Walgreens 6/3 – Paid $12.15 on $86.13 of Merchandise (85.9% Saved)

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I bet most of you had a better trip to Walgreens than I did this week. Some little piggy turned my well-stocked store into one without Brainstrong this morning, plus they took almost all the fish oil. I was quite irritated, but not quite angry because I didn’t have the coupons that would have made both deals into moneymakers. We were also out of dryer sheets, so I decided to do the Snuggle deal twice, even though it’s not quite a stock-up deal. I just had to shut someone up.

Did I tell you that my wonderful roommate went shopping with me today? ;) Just teasin’…

Here’s the full list of what we bought, along with the coupons used:

FOUR BUTTERBALL CHICKEN BROTH, on sale $0.50 with in-ad coupon
TWO NICE! BAKING SODA, on sale $0.59 with in-ad coupon
Get $10 Register Rewards when you buy Omega Smart Ultimate Fish Oil 30 ct
Get $6 Register Rewards when you buy Walgreens Lansoprazole 14 ct
Get $2 Register Rewards when you buy Goody Ouchless Headband 1 ct or Barrettes 2 ct
Get $2 Register Rewards when you buy Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit
Used one $3/1 Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit printable coupon (zip 33712)
and used one $0.50/1 Snuggle Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets, 4/29 RP newspaper insert
Price at Register: $29.16, but received $20 Register Rewards
*** Note that I used a huge pile of Register Rewards (nine totaling $28) to make the out-of-pocket very low

Get $6 Register Rewards when you buy Walgreens Lansoprazole 14 ct
Get $2 Register Rewards when you buy Goody Ouchless Headband 1 ct or Barrettes 2 ct
Used one $0.50/1 Snuggle Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets, 4/29 RP newspaper insert
Price at Register: $10.99, but received $8 Register Rewards
*** I used some Register Rewards to lower my out of pocket to almost nothing here too

Get $2 Register Rewards when you buy Goody Ouchless Headband 1 ct or Barrettes 2 ct
Price at Register: $2, but received $2 Register Rewards
*** I had a $2 Register Reward from last week’s Ecotrin moneymaker that I used on this transaction to lower my out of pocket even more

Total Retail Value of All Merchandise: $86.13
Net Price Paid for Everything: $12.15 (plus sales tax)
Savings Rate (excluding sales tax): 85.9%

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  1. Milissa says:

    muahaha:) Finally, someone else can feel the raft of crazy couponers. I have given up on the possibility of money makers or free items!

    Everyone up in this area talks about how the crazy couponers sell their goods at garage sales. I guess the coupon police could careless if Betty Boop is selling 90 packages of vitamin b12.

    • If I had the coupons for the MMs, I would have been in the store at midnight. (I was still awake then.)

      $3 MM on Fish Oil? $4 MM on Brainstrong? Reminds me of this movie clip…

      • Milissa says:

        haha. Pshh, I would go crazy doing all these drugstore deals. At least you have not gone off the rocker and started buying the coupons off of Ebay, in bulk!

        I can only imagine you at Walgreens…Forget that, at CVS screaming/crying at the red coupon machine.

        • I bought 20 Crest Whitestrips coupons off Ebay once, but I think that’s it. I have bought some coupons from a few clipping services, but nothing too crazy and it’s been a while. We cut our shopping volume way down since Stephanie got back to work.

      • the problem in my store is the employees take the freebees before they are on the shelf. Found that out the other day when I asked a clerk about the Collagen deal. He said oh there are a few behind counter, let me ask whos they are. He goes asks the manager and manager says they cant be sold cause she is holding them for an employee. NICE! Lets just say I was NOT happy.

  2. Kimberly G says:

    That exact thing is why the store I work for limits quantities now. Because of the few “crazy” couponers who see it as a pay day and buy 227 deodorants and then stack the coupons giving me the privilege of having the longest ever check out. YES you read that correctly I rang 227 deodorants and 454 coupons. It took me nearly one hour to ring her out because I had to continually over ride her coupons. I love coupons and yes I like free BUT I have NEVER cleared a shelf and I have never gone into a store just for the sole purpose of making money. She stated at the beginning this was the way she made money and she was going to sell them at a flea market. The next day my store manager placed a limit on all sale items. It’s a shame that one person can dictate how the rest of the world shops.

    • Milissa says:

      Honestly at first it use to drive me crazy. At my Publix we never have any of the bogo items unless they are items such as Captain Crunch or expensive items like olive oil. Anything that nears a $1.00 or below is cleared by Friday.

      I don’t even waste my time. I bring my list, my coupons, and just buy what I need. At first, I loved buying all the new items that were free, they were fun to try. But, I feel like grocery shopping in my area is a competitive business. I do not have time to waste going to 3 different Publix’s just to find some Sominex.

      A lot of people do make money on these items and do not roll-over their overage to buy their remaining groceries. I live in a well-off area. All of the houses have swimming pools, hot tubs, manicured lawns and more than 3 cars in the driveway.

