CVS (Monica) – $7.24 PROFIT on $137.63 worth of merchandise, including two $10 gas cards (105.3% savings)

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I guess I am one of the crazies that Steve was talking about yesterday!! I told you guys since I pass directly in front of CVS twice a day everyday I would be stopping in there and getting my coupons. I actually remembered to stop in everyday. So, I finally decided to get out and tackle this heat. Triple digits this early in the year is kinda scary. Thank goodness the heat didn’t mess with my head too much and I was still able to pull off a decent deal. I did two seperate transactions because I was a few dollars short to hit the second gas card deal. Also, note that I asked the cashier (before purchasing) if the smaller bottles of Nexxus were considered trials because they were not in the trial section. She gave me the go ahead. Also, my store was out of Cortaid (I guess they weren’t stocked for everyone to get a coupon) so I will have to save that for another day.

I have done this write up a little differently because of the gas cards and ECBs I earned. So here is how it went…

Transaction #1

FOUR PANTENE SHAMPOOS – on sale 2/$6.50 (regular price $4.99)
FOUR PANTENE CONDITIONERS -  on sale 2/$6.50 (regular price $4.99)
FOUR DAWN DISH LIQUID -  on sale $.97 (regular price $1.67)
ONE PHYSICIANS FORMULA EYELINER - on sale $.29 (regular price $7.29)
ONE PHYSICIANS FORMULA QUAD SHADOW – on sale $.29 (regular price $7.29)
EIGHT COVERGIRL SINGLE EYESHADOW – on sale BOGO 50% off (regular price $3.69)
FIVE NEXXUS PRODUCTS  - regular price $3.19

Transaction #2

TWO COVERGIRL EYELINERS – on sale BOGO 50% off (regular price $5.49)

Coupons Used

Five $2/1 Shampoo, Conditioner, or Stylers, CVS Red Coupon Machine (received last week)
Four $3/2 Pantene Products SS 6/24 newspaper insert
Four $.25/1 Dawn Dish Detergent PG 7/1 newspaper insert
Five $3/2 Covergirl products PG 7/1 newspaper insert
Two $3/$10 Cosmetics, CVS Red Coupon Machine (received last week)
Five $3/1 Nexxus Products, CVS Red Coupon Machine (received last week)

What I Earned

$5.00 ECB for buying $50 worth of beauty products
two $10 gas cards

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $137.63 (includes $20 worth of gas)
Net Price Paid for Everything: $7.24 PROFIT (includes the $20 deduction of the gas cards)

Savings Rate (excluding sales tax): 105.3%

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  1. candace says:

    how were u able to use 5 $3/2 cg mq when u only bought 8 cg product?

  2. It would be easier to understand the transaction if you list the coupon used under the product. I usually have to figure how how much you pay for the item by going back and forth from the transaction to coupons used to what I earned…. Wow that’s a lot :)
    Great trip! Thanks!

  3. I thought the limit on the P&G coupons is 4 per shopping trip. Did you use 5 covergirl in one trip?

    • Well, that depends on what you consider a “shopping trip”. Yes, I did and you can see the seperate transaction of covergirl items. I was that close to getting the second gas card so the cashier is the one that told me to go back and get two more covergirl items.

      • Shopping trip is relatively vague. If I was worried about it, I would personally exit the store and reenter, since it is entirely subjective whether or not a shopping trip is from the time you leave your house until you return home, OR whether it is from the time you enter the store and exit it.

        I would be concerned if someone posted that they used sixteen coupons ;)

        • cookinmom says:

          You’re too much Steve!!! LOL What a riot!! I can picture people exiting and then reentering a store and it’s all your fault!! :0)

  4. Melinda says:

    I did kind of similar transaction but alot smaller.
    I got 2 Pantene shampoo
    2 pantene conditioner
    2 covergirl powder
    2 covergirl eyeliner

    I used. $10 ecb from last week.
    2 $3/2 pantene coupons
    2 $3/2 covergirl coupons
    2 $2 off hair care coupon from red machine
    2 $3 off $10 cosmetics purchase from red machine
    & $3 off $10 covergirl purchase.

    Spent $1.34 & got back a $10 gas card :):)

  5. Patricia S. says:

    Is shampoo considered a beauty product, I sware I buy tons of beauty stuff at cvs but my stupid beauty totals never increase, great trip by the way. I was up bright and early to do my gas card deal. FYI the bogo head and shoulders coupon from todays paper took off the full 9.49 when I bought 2 bottles for 9 bucks, so both were free I got 16 from two stores!

    • Yes, it is. It took me a long time to learn that one. I am going to have to try to Head and Shoulders deal but I will have to wait until my fabulous cashiers are working again which is Wednesday or Thursday. Thanks for sharing and thanks for checking out the trip.

      • Regarding your beauty bucks, check online with your account with CVS. Today they released the 2% back, and the beauty bucks. It is the start of a new quarter!

        • Thanks for mentioning this for everyone. I got a whopping $1.50 today!

          • Ronda M says:

            With all of the shampoo and conditioner I bought, it did not count towards the beauty rewards, i wonder why? Even the physicians formula item I got completely free counted $14.99 towards my $50.?????

          • Ronda, it takes a couple of days for mine to show up on my account.

        • Ronda M says:

          Thank you Monica!!! Yes, mine showed up today. I had called CVS and they said it takes at least 24 hours.

