable coupons (no longer available)
and used one $2/$2+ Frozen Food Department Purchase Publix store coupon, 7/1 Tampa Tribune Newspaper

TWO CASTLEBERRY HOT DOG CHILI SAUCE, on sale $0.75 (regular price $0.89)
Used one $1/2 Castleberry Product printable coupon (no longer available)
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $0.50 (or 25 cents each!)

Used two $0.55/1 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip, 6/17 SS newspaper insert
NET PRICE FOR ALL: $3.39 (or $1.69 each!)

EIGHT ADVIL 50 CT, on sale $4.49 (regular price $6.43)
Used eight $2/1 Advil manufacturer coupons, peelies found on product
and used four $5/2 Advil, Advil PM, 32 ct+, Children’s Advil, .5-4 oz or 24 ct, Advil Congestion Relief, 10-20 ct or ThermaCare, 2-3 ct Publix Store Coupons, Green Advantage Flyer

I also used two $10/$40 Sweetbay coupons (7/1 Tampa Tribune Newspaper), one on each transaction. (Note that these two Publix stores do not consider coupons to be “discounts,” so I was able to use this coupon as long as my total was over $40 AFTER sales, but BEFORE coupons.)

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $129.35
Net Price Paid for Everything: $1.72 PROFIT!
Savings Rate (excluding tax): 101.3%

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  1. I could not find the Dr. Pepper coupon in the 6/24 insert of the Tampa Tribune. Is this where you got this coupon? Might be regional by county?

    • I think I bought St. Pete Times that week, but I’m not sure. Either way, I bought the newspapers in southern Pinellas County.

  2. What’s your opinion on people who pull off the peelies? I was at Publix the other day and I knew this Advil deal was coming, saw the peelies you’re talking about, but didn’t get them because I wasn’t buying them at that moment. Kind of feels wrong to me.

    • I think you should only take a peelie if you are going to buy the product it is attached to on the shelf.

      That said…I can think of one exception where I MIGHT snag a couple. If I were in a Publix on that last day of a sale and I knew that I couldn’t shop until later on the first day of the new sale…and I saw peelies…and I knew there were some major whores at my store that would take them all if I left them…and I intended to return to that store the very next day to buy the products I took the peelies from…then maybe I’d take one or two if I really needed the product.

      • Totally with you. I volunteer at an elderly care center and wanted to get a few for my sweet patients (literally, it’s like giving them candy) and every. single. peelie. in the shelf of 30+ advil was pulled off (with that shiny reflective sticker backing remaining to mock me). I was seething.

        Still, at least we have the printable $3/2. Not as good a deal but still good enough for me to gift some to my grannies. =)

  3. So I am curious as to what you do with your “profit.” Does Publix allow you to put the extra money on a gift card?

    • They will pay me cash, but you beep when the register goes negative and you need a manager override. If they are busy, I will just buy a gift card along with my other items to keep my total above zero and then no override is needed.

  4. Patricia S. says:

    great trip, did u ever find you busy bone coupons last week? i was waiting for your other trip, ha!

  5. i am kicking myself for NOT getting the rain check on the pepsi next, ugh!!! i did get ONLY ONE dr pepper coupon that was in the paper, i think it was because one of the papers i got were from pinellas county and the rest were from pasco.. great job AS ALWAYS!!!! i have been using my overages towards the tyson skinless, boneless chicken that were $5.49 per bag yesterday and the day before, great way to buy meats without having to buy meats :)

    • Yup! I love it when I find a meat deal I like in a week with overage. We’re in pretty good shape on meat right now, but the roommate is eyeing a few deals at Save-a-Lot that run for another week or so. Ground beef is $1.97/lb, but I’m assuming it is lower quality, like 73/27

  6. The Weight Watcher coupons you posted when I print it states $1.00 off any one Weight Watchers CHEESE Product, is this the wrong post for the Novelties Coupon? or did you use this Cheese coupon? thanks,

  7. Great going, Steve! I go through a lot of apple cider vinegar in our house, never thought to buy 7 newspapers though. Is there any other source to get this many, other than eBay?

    • Brandi F says: or is where I buy certain qs I need more of. I have never had a problem with them. Also also.

  8. Speaking about peelies on Advil. I was in the several stores on 07/03/12 and none of them have it on the boxes for 40-50 pills or tablets. I went yesterday to my closest store and I haven’t seen peelies on the boxes as well. Today I went to the same store and there were tons of Advil boxes and none of them have peelies as well, but most of them ( about 45-50) had a trace of peelies. When I asked assistant manager what happened with them, he said that he doesn’t know and he doesn’t know that they are supposed to be on the boxes. As I was told last year, the peelies are coming separate from the boxes and an employee has to put it in when they have a major promotion. So I am assuming that Publix neither received peelies, or they don’t want to put it now. The store is not coupon friendly, they are taking coupons, but a simple to check out takes you about 10-15 minutes to go through coupons and items multiple times.

    • All 3 stores I visited in my area had the same thing, the clear plastic coating but no peelie. My area does not have a lot of couponers, so I’m pretty certain they just didn’t put them out. I can’t see someone taking 100+ peelies in this area!

  9. Got my Advil!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  10. so the heinz vinegar isnt on sale right? that is the regular price?

  11. Marjorie says:

    Steve! I’m so excited…I finally had a transaction where Publix paid me! I bought 8 advils and 2 voilas. I had the $3 coupons for the voila and the Sweetbay $10 off $40 and the $2 off frozen grocery items, and of course all the advil coupons. I got $13.25 back!! The manager at this store gave me the stink eye..but I didn’t care. Thanks for the heads up on the advil!

  12. I wanted to know where I can find more of the Heniz vinager coupons?!?! I have looked everywhere and can not find them! Please help!!!!

    • Ebay, your local recycle center, friends or family?

      • Thanks for the help…ebay was the last resort as I live in S. Fla. & no one I knew had it. Plus couldn’t get to the recycling center. I didn’t hear of any one in Palm Beach County stating that it came in our sunday paper. But at last I found them on ebay! You’re AWESOME, BTW. Thanks for all the couponing tips, tricks and sales!

  13. I was so excised about the Advil when I saw they should have sticky, sadly some jerk in my area, likes to coupon too. Witch is great but they go around and buy everyone from every store. they also steal all of the newspaper out of the machines. I so wanted this deal :/ all i can find is the $1/2 online printable. where is the $3/2 online one i keep hearing about but cant find :/

  14. Stephanie says:

    I work at a Publix store and from what I have experienced about peelies, we as employees have only ever putpeelies on products such as potato chips, sodas, beer, and other items that are stocked by vendors, not Publix itself. (Meaning Lays, Coca Cola, or Budweiser will come in on their own and stock their product). Items like Advil usually already come with peelies on them, but only a certain amount of the shipment will have peelies. In my experience, they are all taken by one or two people at a time. Hope this helps!