      I like to think the people that are getting money handed to them at the register and are selling the products at garage sales/flea market/eBay cannot find work.

      Also, I like to point out that I strongly dislike the people that buy 20+ of items and turn around and tell me they are donating 19 of them. I seriously say, well that is great but how about you shop on the last day of the sale, moron.

      I know it is difficult right now in Tampa if you are not educated in the right fields, but common people.

      Mainly, I feel bad for the little old ladies in my area that do not coupon and want to buy one packages of Maxi pads but can’t because some crazy couponer bought them all out.

    • 227? didnt know that a store carried that many or even had that many on a shelf. People like that make couponers a bad name.

    • Wowza!!! Kimberly I am shocked that your store even had that many deoderants in the first place….unless the were pre-ordered.

      • Kimberly G says:

        NO they were not pre-ordered she cleared the shelf of everything we had mens ,womans, and the teen ones. It was the first day of the sale and we had just received a truck so she was lucky. BUT her one transaction changed everything. No one may purchase more than 10 of a sale item. I can’t really say what store I work at due to the policy put into affect where we are not aloud to disclose where we work on social web sights( another story entirely) ,however I can say it is one of the major stores in the South. ^_^ I work at the customer service counter and I can’t tell you how many times people have become down right mean and irate over a coupon that was clearly not being used properly. I cringe when I see someone with a fist full of coupons. Not because I hate coupons (I use them) but because I know that some how there will be an issue with one and the reactions are not always good.

  3. Hi Steve!

    I have a $2.00 dollar off Omega Smart ( pdf file) I can email to thouse who would like

  4. Cindy C says:

    I don’t do the MMs at all, unless it’s by accident when I’m getting groceries. First of all, I’m disabled & can’t run all over at whim to buy everything. Second of all, the few times that I *have* tried, the shelves have already been cleared – numerous times.

    I do buy coupons from eBay for the things we eat & use, and I love getting my coupons that way. It’s absolutely cheaper than buying 6-10 newspapers every week AND it lets me target what I’m buying much better. In fact, I didn’t buy any newspapers today because even with 3 inserts, there were only 1 or 2 coupons I wanted, and I can go to eBay & buy 20 of each for under $5. I have 2 grocery stores in my area that both do BOGOs every week and 10/$10 sales every week, and they both stay stocked up on everything (Publix & BiLo). I’ve gotten some super deals at stockup prices buying coupons from eBay, but again, I only buy what we’re going to eat or use.

  5. I don’t beleive it. There are no more 12 bars of soap, 12 deo or 12 shampoo. In our Ft. Lauderdale, FL area there are usually only 10-12 items on the self in one store and if you are lucky you can find them on Sunday or Monday early morning. And they never to restock it before end of the sale.

  6. Christi says:

    my wags didn’t have the brianstrong or the fish oil- just a sign saying something about how they had supply issues and they would issue a raincheck for the purchase price only- funny that i had been in that same wags less than 12 hours before that and they had TONS of both products when i looked to see where they were located. no mm for me either :(

  7. your cat looks like my two cats!!!!! that is too cute.. is your kitty “potty training yet”, mine is <3

    • LOL no I haven’t tried to potty train her. She always has to get into the pics. The boy cat couldn’t care less about getting in pictures. He just likes to lay around and be “not thin.”

      • I bought the kit at petco on 22nd, they were curious, they are doing awesome.. I loaded up on the crave cat treats when publix had their bogo qs with .50¢ man qs, the manager told me to try it and at any time I could return it for my money back. I took away their cat box and they love it.. Let me know if you try it °)) thanks for all you do!!!

        • Tempting ;)

          • it is awesome, you have NOTHING to lose other than the pictures of cat litter on your posts or mine : ) LOL.. do you want to coupon my kitty toilet, jk.. i love it!!! it is truly amazing! but i will say you have to do baby steps with each tray as they tell you, my girlfriend jumped from one tray to another within 12 hours she had problems and threw it in the garbage, i have had such good luck babying them!

          • We’ll see if the roommate wants to quit paying for litter. That is one of the most expensive things we buy since we are brand loyal on this one item.

  8. What deal did you get on the cat? jk lol

  9. Uhmmmm breakdown of that black cat please? Did you get any RR’s? :)

    • You would think they would give RRs to get you to take such a bad thing, but they didn’t :(

  10. Ya know after reading all the comments above, you would think that the managers of these Walgreens stores would order high quanities of the items that are going to be free or even the items that will be .99 or under. When I was an assistant manager of a retail store (not Wags or CVS) we ordered a lot of sale items in preparation of the upcoming week. Could you imagine one store in St. Pete that kept a fully stocked store of all sale items every week….they would make a ton of money. Probably even get Store or Manager of the month…or Year even. Wow..maybe I should apply for a new job. LOL