  6. cookinmom says:

    Ok what’s the promo for the gas card. How much do you need to buy…$50 worth??? I’ve been out of the picture for a while?

    • It is $30 worth. Everthing but the Nexxus products were participating items.

  7. Thank you so much for this and all your postings. I have a quick question in regards how much out of pocket did you had to pay at the register for transaction # 1 and # 2. Sorry but I am bit confused as when you said “… Net Price Paid for Everything: $7.24 PROFIT (includes the $20 deduction of the gas cards)…. ” does this means that you paid $12.76 out of pocket and when considering the $20 worth on gas cards, creates a profit of $7.24?
    Just trying to get my numbers straight and a better understanding of CVS

    Thanks a bunch!

    • Yes, you got it right. Since I didn’t have to pay anything for the gas cards then they are subtracted from the total giving me the “net price paid”. However, I used ECBs from prior trips to lower that out of pocket expense.

      • After I posted this I got to thinking, actually the out of pocket expense was $17.76 because the $5 ECB earned doesn’t count as payment at the register either.

        • Thank you so much. I just wanted to make sure I got it right.

          I really appreciate all this great postings.

          • You are welcome. I will start trying to post it differently so it is easier to understand.

  8. Question…did the full price of the PF cosmetics count toward the gas card or just the .29?

  9. MauraFlorida says:

    I got a $3/1 Nexus coupon every day for a week, but mine printed with verbiage that excluded trial sizes, so I did not try to use them on the small bottles from the travel section. Nothing in the regular-size Nexus products was priced less than $8, so I just saved the coupons.

    After reading about your trip to CVS yesterday and seeing that you used the $3/1 Nexus coupons on $3.19 products and seeing from the photo that the products were the 3-ounce size from the travel and trial-size section, I went to my CVS this morning and asked about using the coupons on the small bottles. I brought a 3-ounce, $3.29 bottle of Nexus shampoo from the travel-size area to the counter and asked if I could use one of the $3/1 Nexus coupons on it. The two cashiers at the counter were very friendly and scanned the bottle to see if it was flagged as a trial size, and it was, so I was not able to use any Nexus coupons on the small sizes that are priced a little over $3.

    How were you able to use your Nexus coupons on the trial-size bottles? Did your cashiers take them anyway even though the coupons exclude trial sizes?

    • She asked the cashier and they said it was ok, plus the items were not in the travel area at her store. It’s one of those situations where your mileage is going to vary based on the store.

      I didn’t even bother asking at my store because we are so well-stocked on shampoo for my roommate and I am so close to bald that I don’t need any. Body wash does the trick for me ;)

      • Carol S says:

        Thanks for the post – My store also has the smaller bottles of Nexus that are not in the travel section. I asked the cashier if they were considered trail size and she scanned them and said they were not considered travel size. I was able to purchase (2) shampoo 3.19-3.00 cvs coupon, (2) gel 3.19-3.00 cvs coupon, (1) shampoo 3.29 – 3.00 cvs coupon and (1) hairspray 2.99-3.00 cvs coupon. I would have never asked if I hadn’t seen your post. Thanks

  10. How do you get so many duplicates of the CVS coupons??

    • I pass by CVS twice a day (everyday) so when I saw what it was printing I decided to try again the next day. It kept spitting them out each day until Sunday when the coupons change.

  11. Ronda M says:

    MONICA & STEVE thank you so much I was able to pull off yet another gas card deal for just TAX because of the ECBS earned from the Nieva tins.

    8 covergirl eyeshadow used 2 $3 off $10 cosmetics AND 1 $3 off $10 covergirl products then the
    4 manufacture cg q’s $3 off $2
    1 zzzquil used 1 $2 manufacture q and ! $2 CVS q
    1 bottle of tide on sale no coupons
    THEN gave my $8 in ECBs and my $1 ECB from my green tag
    Also got $10 shell gas card!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so excited when I can save like this!!! Gas is the most expensive thing for me so worth rolling all my ECBS………

    PLUS I have $5 more ECB’s from the beauty club I will use towards 2 cases of the purified water $2.44 each and just ask to adjust down if anything…….water is good to stock up on during Hurricane Season!

    • That’s awesome Ronda. Rather than adjusting down your ECBs see if you can find a Physician’s Formula item that will ring up for $.29 (regular price $7.29) and that way you can stretch that a little farther.

  12. BigMomma says:

    I was curious about the Nexxus product(s) as well, cause when I was browsing the aisles I noticed they had the small shampoos & conditioners with the regular size products so I took a couple over to the counter & had the clerk to see if they were considered trial or travel size (sure don’t want to commit FRAUD by getting the wrong product(s) – she said they weren’t & the coupon would work fine for the product(s) so I was glad. My suggestion is if you have any doubts in your mind, just take the product to the counter & have it scanned by the cashier….that way you know for sure, my CVS is very friendly & helpful except for one older clerk (she’s just always cranky any day of the week)….she doesn’t even want to scan my green bag tag sometimes. I just try to get there when she’s not working!

    • That’s the way I feel about it BigMomma. I didn’t even have the bottles in my hand because I wasn’t planning on getting them. I asked first and she said it was good so I went back and got them before she checked me out. Sometimes you never know until you ask.

  13. How did you use 5 Pantene Q’s on only 8 pantene? You would have had to buy 10 to use 5 Q’s???

    • I only used four Pantene coupons. I used five $2/1 CVS Red Coupon machine coupons since they are off of one product I could have used up to three more had I had them.